Miley Cyrus hearts sexy pictures

June 23rd, 2009 // 128 Comments

These are behind-the-scene shots of Miley Cyrus on the set of The Last Song that were posted on director Adam Shankman’s Twitter page who has since defended himself against accusations they’re sexually provocative:

Miley is a sweet angel who works tirelessly and endlessly, and is allowed to have fun in the make up room! Seriously! Lighten up or no more behind the scenes pics! She’s like my angel little sister.

Really? Because I don’t know anyone who poses for pictures where their little sister looks ready for butt sex. Outside of the sou- oh wait, I get it. He was just making Miley feel at home. False alarm, everybody!

Photos: Yfrog

  1. J

    Yet her and her dad have the nerve to bitch about “pedos” who watch her.

  2. vanDammit

    That is not how you sit in a chair, Miley.

  3. BEAM

    This kind of thing is disgusting, Fish. Remember? You told us so when you posted the Miss California pictures.

  4. giz


  5. I think Miley is wondering why she never noticed the tiny wrench in his pocket just moments earlier.

  6. She’s going to turn into what the rest of the Hollywood women are…freaks.

  7. Hilton Hunter

    I wonder how many people should have been, but never were arrested for shagging her when she was 14 or 15. Actually doesn`t she still have a few years to go in the USA before she can legally be porked by everyone she ever meets?

  8. Tim

    Adam Shankman is openly gay…..this pic is nothing but two fairies posing together!

  9. Bison

    Funny that I just thought they weren’t that bad and how the whole of Europe laughs at the US every time one of these so called scandals happen. Then you had to go and say “…looks ready for butt sex…” and now that’s all I can think about!

  10. Batman

    Yep…you can sure tell that when she turns of legal age she’s going to turn into a slut to sell her self and bound to be a train wreck like the rest…too bad….

  11. Miley

    oh my, someone leaked a photo of me giving a blowjob!

  12. Ed McMahon

    Miley is one UGLY girl. Look at that face! OMG! It’s like she didn’t just have a cleft lip that got patched up, it’s like she had a fucking cleft FACE that got put back together by a guy on his porch. Fucking Christian trash.

  13. sixpack

    10 more years & she’ll be taking loads on those Chiclet teeth starring in Bukkake films.

  14. quick, .... who cares?

    So, the unibomber escaped and is Miley Cyrus’s makeup artist who just happens to like keeping underwear pinned to a corkboard. Times are tough.

  15. One L

    Wow… Only a small part of the south is like that. I mean. You have just as many freaks in California and New York as you do other places. Plus she is only like 16? Or something like that. I know what I was doing when I was 16 and it wasn’t praying. Give the girl a break. She is coming into her own. It is as if she can’t grow up and make bad choices….

  16. michael torres

    Hi miley u look awsome i wich i could see u in person lolz and if u have a my space look me up my email is davisito u look amazing wow!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  17. Ted

    It’s not her behavior that’s offensive. It’s her face. She’s ugly. When she tries to act sexy it’s like she’s mocking sex. Billy Ray thinks she’s hot but that’s just because his wife is a heavy sleeper.

  18. SEXY????…. who??

  19. Dave ain't here, man

    @3 “That is not how you sit in a chair, Miley.”
    I beg to differ.

  20. Justin

    Miley has more heart and kindness than all of you freaks put together. A very sweet girl who happens to be famous. Its great to see her do so well. She is also very beautiful inside and out.

  21. mikeock

    I bet her fingers smell like Miley

  22. Mike

    #22 Justin – you forgot to pop the one on your upper forehead, the one partially hidden by your emo hair.

  23. marcus

    hahaha 23, that is awesome. I bet Billy Ray’s fingers smell like Miley.

  24. misty

    Gross guys! Hilarious as hell, but gross! LOL

  25. the next britsey lospears.

  26. the next britsey lospears.

  27. say that ten times fast.

  28. Gross

    Her teeth are really god-awful.

  29. Venom

    I would wreck this little freak.
    It is ok, the LAPD told me so when they allowed 20 year old Justin Gaston bang her while she was 15 years old.

  30. Megan

    I really wouldn’t care if she was just messing around AND was a person who had massive amounts of actual talent. I don’t care now, but I still hope her and about 95% of the people in the articles on this site die. I’m going to have an immense amount of fun watching her turn into the next, and possibly worse, Lindsay Lohan. This is what Disney does to everyone it touches — and Jesus.

  31. Deacon Jones

    I guarantee that guy exploded in his pants so hard it sounded like a whoopee cushion.

  32. uh… is that pic real #13? lolol

  33. doh

    thats how all of hollywood gets their breaks.
    just sayin’

  34. Danklin

    Oh christ people, stop making something out of nothing. Miley is like 16 and she’s hot, get a grip on reality. 16 year olds are sexual too.

  35. i hate you look like a slut and drunk…………….im not your fan any more miley

  36. Parker

    It’s funny but every time I’ve pictured myself having anal sex in the future with Miley Cyrus on her 18th birthday she’s always been posed exactly like this except her pants are pulled down a bit in the back to expose her tight little 18 year-old butt. In the future, after I’m done she makes me a sandwich then invites me to go out on the town to spend some of her money. Wanting to avoid the uncomfortable “he looks like he just buttfucked my 18 year-old daughter” look I’d get from her father at some point during the outing, I’d decline the offer, telling her to just bring me some cash next time she wants to come over and hang out with me. And by “next time she wants to hang out with me” I mean next time she wants to come over, pull her pants down over her ass, squat in a chair and get buttfucked.

  37. wellllll

    meh, I agree, I was having sex at 16 too. only none of the people I was having sex with had gray hair. or were working with me. you would think there would be some sort of code where a 16 year old girl is not left alone with a 40 year old man to have questionable moments such as these. yes dankin, 16 year olds are sexual too. and statutory rape is a crime. both facts.

  38. marcus

    I’ve got a pant full of bone…

  39. Tom K

    This whore is exactly why all little American girls younger then her are acting like whores. They have no brain of their own so they just copy whatever this southern hick skank does.

    I can’t wait till her time is up and she turns out like Lindsey Lohan, a pathetic coke whore who licks ugly lesbian twat for cash.

  40. Susan

    If she coughs her fingers will smell like Billy Ray Cyrus…

  41. Mark

    Yeah, Shankman’s gay — nothing going on here. Other than Miley barking up the wrong old tree maybe.

  42. marcus

    That dude’s office chair smells like Miley.

  43. Deacon Jones

    Parker, you’re fucking killing me!

    Good. I’m applying at my local middle school for a teacher degree.

  44. Like his little sister huh?

    Phew, good thing he thinks only of her as his little sister. Definitely cleared the air on any “kissing cousin” scandals there. But I’ll still bet he played doctor with young female family members growing up…

  45. #45 – I agree, Parker, much like 18 year old Miley’s ass when he meets her, is on fire today.

  46. Is Miley Cyrus victim of casting couch? We certainly do not know but there is lot to be investigated.

  47. Horse faced whore.

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