Miley Cyrus forced into exile by Disney

April 29th, 2008 // 137 Comments

Apparently unable to find a scarlet letter for Miley Cyrus to wear, Disney is forcing the young starlet into hiding after her not-really-that-bad photo shoot with Annie Leibovitz turned into a national debacle. Holy shit, it’s her bare back! BURN HER! The New York Post has the details on Disney’s brilliant PR move:

“You won’t be seeing her for a while,” a highranking Disney employee was overheard saying this weekend at a luncheon in LA, according to Page Six. “The company is keeping her away from events and wants her to keep a very low profile for the next four to six months. They’re trying to keep her contained.”

Of course, as we all learned the past couple of days, Hannah Montana is a billion dollar franchise and Disney is no doubt concerned about losing precious dollars from the Bible Belt. And it doesn’t help when Michelle Combs of the Christian Coalition starts making comments to Us Magazine calling for Disney to “reprimand” Miley:

“If she’s gonna go out there and represent wholesome values, she needs to be more accountable for her actions,” Combs says.
Combs adds that famed photographer Annie Leibovitz has “a reputation for doing racy things … Miley should have thought this out before she agreed to go in front of Annie.”

This makes a whole lot of sense really. If Mel Gibson and The Passion of the Christ proved anything, it’s that the Christian market has an ASSLOAD of coin. They also love a good story where a Jew gets blamed for something. In this case: Annie Leibovitz. Not one to miss out on some easy money, I’m thinking of changing the name of the site to something a little more Puritan. I’m leaning towards “Jesus Loves” Mmm, wholesomey.

Photo: Vanity Fair

  1. America is Finished...

    If this is what we are coming to…

  2. oJAEflo

    “Miley Cyrus,” I heard, is Appalachian for “corporate property.”
    That’s Disney-owned, yo.

  3. Tina

    miley is ugly, horsey voice this is what she wanted now she can fuck off..

  4. Squishy

    First off THANK YOU VANITY FAIR for releasing us all from the onslaught of news revolving around another prepubescent celebri-teen, if only for a few months!!! Unfortunately, I don’t really think there is anyone left out there for you to soil with another graceful and tastefully done Leibovitz photo.

    Secondly, as if a 15 year old is going to be held responsible for a photo shoot her representatives knew about and her father partook in?! If anyone should take the fall for a supposedly tawdry shoot it should be her parental figure…yes, the one posing with her! As if a 15 year old, underage for all you doh’s out there, is going to be responsible for a photo shoot Disney was probably well aware of ahead of schedule, but merely were taken aback by a bare backed pic. Get over it already! There is nothing sexual or dirty about the picture unless that is how you already tend to read into things!

  5. arrg

    ugg ugg ugg she isnt hot and she is 15
    wtf cant u brainwashed morons figure out when some publicity agent is feeding u a line?

  6. Queefer Bukakke

    Christians don’t know a fucking thing. Miley should go out every night and get drunk and laid. This is her time to have fun, not be a goody-goody slave to Disney.

  7. lambman

    why is this a bigger deal than those candid pics where she was like showing her bra in the mirror with a friend?

  8. Lack of Adult Morality

    To you perverts out there with your inevitable crack children: as to the little slut’s behavior – I have not respect for her whatsoever. Her father is a dullard. And the photographer is a perverse opportunist.
    The picture of a 15 year old girl simulating nudity is plain filth. I am sure some of you disagree. Well the law is with me here so you characters are obviously crooks.
    Provacative photos of this girl are further evidence that we are falling fast and faster and I guess we have a long way to fall yet.

  9. Real-Women-Are-Fat (oops, I mean have curves)

    Who the fuck is Miley Cyrus, and who the fuck cares?

  10. Joe

    # 49 God u are stupid ! Donald DUCK as you say is a DUCK U MORON and it’s a cartoon caracter !!!!

  11. GTBurns

    Let me explain what is going on here. This entire fiasco is DISNEY’s fault, Miley was probably told by the Mouse to say those things about the VF shoot because some Disney EXEC fraked up big.

    If you followed Disney you know that Leibowitz has been doing the Year of a Million Dreams shoots, where several stars have been photographed as famous disney characters. Recently there was a photo released of Juilanne Moore as Ariel. It is very tasteful and nothing like the VF Miley pics.

    Someone at Disney saw Annie Million Years stuff and then contracted her to do a shoot for VF, and told her to do whatever. Now with the million years shoots, Annie was on a script and told EXACTLY what to do.

    Here she went free reign and the Disney people are freaking out as Miley and Hannah Montana are their major draw card.

    Some EXEC at Disney is going to be getting the AXE.

