Miley Cyrus in a bikini

May 17th, 2009 // 168 Comments

Here’s Miley Cyrus in the Bahamas, and before everyone freaks out, it’s not like she’s going all Heidi Montag on us. Not that that will stop Billy Ray Cyrus from hunting me down with a coonskin cap and a knife between his tee- Wait. *sniff sniff* Does anyone else smell Budweiser and mullet wax? Sonofabitch!

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  1. aww she has a great bod :) Nice pic on a beach..

  2. John

    I would make babies with her

  3. Dwan

    She is the HOTTEST PUSSY on the face of the earth. EVERY man on earth would unload deep in her pussy.

  4. She’s looking hot in her pink and black bikini.

  5. She’s looking awesome…

  6. Despite what people seem to say, Miley has a really hot body. Demi is chestless, Selena is too thin, Taylor is a mix of both Demi and Selena, but Miley’s body, even if it’s the only good thing about her, is stunning. A++ there, Miley!

  7. Boobman

    She’s so fucking hot! Want to fuck that pussy, im masturbated to that so freakin’ hot

  8. Mr. Miley

    She is completely normal everday average underage girl, and I bet her Dad eats her pussy to orgasm and than jerks off into his own underware. Pathetic family, pathetic show, pathetic world.

  9. Jimmy

    Omg I would bang that teen pussy all night

  10. wow id like 2 lick that pussy and then fuck her !!! wow i love miley i will make her orgasm and i will eat it!!! hey miley can i do that?

  11. maby she taste good than my mother!!! mmmmmmmmm

  12. Miley looks really cute in her bikini, she’s in great shape!

  13. danielle

    miley is 17 years old all of you are perverts… Also not every 16 year old looks like that… i am willing to bet all of you that are saying sexual things are at least 27, ur all sick go out and find a real woman rather than sitting here slobbering over a 17 year old


  14. Bikini on her is so good.I like it.

  15. james
    Commented on this photo:

    id hit that in 2 years

  16. scott

    What an incredible ass. I just want to kiss it all day long.Nothing else. Just want to kiss that ass.

  17. John
    Commented on this photo:

    Oh James…. I’d hit that right now

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