Miley Cyrus in a bikini

December 3rd, 2009 // 205 Comments

Because I want to see what this whole jail thing is all about, here’s Miley Cyrus’ in Miami today proving there should be a law against 17-year-old girls working out. I’m serious, if they’re off-limits for an entire year, they shouldn’t be allowed near a gym. That’s like telling a bear not to eat a deer only to turn around and slather one in salmon and Snickers bars which is probably the creepiest metaphor I’ve ever come up with. No one look at me right now.

Photos: INFdaily, Mavrix

  1. i’m going straight to hell

  2. killerabbit


  3. Richard Hurtz

    Meh… no vag or nipslip. Still beats Tiger news, tho.

  4. Matt-Zilla

    unwanted boner is unwanted

  5. NotTelling

    No nipslip? You sure about that? #5 looks awfully close there…

  6. Matt-Zilla

    unwanted boner is unwanted

  7. Randal

    Miley, you’re looking great as a young lady. Your smile purrs with a cuteness that the industry has been lacking and your songs are mature beyond your years. That’s talent! May you continue to have success.


  8. bribios

    Still not quite right on with the face. 17 year olds usually dont have to do that much to look good anyway, just jog a bit and don’t eat solid lumps of lard. You gotta remember that for all of history until 100 years ago that was when chicks were considered at their peak marrying/baby making age. I feel somewhat gypped.

  9. Steve

    Definitely something illegal in image 5. Make room in hell for me.

  10. Mal Carne

    Screw the Olsen Twins. Why isn’t there a Countdown to 18 for her??? Wow!

  11. yesh

    there is for sure a nipslip in the 5th picture.


  12. Oh, I’m reading. Pervert.

    (She’s hot, right?)

  13. abgirlee

    #5 is total nip slip. Is that even legal to post?

  14. titsonsnack

    Her face reminds me of those bad mushroom guys you have to jump on/flatten in Super Mario Brothers.

  15. Jay Popeski

    one more year to go girl !

  16. yesh

    for sure a nipslip in image #5


  17. Katt

    Why are they taking pics of little girls?? She still has babyfat for crying out loud. You should all be ashamed. Gross.

  18. Greg

    She´s beautiful!
    No filthy comments please!

  19. Oxymoron

    pic – 5 nodding my head like yeah, moving my hips like yeah

  20. Meng

    Too bad the string is covering up some of her nip in pic 5.

    She has a small areola.

    Talk about hot.

  21. yum…. and I can say that cause over here she’s of legal age :)

  22. who dat

    That body is fuckable. The face has to go.

  23. Bizzle

    18…. you must be ugly and jealous.

    The girl is 17. Less than a year from 18. Is there really that big of diff from a few months and you do realize that tons of 16-20 year olds post on year. They are so gross for thinking a 17 year old is hot though.

    How ugly are you?

  24. No(t)Ped(r)o

    #5 is most def a nip slip. (SW should remove that pic, like immediately)

    Gods, I hate her face! How can anyone think of her as “pretty”?!? That upperlip/gumline makes me want to punch her face (again).
    She used to have a harelip?

  25. JeremiahStanfieldTheThird

    She has an undertit tattoo.

  26. Matt

    @18….little girls?! She’s fucking 17….hardly a little girl. Do you know what 17 year olds get into these days!?! Definately stuff I wasnt doing when I was 17 and Im only 26 now! And baby?! WTF….she’s not 14…she’s 17….she’s gotten rid of the baby fat. She looks good as hell. Not too thick but not super skinny to where its just bones. She has a smokin hot body.

  27. Papahotnuts

    17 is legal in Louisiana, so think about that while i jerk off on the keyboard.

  28. sss

    i agree… DEFINATELY take down the one with the possible nipslip… that could pose a problem if certain people see it.. lol

  29. I call 'em as I see 'em

    Girl needs to stand up straight, or in three years, we’re gonna be calling her “Grandma”, or “Paris”…

    (And I agree with # 25 about the face/upperlip/gumline/punching thing….)

  30. havoc

    Hillbilly in a bikini. NASCAR must be in Florida this weekend……


  31. nah

    actually, it doesn’t look like she works out, other than whatever dancing/choreography she may practice. she’s relying on those 17-year old genetics right now.

    LOVE the bathing suit.

  32. Zifnab

    Britney Spears redux!

    Can someone go back about ten years and see if you can find this exact same post with pictures and names swapped out?

  33. TonyFoxtrot

    I love how people act all shocked. Here’s the news: She may be 17, but she is hot and she has taken 20+ year old dick. Period. Hell, I’d do it.

  34. # 18 Again...

    It doesnt matter what 17 year olds get into, she’s still a kid. If you want to justify it to yourself go right ahead but I know that SHE probably wasn’t expecting her nipple posted on the internet today.

    SHE was trying to get some color but instead got spied upon by the leering eyes of the internet.

  35. wow

    bleh, shes skinnyfat.

  36. the assman is joining all of you in hell. be warned, i have a big ass.

  37. Tony

    17 is legal in Texas!

  38. jlylecj

    Christmas came early! thanks superficial man!

  39. killerabbit


    Since when do they call me “Christmas?”

  40. pimp

    she has nothing on a 17 yr. old Britney. She already has a flat flabby ass…

  41. Koko

    You can totally see a little tiny bit of her nipple in the 5th picture!!

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  43. Danklin24

    I’m going to burn for this but DAMN! Although her ass doesnt look as good as it did in the last set of bikini pics. She has the lindsay lohan freckly stomach too.

  44. jlylecj

    @42 – livin’ in the past, holmes…17yo britney was something special but that ship has sailed and if you blasphemize miley’s sweet ass again i’ll come straight to your jaw.

  45. Mike

    Is somebody other than the normal Superficial Writer writing these posts? They’ve somehow gotten way less funny.

  46. titsonsnack

    Are you people on fucking drugs? There is no, I repeat no, nipple in picture #5. That area covered by a string up by her armpit is not a fucking nipple you tards. Good god.

  47. It’s an ugly bikini but it looks good on her.

  48. I’d hit it several times. In the butt.

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