  12. Fiorella R.

    I think you are very bad with her, this photo dont have anything wrong. She is young and she has the right to made mistakes. You sucks, this morality thing you are talking about is full of shit because her photo is normal she is showing her back so please stop saying ” she is a slut because she is a kid, she is not lindsay lohan ni britney spears!!!”

  13. A billion dollars? You’d think she’d be able to afford a brush for her dad.

  14. Uh oh – time to start stocking-up on hijabs!

  15. Greenie

    This is why I hate people.

  16. Jennie

    Some people have commented on it, but I really think is disturbing is the weird sexual tension she and her dad seem to have going on in those photos. It’s weird. Not unlike Hulk saying that his daughter looks hot in her video shoots, or Joe Simpson always staring at Jessica’s boobs.


  17. amee

    so disney is giving this girl hard time while they let that other girl from high school musical off scot free? am i missing somthing? that other girl posed naked and did sexy shots! it was a million times worse than mileys. i just dont get disney.

  18. whatever

    When I first heard about this I looked up the photos and I honestly thought the photo everyone was upset about was the one with her lying back on some dude’s crotch.

    Then I realized it was the back photo and thought “why?”

    Then I realized the dude in the crotch lean was her dad.

    Then I puked.

  19. herbiefrog

    we have to ask…

    who is miley cirus : )

    .,..and we assume that
    …she is younger than emma watson

    hey babe, how are you… things gon k? e sod

  20. Zoe

    What r u talking about Hannah Montan And Miley Cyrus is the best she is perfect i love her singing so leanve her alone how would u like if someone said that to u u WOULD NOT like it so just leave her alone!!!!!!!!!!! :(

  21. Tired Cheska

    I have commented at least a million blogs about Miley Cyrus and Hayden Panettiere and other Disney stars. My only question is: is there other blogs about Miley Cyrus other than this stupid Vanity Fair topic??? I know there are other blogs other than VF in the next three pages of Google, but I’m getting tired of this!!! It’s just some magazine featuring a half-naked Disney star photographed by a famed camera-holder and just some commenters arguing about it’s appropriate or not, blaming a said-plastic cartoon channel and calling Miley Cyrus a “retard”. I know what retard means: a crazy kid confined in a mental hospital. And you people, American teenagers, I’m guessing aged 13-19, know nothing about grammar. My book is right. American children ARE stupid, especially Californian kids. The only smart state is Vermont. I once thought Vermont is a Canadian province. Oh, wait, I’m sorry, you don’t know what I’m talking about because all you care about are filing your nails, talking on your phone and skateboarding. Some are fans of Miley, some are not, some are angry at her, and some hate her. We all have opinions right? I, myself are a FORMER fan of Miley, after finding out that she had pictures on the internet. BAD pictures, just to be sure. My point is let’s just stop bickering, fighting and arguing! Let’s just put the whole thing to rest, it was all in the past, there’s nothing you can do, and you’re free to tear your issue of Vanity Fair or your WHOLE collection of VFs to shreds. There’s no reason to turn a blog site into a chat room with all our bickering or cursing Miley.

  22. Tired Cheska

    #117, you have a point. Vanessa Hudgens was NOT put up to it. She did that on her own. Yes, I don’t get Disney either. One time, they said they’ll premiere the episode of the Suite Life of Zack and Cody where they audition for a school play named High School Musical in a musical marathon or something where people get to watch episodes of Disney shows with plays, songs or musicals in them, but instead, me and my sister watched another episode of Zack and Cody. I was disappointed. I’m disappointed in a lot of people: my uncle because he didn’t got the job, Vanessa Hudgens, Miley Cyrus and Disney…

  23. Cheska

    This comment is just an advertisement saying: “If you don’t like Miley Cyrus, you should switch to Selena Gomez.” (Sponsored by Selena Gomez Fan Club)

  24. miley!!!!!!! I am so sad that you changed like that! i really loved you but now I don’t

  25. Hannah

    MIley turned into a hoe ass bitch

  26. Hannah

    MIley turned into a hoe ass bitch

  27. dickspitz

    Miley’s a fugly eyed skank. Selena though,good god,i’d luv to lick her shithole & fuck it til’ she became addicted to my cock up her ass! Selena, I luv you,your gorgeous!

  28. dickspitz

    Selena has gorgeous tits with a beauty mark on the inside of the right boob, a perfect pair of juicy, cocksucking lips and a tight, browneyed bunghole all waiting for a good, hard fucking! What’s Miley got? Well at least her “pa” is horny for her (and her money).

  29. Weeehhh Love miley…

  30. you know you going to not be lovely to me or to the people.

  31. I think Disney is stupid to do this. Luckily this all behind now.

  32. Not a wise move by disney.

  33. Who cares if she is bitch. She is so beautiful!

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