Miley Cyrus forced into exile by Disney

April 29th, 2008 // 137 Comments

Apparently unable to find a scarlet letter for Miley Cyrus to wear, Disney is forcing the young starlet into hiding after her not-really-that-bad photo shoot with Annie Leibovitz turned into a national debacle. Holy shit, it’s her bare back! BURN HER! The New York Post has the details on Disney’s brilliant PR move:

“You won’t be seeing her for a while,” a highranking Disney employee was overheard saying this weekend at a luncheon in LA, according to Page Six. “The company is keeping her away from events and wants her to keep a very low profile for the next four to six months. They’re trying to keep her contained.”

Of course, as we all learned the past couple of days, Hannah Montana is a billion dollar franchise and Disney is no doubt concerned about losing precious dollars from the Bible Belt. And it doesn’t help when Michelle Combs of the Christian Coalition starts making comments to Us Magazine calling for Disney to “reprimand” Miley:

“If she’s gonna go out there and represent wholesome values, she needs to be more accountable for her actions,” Combs says.
Combs adds that famed photographer Annie Leibovitz has “a reputation for doing racy things … Miley should have thought this out before she agreed to go in front of Annie.”

This makes a whole lot of sense really. If Mel Gibson and The Passion of the Christ proved anything, it’s that the Christian market has an ASSLOAD of coin. They also love a good story where a Jew gets blamed for something. In this case: Annie Leibovitz. Not one to miss out on some easy money, I’m thinking of changing the name of the site to something a little more Puritan. I’m leaning towards “Jesus Loves” Mmm, wholesomey.

Photo: Vanity Fair

  1. Norma


    I have a good relationship with my kids. My 11 year old daughter tells me that one of her friends talk about sex all the time at school because of the TV shows she watches on TV in her room and this bothers her because she would rather talk about kid stuff. Her parents are divorced and her mom is too busy with the boyfriend. The breakdown of the family and bad parenting encourages bad behavior for children.

  2. Andrea

    I don’t like these pictures and I think her dad is creepy and it goes without saying that Disney is an evil empire. But, if you’re a parent of a 15 1/2 year old girl, you’re under no delusion that she’s a “child” in the sense of being a little kid. She’s not ready for it, but she wants to be treated like an adult, especially (or exclusively) in terms of having lots of freedom and independence (and spending time with boys). It’s a huge daily fight to try to continue to protect her, despite herself. That’s what we’re dealing with here, an adolescent girl trying out an adult’s look and behavior (happens all the time and is normal). The freaks are her dad, Disney, Vanity Fair, the guys who will jerk off to this, and the people who talk as if a 10 year old has been photographed naked and the perpetrators should be arrested. And of course, there’s the fact that in just a couple of years, when pictures like this are posted here, her looks will be microscopically and heartlessly ripped to shreds.

  3. Kiko The Republican Cabana Boy

    #29, your name is a typo; there should only be one ‘n’.
    Geez, where to start with you, asides from the self-righteous sanctimony you display? The irony you display when bemoaning “inviting, whorish” photo shoots yet patting yourself on your Domino’s ‘n’ Hot Pockets- gorged ass about how you can “fuck anything under the sun”? That says a LOT about you and not much of it very good. Fact of the matter is that sex will sell anything because it is a very real biologically motivating factor embedded in human consciousness, the little remnant of reptilian brain matter inherent in all humans that says procreate. That’s just the way we evolved, Boner. Some humans have achieved a level of consciousness and self-control where things like a naked back does not send them into convulsions of moral uncertainty. God didn’t put it there, and since you were wondering where God was, he/she/it gave up on the US when we put Reagan into office. Law Hats? Oh please! They’re just as ethically corrupt as the rest of the Men’s Room Republicans that put great ideas to “protect us” like Homeland Security into play, and just as morally corrupt as the religious leaders calling for Miley’s Disney-approved chastity belt. You want to ask questions, then ask why are people more offended by a little back skin as opposed to MC practically nuzzling the Achey Breaky penis? Is it a Southern thing? 15-year-olds will have sex; ask the Spears family or ask one of the girls from the Mormon compound in Texas. The post-shagging shot of Miley is probably something Billy Ray will have to contend with pretty soon when he catches some boy coming out of Miley’s room at two in the morning, but that is THEIR problem, and not the country’s. The point is, America, there are bigger problems at stake as opposed to the hand-wringing, the wailing, the bemoaning of some religious groups set of moral standards, than about a girl and her dad and the stupid decision THEY made.

