Miley Cyrus in a Bikini

May 25th, 2010 // 157 Comments

Here’s Miley Cyrus in Mexico with Billy Ray yesterday, and despite all the things I’ve said about that sex they had, it’s always nice to see a father protecting his daughter from predators. Even if a simple pointing of the finger is jackshit compared to the fact he basically threw Miley to the paparazzi so he could buy a cement pond painted like the General Lee. It’s the thought that counts.

Photos: Splash News

  1. mfbinc

    she’s pretty hot!!!!

  2. Danny

    A couple of these photos gave me a boner. Is that bad?

  3. richard

    very average body for one so young = disaster later

  4. WTF

    Wow, Miley is gorgeous & her bikini is adorable. WTF is wrong with you losers calling her fat – you must be angry, overweight lesbians. She looks great.

  5. Looking @ the comments

    Rein it back in boys!! She AIN’T LEGAL…yet. 17

  6. asdf

    face is ugly.
    But body is not bad.
    meat in all the right places, and she has some curves in the hips.

    ….unlike lindsay lohan, who is just square as a box, with funbags.

  7. BOBBY


  8. BOBBY


  9. weirdo

    I’d hit that shithole until it bled………that is after she turns 18.

  10. minx

    What a shocker, Miley Cyrus has a hot body. She’s 17 people. It’s hard NOT to look good at 17. That’s when women are at their prime, and that’s when nature intended them to find a mate and start birthing children. Not at 35.

    She should start working out her ass though, it’s still good, but looking like it might collapse soon.

  11. Angie

    No one’s commented on the hip B.U.M. Equipment tank Billy Ray is wearing???? Where do you even buy that shit anymore?

  12. hata

    She has th worst celebutard speaking voice in Christendom. Sounds like a frog with a cold an a speech impediment.

  13. No one has commented on the tattoo that this CHILD has under her boob. How did an underage child get a tattoo? Very low rent.m

  14. Rasputins Liver


    He’s a dumbass. She’s a dumbtwat.


    Together they’re just plain country-ghetto dumbshits.


  15. yowillie

    I’d spank it.

  16. JamesToselandisGay


  17. rooda

    I’d hump her leg. .. on another note, why cant she close her mouth? short upper lip or long teeth?

  18. tromba

    When she loses that baby fat, she is going to have an amazing body. That, with incredible REAL talent and she is going to be a real triple threat package.

  19. paul

    Photo Caption Contest. Here’s my entry:

    “I SEE A PEDO”

  20. Iloveheidi

    I really like Miley, she’s cute. Hannah Montana is more watchable than much of the stuff that is on T.V

  21. DONT be that damn serious to say that white women have flat butts also racism

  22. by the fact that basically gave the paparazzi so Miley can buy a cement pool painted like the General Lee. It's the thought that counts.

  23. B.B

    To all the idiots saying she’s fat, get a reality check, please. Just unbelievable.

  24. Good photos ! I like here more and more !

  25. When she loses that baby fat, she is going to have an amazing body. That, with incredible REAL talent and she is going to be a real triple threat package.

  26. joho777

    Just an immature kid.

  27. Anonymous

    She is cute but she has a slightly weird bod. It’s all shoulders and muffin top but that’s her natural build.

    Good for her not to have plastic surgery at this age like many other young starlets.

  28. tc

    @40. Are you saying that doing sheep is illegal ?

    Surely as long as it is consensual it’s okay ?

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  33. Wotdehayull

    @#25 (Mitch)-

    I think Rachel Maddow is sorta hot too. Inexplicably so.

    What’s funny, though, is I saw her on TV a while back and she was wearing street clothes, a sweatshirt and jeans or something similar. And a friend of mine joked that she was looking a bit like Bud on “Father Knows Best”.

    He was right. Fuck.

  34. Miley Cyrus looks great there. However, she still looks young and immature.

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  36. I’m not sayin’ Miley is all that to begin with… but, come on ladies.

  37. Billy Ray Cyrus

    Hey quit that fucking shit.

    i never ever fucked Miley, no matter what her mother might have said. when she walked into the room that time, I was just showing Miley some exercise moves.

  38. Well, he’s no Michael Lohan, that’s for sure.

  39. the old guy

    @83 Wotdehayull
    Arent’ you a little old for this site? I couldn’t go further back than possibly Billy Mumy on that one! ;-)

  40. The Ghost of Billy Rays Career

    Miley..Here, Pull my finger.

  41. The Mascot

    Miley can sit on my face anytime.

  42. brian

    Caption contest
    Billy Ray: get your mother fucking paparazzo ass away from my daughter before I achey breaky your fucking face

  43. Miley Cyrus has great body

  44. SO RIGHT

    Um, the girl is 17! She SHOULD have a good body at 17, shouldn’t she?? Why are we shocked?

  45. cc

    She probably watches what she eats, or jus doesn’t eat much. However, she doesn’t look healthy i.e., she is pretty toneless and has no defintion. The only thing keeping her looking pretty good is youth.

    Pity she didn’t do a bikini lap dance. Now that would be worth watching. Little trollop.

  46. Chuck U Farley

    New rule:

    Everyone who wants to post their hate-shit has to publish a full-length picture of themselves in a bathing suit first.

    You are all fucking retards.

  47. Will

    @ 61 He probably has had that shirt in his closet since 1989. On that note, I like looking at Miley’s young t&a.

  48. Gunther Bunky

    I clicked “BACK TO ENTRY” hoping for something completely different :(

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