Miley Cyrus has Lindsay Lohan’s number (Zoiks!)

During Oscar weekend, Miley Cyrus met the Mistress of Sag Lindsay Lohan and the two exchanged phone numbers. It was rumored that Miley’s dad country legend Billy Ray Cyrus deleted the number from Miley’s phone. But Billy Ray set the record straight on Ryan Seacrest’s radio show this morning. People reports:

Billy Ray’s response: Not true. “We love Lindsay,” he said.
Cyrus, 46, emphasized that he wants his kids to think of him as a “best friend.” “I wanna be the person [Miley] wants to talk to,” he told Seacrest.

I understand Billy Ray doesn’t want to pull a Lynne Spears and upset his gravy train, but in my house Lindsay Lohan is a big no-no. Not only do my kids not have her number in their phones, but they aren’t even allowed to use any letters in Lindsay’s name. Wait, hold on, my daughter just asked me what time it is: “Whoa, there’s an A, I, and S in that sentence. And an H! An H!? Are you kidding me? We raised you better than that, missy! Now get in the basement with your brother. He’s been down there since I caught him watching Mean Girls last week, so, uh, here’s a bat.” *sniff* They grow up so fast.

Photos: Splash News