  4. Could be worse. She could be pregnant (Zoey Spears) They didn’t even CANCEL her show! What the crap are these Disney execs thinking about? Don’t they know I haven’t had my coffee yet? And, once again no breakfast??

  5. Math Class

    #51: 15 is different from 11.


    This girl is underage, posing sexy near her father’s crotch – which means she’s PERFECT for today’s young girls to look up to, so that when they become teenagers, the industry can use Smiley to sell makeup and acne-creme and shampoo and clothes and perfume etc etc. If you have kids, then you get the problem with all this, and if you don’t…

  7. Oh! It’s ok, I have cottage cheese in my purse..

  8. Marg

    My 15 year old daughter focuses on hobbies, books, and body surfing. She has friends that focus on boys and sex. My daughter knows there is plenty of time for boys but some kids are encouraged to grow up faster because of bad parenting and bad influences that their parent did not prepare them for.

  9. Sam

    “there’s the fact that in just a couple of years, when pictures like this are posted here, her looks will be microscopically and heartlessly ripped to shreds.”

    52 said it. Considering the tone of this place, spare us the loving parental concern. It sounds funny when spoken from the gutter.

  10. BONNER

    @ 46

    gotmilk? PLENTY. want some? im gonna look for my favorite ass on the planet. yeah, kim’s ass.

  11. Alice

    #58 – sounds like your daughter’s anxiety disorder is developing nicely.

  12. BONNER


    regarding my name it’s bonner w/ double n and it’s my first family name.

  13. miggs

    The Billy Ray pics are really sick. But otherwise – wah wah waaaah! Jesus, enough with the whining. There’s always a “Miley” or a “Lindsay” or a “Britney” around for poorly-parented girls to imitate slavishly because they’ve developed no identity of their own. If your kid can’t say “I really like her but some of the stuff she does is kinda stupid!” then you’ve FAILED as a parent. Stop blaming others. Or, get really really good at it, because you’ll have lots of stuff to be angry about and you’ll need a lot of skill in misplacing blame.

  14. tight lipped smiler

    She can’t have it both ways. Either she’s the squeaky clean corny role model for the kiddies or she joins the skank of the day club, Billy Bob’s choice.

  15. Angus

    I love the conservatives. They rail against the corrupting influence of our sinful carnal culture, and then their major leaders are revealed as having engaged in illegal financial practices and sordid sexual affairs (often homosexual, for whatever reason). Forget Disney – you folks are the real cartoons.

  16. Proud Mom

    < <<<>>

    Very True!

    My daughter is not into bubble gum music so she is not fan of Miley.

  17. Grunion

    Exile eh? St. Helena here she comes…

  18. Proud Mom

    # 63

    Part of my comment was omitted probably because of my symbols I used as quotes so here I go again.

    “There’s always a “Miley” or a “Lindsay” or a “Britney” around for poorly-parented girls to imitate slavishly because they’ve developed no identity of their own. If your kid can’t say “I really like her but some of the stuff she does is kinda stupid!” then you’ve FAILED as a parent.”

    Very True!

    My daughter is not into bubble gum music so she is not fan of Miley.

  19. Kiko The Republican Cabana Boy

    If you liked that sermon, you should’ve heard the one Mister James Dobson gave Kiko after his backrub. I can’t recall it word by word, but I do remember Mister Dobson calling Kiko a “tan tease” then crying when Kiko wouldn’t accept his flowers.

  20. Captain-Insano

    Its times like these I’m glad I’m Canadian, rather than live under the Nazi-esque censorship of the US of A. Also, the bacon is good, and canadian beer rocks.

  21. Ms Techincal


    And it is tough being a successful intellegent aggressive female in the US as well. Just look at Hillary Clinton and all the crap she had to endure even when Bill was a governor.

  22. Jade

    I’m by no means a prude.. but when I saw the pic of Miley with the satin sheet and her hair all mussed like post-sex hair with the reddish lipstick, my first impression was “this pic looks like child porn”. She was made to look young with the minimalist makeup, yet she is wearing a bed sheet. I kinda think it was very bad judgment on the photographer definintely, but also on her daddy who was right there for it. Also, the pic with her and her dad, if you didn’t know they were related you’d think the pic was to promote a little mild eroticism. I never took a pic like that with my dad..

