Miley Cyrus forced into exile by Disney

April 29th, 2008 // 137 Comments

Apparently unable to find a scarlet letter for Miley Cyrus to wear, Disney is forcing the young starlet into hiding after her not-really-that-bad photo shoot with Annie Leibovitz turned into a national debacle. Holy shit, it’s her bare back! BURN HER! The New York Post has the details on Disney’s brilliant PR move:

“You won’t be seeing her for a while,” a highranking Disney employee was overheard saying this weekend at a luncheon in LA, according to Page Six. “The company is keeping her away from events and wants her to keep a very low profile for the next four to six months. They’re trying to keep her contained.”

Of course, as we all learned the past couple of days, Hannah Montana is a billion dollar franchise and Disney is no doubt concerned about losing precious dollars from the Bible Belt. And it doesn’t help when Michelle Combs of the Christian Coalition starts making comments to Us Magazine calling for Disney to “reprimand” Miley:

“If she’s gonna go out there and represent wholesome values, she needs to be more accountable for her actions,” Combs says.
Combs adds that famed photographer Annie Leibovitz has “a reputation for doing racy things … Miley should have thought this out before she agreed to go in front of Annie.”

This makes a whole lot of sense really. If Mel Gibson and The Passion of the Christ proved anything, it’s that the Christian market has an ASSLOAD of coin. They also love a good story where a Jew gets blamed for something. In this case: Annie Leibovitz. Not one to miss out on some easy money, I’m thinking of changing the name of the site to something a little more Puritan. I’m leaning towards “Jesus Loves” Mmm, wholesomey.

Photo: Vanity Fair

  1. Anexio

    I totally want to have anal sex with Michelle Combs.

    She hot!

  2. (that’s what Billy Ray said)

  3. Zanna

    I notice no one is saying anything too much about how she is provacatively laying on her father’s crotch in the photoshoot. But I guess it’s okay because, you know…they’re from THE SOUTH.

  4. Zanna

    Not ony that….how many of Miley’s fans actually read Vanity Fair? Don’t they read Tiger Beat or some shit?

  5. Media

    Some photographers like to make children (4-17) look sexy. It’s all about making sure that men enjoy it. It certainly was not for the benefit of children or females.

  6. Athens

    I feel so bad for Disney kids, fuck up and you spend 6 months in a dark room.

  7. Lugh

    This is so blown out of proportion. Who the hell cares? Do people let their 15 year olds wear bikinis at the beach? If so, you’ll see a lot more skin there than you’d see in the Vanity Fair photoshoot.

  8. Nils

    She was being prim and proper, actually, because she was lying on her back in her dad’s crotch (the father-daughter cig-afterwards position).

  9. Zanna

    Jon Benet Ramsey was way hotter in her photoshoots.

  10. ApacheRose

    Re: the father/daughter shots:

    Joe Simpson approves.

  11. dude_on_a_wire

    15 is too young for provocative. Daddy just put the fate of younger MC fans into the hands of their parents. Disney knows the demographics – and a big chunk of guaranteed revenue just got flushed.

  12. Andrew

    I met Billy Ray once at one of his concerts. He was really nice, down to earth. He let me take a picture of him with Miley and he signed an autograph for me and everything. When I got the pen back, though, it did smell a little bit like vaginal secretions.

  13. Uncle Pedo

    slurp, slurp, slurp. yummy, yummy.

  14. kevin

    This is actually a very good news !

    6 months without any shots of this little whore, i couldn’t ask for more !
    Thank u VANITY FAIR THANK U !!!!!!!!!!

  15. Gertrude

    #8 The photograph shows a 15 year old in a sexy pose looking provacative. Children on the beach wearing bikinis don’t walk around making provacative facial exressions. So long as they make men happy, that’s all that counts with the media.

  16. crazygut

    oh yeah thesuperficial needs a “countdown to Mileys collapse” timer… shes Brittney in training!!

  17. Anonymous

    This girl just isn’t very attractive.

  18. ph7

    What’s the bid deal? 100 years ago, the average 15 year old was married and having children already – just like the Mormons in Texas do today.

  19. ToTellTheTruth

    Who gives a fuck, she’s white trash in the making…

  20. mo' like Ger-PRUDE, i tell ya!

    “Children on the beach wearing bikinis don’t walk around making provacative facial exressions”

    15 year old girls in bikinis don’t make provocative facial expressions? Is your beach in black and white, by any chance?

  21. ApacheRose

    It’s not that you can see her exposed back. It’s the just-been-fucked hair and expression that’s inappropriate. I find the pics of her and her dad way more creepy, though. Gross.

