Miley Cyrus in a bikini

May 17th, 2009 // 168 Comments

Here’s Miley Cyrus in the Bahamas, and before everyone freaks out, it’s not like she’s going all Heidi Montag on us. Not that that will stop Billy Ray Cyrus from hunting me down with a coonskin cap and a knife between his tee- Wait. *sniff sniff* Does anyone else smell Budweiser and mullet wax? Sonofabitch!

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  1. Funeral Guy

    Oh, yeah. That’s gonna be one hot little minky!!!

    Disclaimer: In a few years, of course.

  2. justifiable

    #51 So you have a few years to find a sturdy paper bag and a decent set of ear plugs, right?

  3. #49 If by carebear you mean bear that cares a great deal for children, then yes.

  4. josh


    Why dont you take a seat over there?

  5. Chris Hansen

    Even I would hit that

  6. b

    Jesus shit. 15 with implants. REAL TITS DON’T MAKE HARD-EDGED CLEAVAGE. WTF are her parents THINKING? Oh, I forgot… meal ticket. How will they afford the doublewide and onion rings on daddy’s long-gone career?

  7. b

    Jesus shit. 15 with implants. REAL TITS DON’T MAKE HARD-EDGED CLEAVAGE. WTF are her parents THINKING? Oh, I forgot… meal ticket. How will they afford the doublewide and onion rings on daddy’s long-gone career?

  8. mr hobbes

    those aren’t implants, you idiot

  9. Miley Cyrus, is southern chic. She is lucky to have a cool father like Billy ray. I remeber when he 1st came out. My acky bracky heart. Sorry about the spelling. I have a headack. I can’t think straight. But any ways, His daughter is moving up. With Miley Billy Ray would be nothing.It’s the truth. He had a chance 15yrs ago. He did not seem to make it in music bussiness. Actually Billy Ray stole his brother’s song’s. But it’s all good unless I don’t know what Iam talking about.

  10. Beastman AIDS

    Hey did you hear about Miley Cyrus? Somebody told me she goes down to Home Depot and pays the migrant workers to go to her house and choke her in the shower.

  11. Snivellus

    It’s sucks that I just got a boner cuz now I have to go to church on Sunday.

  12. arroyo

    So, the real question is: who had her first – Jessica Simpson’s dad, Kim Kardashian’s stepdad (Bruce Jenner), or her own dad (Billy Ray)?

  13. Donna

    #57 those aren’t implants there 16 years old …those boobs are the reason that 20 somethings GET boob jobs, so they can have the boobs of a 16 y/o again.

  14. Yeah

    She already looks used.

  15. shawn

    she has like a fat old womans ass

  16. 1moreidiotintheworld

    Mmmmmmmm… when does she turn 18????

  17. Miley blew me

    Her parents have whored her out so much that you really should call her a PROSTITOT…

  18. Racer X

    The Skank is strong with this one.


  19. ------------

    donna- WRONG. i am 23, and my tits are bigger, perkier, and (if i do say do myself) nicer than that. i lucked out – a balance between size and perkiness. no boob jobs here. i’ve got the stuff boob jobs are made of.

  20. sin

    # 70…prove it,… please?

  21. Ali

    that’s not fair that she gets a good body. lol.

  22. Obama

    I saw. I came. I conquered.

  23. Why is she wearing Dog the Bounty Hunter’s sunglasses?

  24. whay

    She’s what…16?…sick bastards! I hope you slobbering fucks never have a daughter.

  25. friendlyfires

    /Miley Louise Cyrus … is …GAY! aND WE DON’T MEAN HAPPY.
    Clause in contract reveals Disney knows of gender sexual preference and she is under contract to take all steps possible from revealing her NATURAL inclinations until she is TWENTY ONE years of age. The “boyfriend” is a gay hire by Billy Ray Cyrus for image, bodyguard and to “keep” her “pure”, whatever that’s supposed to mean. Too bad, I saw contract, Xeroxed it and am about to approach TMZ.

  26. gaga

    i love you miley you’re amazing =)

  27. music4life721

    76. we dont care if Miley Louise Cyrus is gay mainly because well THATS NOT A REAL PERSON…well it could b but she certainly isnt famous. this Miley Cyrus’s middle name is Ray. UR POST FAILS

  28. justifiable

    #76 Always given the fact you could be full of shit, what do you want to bet that’s been a standard clause in every single kiddie Disney contract since Jodie Foster? Duh. Doesn’t mean she IS gay, she just couldn’t be showing it if she is.

  29. therush

    #24 FTW. LOL.

  30. WTF

    She is like, what 16? Take these down so pedophiles will not be able to see them! Sicko!

  31. Dr McNasty

    I only feel a little bad about masturbating to these pics. I’d feel pretty bad if I raw dogged it and gave her one of my STD’s though.


  33. ------------

    she has a sexy body but with an ugly face

  34. tty55

    HIGHLY disappointed in these pictures. She’s out of shape already, and she’s only 16. Uggh.

  35. monty


  36. All 16-year-olds look good in a bikini (except for the fat goth girls)…. but more than that, anyone think it’s odd that she actually looks decent in these pics? Like, when she’s got clothes on she looks like a train wreck, but here I’m like “Oh, she looks normal.” Is it the $5 convenience store sunglasses?

    Still, regardless of age, I don’t think anyone should consider her “fuckable”. Unless you are into that necro shit.

  37. The little girl has blossomed to a sexy lady.

  38. James

    She looks amazing.

  39. tc

    Re : Pedo debate.

    Not all 16 year olds look good in a bikini. They mostly look like children.

    This girl has got fantastic tits and a fine looking woman’s body. It is quite healthy to want to fuck her – regardless of age.

    Conversely, anyone who finds Keira Knighly sexually attractive should be chemically castrated, since she has the body of a child.

    Kapeesh ?

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  41. mikeock

    100 years ago, she’d be married and have 4 kids already. I’m just sayin’ … it’s natural to want to fuck her.

    I’ll admit it – I spanked one off to these pics.

  42. Cooter watch

    Try to imagine that tight hairless vagina and tell me you don’t get a special twinge in your pants.

  43. Kelsey

    Hmm if you ignore the head and face she looks pretty good.

  44. copthallllllll girl

    ummmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm….. people who have sed things “sexual” things you have no liffffffe .im like 14 nd you are beyond will never have her or get her so get over your self you low life

    (ex oh ex oh) xoxoxox.

  45. Beastman AIDS

    In New Zealand the legal age is 16 so i’m gonna have to invite her over for a bit of a genital hongi.

  46. AAron

    Very nice…

  47. Rough=going to confession this sunday!

  48. The Listener

    Dang! I didn’t realize Miley looked THAT good in a bikini. Nice body. Love the flat stomach.

    Miley’s breasts are real. Those are NOT implants. She states this plainly in a Glamour magazine article:

    When I went to high school, the girls who wanted to look good in a bikini made themselves sickly thin, not shapely like Miley. Now that’s a nice body!

  49. ketty

    I just saw her nice photos on a celebrity and millionaire site “”.She’s attractive, sexy and popular there.I love her.

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