  23. i dont see that there is much of a big deal, but in todays world, you can barely do anything without getting scoffed at by some group, left or right. she asked for it, showing her undeveloped little un hot back; whatd she expect? also, theres no need to disrespect the J man into this Mr Superficial. if so, slam them all,,, am i right or wrong?

  24. Donald Duck

    These photos don’t bother me in the least. However, I do feel sorry for Miley. Her celebrity is non-sustainable. Let’s face it: she is not hot at all. It’s hard to imagine she will ever have an adult audience, except for those who want to read about her tabloid flameout.

  25. Columbo

    Her parents were on set the whole time. It was their responsibility to prevent the sexualization of their daughter in these photos. Blaming Vanity Fair, Leibovitz or even Disney is a red herring. Parents need to be parents and why anyone would want their kid to be a child celebrity is beyond me.

  26. DB

    I’d fuck her in the ass, then she’d have to lick it clean. That dirty little whore.

  27. mamadough

    if she really want to send the midwest into a spiral, she should have taken a picture of her masturbating with a crucifix….just saying.

  28. boo

    Bet if they had photographed her holding smoking guns, covered in blood and bodies laying around her, no one would have said a word. And the pictures still would have been considered “artsy”.

  29. denial

    #58 your daughter is either a liar, ugly, or a lesbian. Most likely is the first one and I know I know you and your daughter talk about everything she never hides anything from you. Wake up and smell the sex. She has a period, she masturbates, she talks about sex and boys, just not to you.
    p.s. her hobby is boys.

  30. Informer

    Miley or Hannah or whatever her name is will get at least one day off from her bad behavior. BYU’s 65,000 capacity stadium is sold out for a 4th of July concert with Miley as the featured performer. Confirmation was in Salt Lake newspapers that she will still perform. No way I’m going, but she get’s a “Get out of jail free” for one day at least.

  31. Karisha

    I feel for her. That picture was not at all bad, not as bad as these conservative christians claim it. What the fuck is the big deal anyway. She wasnt naked, she had a blanket and jeans on. Come on! Disney is blowing it way out of proportion…

    # 27 you are so right. She is a 15 year old girl who entertains kids. Now all of a sudden is a slut and Britney Spears in training? I dont think so. Miley is a sweet girl. Everyone ragging on her is just jealous of her success.

  32. Marg


    It is amusing that you believe an attractive and intellegent teenager with good self esteem has to be a liar, ugly, or lesbian if they would rather talk about other things besides sex all the time. I have no doubt that sex crosses the minds of all teenagers, but some have other goals and interests besides just sex. I suspect that you were not into anything as teenager growing up except for sex and this is why you did not go to college and are currently doing clerical work.

  33. Jade

    @81 Karisha — Stereotype much?

    I am neither christian nor conservative, and that pic looked like child pornography.

    It is cute how you say “she is wearing jeans”. Yeah, the behind the scenes photos show that. But this wasn’t meant to be a photo documentary, therefore the pic was to suggest she was naked wearing a sheet.

    Why do people want to make whores of young girls? Is that the ‘in thing’ now? If so, might as well lower the age of consent to about 12, since so many people think there is nothing wrong with a girl being sexual at that age.

  34. Yes Always blame the Jews

    If the photographer was Jewish than…I don’t know I still think that regardless of what the little skank does with her free time and I would not expect anything intellectual or artistic as she does not stike me as having a mind, there still is not justification in Leiboshitz taking a sexually provacative photo of a 15 year old girl.
    Let me give you assholes my take. Let’s say my 15 year old daughter (who IS a total whore by way) sucks and fucks behind me back constantly. I am not going to ALLOW her to do so KNOWINGLY. I am going to (hypocritically I might add) try to teach her morals in life.
    So yeah , in my way of thinking, the Leiboshitz slut took advantage of the little girl. Would she buy her beer and cigarettes as well?
    As for Mel Gibson (I don’t understand why we always pick on him he is awesome…oh yeah he spoke the truth…wait the whole world is wrong or is it not chosen?) and the Christian “market” and all their coin, compare their money with the Jewish Rothschilds and then get back with me.
    Christians built this country (I am not one by the way). So if they have earned “coin” that is fair. Yes? No?
    Fuck your contrived fiat money also. And your economic “wizardry” and sleight of hand. Thieves in sheeps clothing. Begone.

    Not that I feel or think strongly about this.

    Bring it…

  35. denialtake2

    lol good one 82. actually i am in my 3rd year of medical school, but you know all right.\

    ps. 50% of teenagers have lost their virginity by the age 16. Quit being in denial and accept reality.

