Miley Cyrus has Lindsay Lohan’s number (Zoiks!)

March 4th, 2008 // 68 Comments

During Oscar weekend, Miley Cyrus met the Mistress of Sag Lindsay Lohan and the two exchanged phone numbers. It was rumored that Miley’s dad country legend Billy Ray Cyrus deleted the number from Miley’s phone. But Billy Ray set the record straight on Ryan Seacrest’s radio show this morning. People reports:

Billy Ray’s response: Not true. “We love Lindsay,” he said.
Cyrus, 46, emphasized that he wants his kids to think of him as a “best friend.” “I wanna be the person [Miley] wants to talk to,” he told Seacrest.

I understand Billy Ray doesn’t want to pull a Lynne Spears and upset his gravy train, but in my house Lindsay Lohan is a big no-no. Not only do my kids not have her number in their phones, but they aren’t even allowed to use any letters in Lindsay’s name. Wait, hold on, my daughter just asked me what time it is: “Whoa, there’s an A, I, and S in that sentence. And an H! An H!? Are you kidding me? We raised you better than that, missy! Now get in the basement with your brother. He’s been down there since I caught him watching Mean Girls last week, so, uh, here’s a bat.” *sniff* They grow up so fast.

Photos: Splash News

  1. mimi


  2. Ted from LA

    He looks like he’s been hanging out with Daniel Baldwin.

  3. MIMI

    HA HA FRIST and ALL you LOSERS to come!


  4. Ted from LA

    Anyone who wants to be their kids “best friend” doesn’t know a fucking thing about parenting.

  5. I just jumped out of my time machine and I’ve seen what 2011 is like:

    1 – President McCain has invaded Venezuela after conquering Granada
    2 – Mylie Cyrus is in rehab again, and is trying to explain away her sex tape with Hulk Hogan
    3 – mimi is still a childless moron

  6. Sid

    Billy Ray’s no fool (well, he is, but not by the IQ standards of politically conservative country music folks). He wants to be able to tell his wife and the cops that Lindsay came on to him, and when Miley suddenly burst into the bedroom he startled and accidentally rammed his cock up Miley’s pussy 72 or 73 times, while Lindsay tried to pull him off by repeated thrusting 2 fingers up his ass.

  7. Sid, mimi… mimi, Sid…

  8. Billy Ray

    “Miley, I want to be your best friend! Come over her and let’s practice kissing!”

  9. The Veggi Whore

    Mimi, did someone piss in your cheerios this morning? Or was the weatherman wrong and there WAS school today. Poor thing. And you forgot the 8..

  10. commish

    Billy Ray, Billy Ray, Billy Ray.

    *shaking head*

    Being a “best friend” didn’t work out so well for Lynne, Dina, Kathy or Sally.

  11. Ed

    So what’s the vote – is she wearing a push ‘em together bra, or did they already put some chemical balls in her chest?

  12. #8 has it right. Billy will not delete that number. He is hoping to slice off a piece of the Lohan and play with those spotted fun bags..

  13. Dr. Fill

    Trust me, it means a totally different thing when it’s a teenage daughter (who may or may not be hot, but definitely will have some hot friends) and the DAD is saying he wants to be a “best friend”…

  14. Beth

    Sounds like Dad is planning to throw her a sweet sixteen party where the dessert is in-house tapioca.

  15. Auntie Kryst

    “Not true. ‘We love Lindsay,’ he said.”
    “We”? Douchefucker. I like how Billy Ray is completely living vicariously through his daughter. Even going so far as to speak as a “we”. That’s it Engineer, keep the money train rolling smooth.

    @7 lol

  16. Cap'n Pickles

    He may want to concentrate less on being his daughter’s best friend and more time on wearing condoms. She’s old enough to have babies now, Billy. Be responsible!

  17. fatso

    lindsay needs to disappear, i am sick of her.

    also.. miley cyrus: who cares? i’m pretty sure not that many eleven year olds read this site.

  18. nipolian

    Did Fish refer to Billy Ray Cyrus as a country legend??????

  19. Robert

    Forget Lindsay – who wants to fuck a 40-year-old? Billy Ray should tell Lindsay to drop off Ali to hang out with Miley, then serve up the roofie lemonade and have at it!

  20. The Veggi Whore

    Sid, get out of my dreams!

  21. Gerald_Tarrant

    Mistress of Sag? LOL. Sounds like that was written by the Mistress of Fag. What, because her tits don’t choke her they must be saggy? Either that or someone has an obsession for 12 year old boys (or Kate Hudson) so the tits don’t sag.

  22. The VeggiWhore

    20. It’s easy, you just think of a name you want to use, and then you use it..

    douchefucker ;)

  23. tina

    sag awards dumbass

  24. Gerald_Tarrant

    Tina, please tell me you think the “Mistress of Sag” is because Lindsay is the toast of the SAG awards.

  25. Al

    anyone else think the size of the girls pupils is a little off????

  26. Al

    anyone else think the size of the girls pupils is a little off????

  27. Al

    anyone else think the size of the girls pupils is a little off????

  28. emily

    Al, her pupils are huge.

    doesn’t look normal.

  29. deacon jones

    Niiiiice cleavage

  30. ponk is a fucking moron

    please stop making sexshul innyendos about that thar cuntry gal.

  31. p0nk

    @30 – SPELL correctly. Then we’ll talk.

    After we “talk”, I’ll bend you over like a sourdough pretzel and drill until your internal organs are whipped into a fine puree.

  32. The VeggiWhore

    30- lame. I like p0nk..

    and deacon, she IS 15.. not too young??

  33. The Veggi Whore

    p0nk! Where ya been!!

  34. Melissa

    Does anyone else think this post sucks ass?

  35. sicasso

    Looks like some good, clean country living has done a number of Billy Ray’s achey-breaky face. Or is that a photo of Britney and Miley?

  36. As much as I would enjoy bashing the shit out of this family, I can’t. My kid loves her too much.
    Fucking conscience…..

  37. The Office Whore

    Agreed Lady- Next Please!!

    Britney has to be doing SOMETHING! Like……. shouting at her shirt to get a stain out..

    shout it out!!

    er, nevermind..

  38. shooters n' franks

    Wow, big Bill is lookin tore up in those pics. And that spawn of his needs to move to Big Gum Island.

  39. jrz

    bitch please….billy ray is makin booty calls to Lindsay.

  40. D. Richards (Masochist.)

    Billy Ray should be trying to find a way to go back in time, before Miley was conceived, and delete his testicles. Scratch that:

    Back far enough to delete his father’s testicles.

  41. Billy Ray

    “Miley, I told you NOT to call Lindsay without my permission! Now get over here, you’re not too old to spank! Pull those panties down! …This is going to hurt me more than you…oohhhh … uuungh… oh yeah…is daddy’s baby getting wet?”

  42. It’s “ZOINKS”, not “ZOIKS”, you scoob noob.

  43. GirlyGirl

    Al – a.k.a. #25, 26 & 27 – I agree with you, I was thinking the exact same thing. His pupils aren’t huge like that. Either she just got her eyes checked and they dilated her pupils or she’s doing some drugs.
    Also, isn’t she like 14? What’s up with the cleavage? I’m scared!

  44. jakebarnes

    Haha country legend.

  45. jill


  46. Achey Breaky

    Her pupils are proof she is either on coke, meth or LSD. My bet is coke. She looks great regardless.

  47. KickRocks

    i think Lindsay was giving her the number of a dentist…file down those chompers!!!

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