  36. shut the fuck up

    #85, maybe her daughter does not belong in the 50% you have mentioned.

    You should quit posting your asinine, prejudice-ridden shit here.

  37. Prof

    @36 you are my hero!

    If this photo is unsettling then you better not look at highschools, jr high, the beaches, malls, and your daughter’s (and her friends) closet. More people are outraged over this than that Vanessa girl from the High School Musical showing her little muffin to the world!

  38. Sandra


    This is because of bad parenting that children have sex by age 16. 50 percent of marriages end in divorce and this does not help with raising children properly, so I’m not surprised that 50 percent of teenagers are having sex by age 16. Believe it or not but there are actually teens out there that would rather wait until later to have sex; thanks to good parenting. My oldest daughter waited until she was 19 to have sex because she saw how out of control the teens got after having sex and getting dumped from guys in high school. My daughters motto in high school was I’d rather get dumped for not giving sex than to be dumped after giving sex.

  39. Clem

    Not even close to being good looking.

  40. booya

    The 50% marriage analogy is lame. The high rate is b/c women are independent, have job security, and money so they can leave when they want to. In the 1950′s people were not happier, women still got beat by there husbands ,they just didn’t have jobs or money so they couldn’t leave their marriage.
    I am glad divorce is at 50%. People who are unhappy should not stay together because of money problems or social stigma…..
    okay this is so off the subject of this forum. END

    #88 so your saying your daughter is ugly or religious but i think those go hand in hand.

  41. I’m not usually one to feel pity for celebs but I do feel sorry for Miley. Annie Leibovitz should have known better than to be “sexing up” pictures of a 15 year old–what a sicko. If a man had been doing that they’d be behind bars.

    On the other hand Disney needs to get off their high horse and quit acting like Miley just did porn. Disney’s been making shit loads of money off the backs of kids for years–maybe they’re jealous that Annie and Vanity Fair got there first?

  42. Ensign

    Miley is 15 and posing for sexy pics with her FATHER. How can anyone see anything right with that scenario? Me posing with my daughter in a sexy fashion would be the most disgusting thing I could imagine. People need a reality check.

  43. Ingenious Conceptions for Free

    Just fire the old lady and the little slut. And replace Disney and Nickolodean with something moral for the kids.

  44. MM


    Typical chauvinistic male response; if a female has boundaries then she must be religious or ugly.

  45. mikenc

    #94 is ugly or religious

  46. El Bobulo

    Is America going backwards in time and getting *more* puritanical?

    I don’t see really anything “provocative” or “sexy” about the photos. Just some photos of a young lady. Since when is a bare back “provocative”? what’s next, should she wear the “polygamist compound dress”?

    What else is in there – she’s in jeans and a dress. That is “sexy”?What else is she supposed to wear?

    Good grief.

  47. el ces

    Like Vanity Fair gives a shit about Disney.

    VF probably angled it like this, Smiley Miley isn’t going to be cute forever, so she needs to get a jump on shopping that sex appeal, even if its just a little skin from behind, harmless, so she doesn’t end up like whats her name……fuck…..from Melrose Place?

    (looking it up, cheating I know, shut up)

    ….uh, Neve Campbell!
    Remember how she wouldn’t take it off until she was like 37?
    Ppl don’t want it now, in your 40′s. It’s a slap in the face now. Everyone remembers how you USED to look.
    They’re resentful. They wanted that young piece of meat.
    Not 40 yr old leftovers.

    ….yeah, maybe I’m a little bitter.
    …fucking Neve Campbell (grumble grumble)

  48. twzzlrgirl

    I think the pics with billy ray are way more disgusting than the back shot; who in god’s name poses that way with their father??

    you have to wonder what they were thinking. or, ok…i’ll tell you. they were thinking, “hey, look at how much attention this will get us!!!” And, as far as I can tell, it’s worked!

  49. Sapphire

    The Britneys and Lindseys of the world are starting young. Although maybe I am behind the times, maybe 15 is pretty old these days to get inducted into the hall of whoredom. And to pose like that with your FATHER and your 52″ hips keep getting in the way is just eye-ball-bleeding for us to look at. When I was 15 I didn’t have hips that were ready to pop out quadruplets.

  50. Sapphire

    oh and I’ve seen babies in bikinis at the beach. They look REAL provocative. Good point. I never realized babies could change their facial expressions completely just in the bathing suits they wore until one winked at me the other day and pinched my ass as I was walking by! The nerve!

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