  22. As I have often warned on these message boards, keep away from your fathers’ crotch.

  23. ApacheRose

    Annie Lesbowitz should have to answer for this shit, too. Not only are the pics creepy, but they don’t even make her look GOOD. (In my opinion, of course)

  24. Opie

    When I was in high school, there NEVER were girls who looked like that. And if there had been, I would have told my paw and Aint Bee all about it.

  25. Erica

    i really dont see what the big deal is. you cant see anything private.

  26. The Fat Baldwin

    Every one on this board who rips into a 15 year old girl who entertains on a childrens program, is fucking pathetic.

    Is your life so empty, so miserable, that the success of a young girl spawns so much hate?


    My kid watches her show, and of all the crap aimed at young girls, her show is the least painful to sit through, and for that, I praise her.

  27. PETE

    # 19 at least at those times 15 year old girls got married to guys their own age and were definately not in a not-so-clear relationship with their dads !

  28. BONNER

    for fucks sake, what is America coming to ? Now we sell magazine using sexually provocative pictures of our children?? All those law hats out there can those responsible for this shoot be charged and prosecuted with child exploitation. This is no art. These pictures are inviting, whorish, in your face “fuck me pops”. Great God where the heck are you? Why do we, as a society allow this type of debauchery unpunished?
    I fuck anything under the sun but children cause to me children are sacred and Miley is a child and Hill Billy Pedocreep needs to answer some questions.

  29. ApacheRose


    They married guys their own age? REALLY?

  30. Sid

    She’s not pre-pubescent, so it’s not child porn. She’s going to reach the age of consent in 35 states later this year. The sick parts are the pictures with her dad, and Disney continuing to promote the conservative white man’s ideal of a young, untouched, innocent SLUT.

  31. Wendy

    She’s putting her sexy-tramp image out now, before anything has happened with sex tapes, pregnancy, or drugs and alcohol (which, as we’ve seen many times before, will happen by the time she’s 20). Good for her. Everything is accelerated in these kid-star childhoods, why lie about it? Didn’t we just learn that Jamie Spears was fucking (maybe) her boyfriend or (more likely) the producer of her show? At least Miley keeps it all in the family – even her name is derived from a sweet family nickname, “Smiley” (or, in her dad’s version, “vertical Smiley”). I think it’s great!

  32. whocares

    If you look at the pictures from behind the camera they don’t look as dark and suspect as the photoshopped end-result…

    Miley didn’t mean any harm… Fuck Disney.

  33. Agent

    Wow what a bunch of bleeding hearts! Obama ’08!!!

    …but, look, she’s kinda ugly. The last time she’ll ever be “hot” is as jailbait. This is a well thought out career move, and she’ll get a boost from it in terms of movie roles she doesn’t deserve in the least. She’ll have 4-5 years playing this new character in movies before audiences start to pan her (in addition to critics), but that’s a nice little extra to her “music” career.

  34. CV

    The problem with the photos is that under the law this is seen as child pornography, now do I see a problem with them, not really, but if her PR person and her father allowed this to happen they are dumb as shit.

  35. iamawhore

    What a surprise, a 15 year old shows her back and the religious wave in America comes crashing in. They are so scared that their daughters might become whores that they have to control all of the media and other people’s lives. Her dad had no problem with it, she had no problem with it. It’s her back. Its not illegal its not disturbing its nothing.

    p.s. guess what your daughters are whores.

  36. Ramon M.

    Omg…i swear, if all the news media zoomed out a little, and showed her wearing pants…this thing would fizzle so quickly…but no…we have to focus on the fact that “she looks like she just had sex.” everyone is a perv.

  37. Her dad looks like the type of guy who makes her lick his butthole before she starts sucking.

  38. Kevin

    Well I think the most accountable person is the DAD ! I mean can u believe this he sees his 15 year old daughter with that come-and -fuck-me look on her face and he doesn’t say a thing ! DUDE YOU HAVE A SERIOUS PROBLEM THEN …………..

  39. Newport Beach CA


    Sure the misguided children/teens try to imitate provactive things they see on TV but educated children with positive home environments have other things on their minds like having fun and being a kid.

  40. Barrack O.

    Too bad they didn’t pose her with a black guy instead of her dad. Then both the South and the North would be pissed off.

  41. meany

    16, i guess if you find her sexy & provocative, that’s your issue to work through. frankly, i find her to be squirrely and the opposite of sexy. so those photos are no biggie in my book.

  42. And another point,
    if a girl is legally allowed to have sex at 16, what’s wrong with showing a bit of back at 15?

  43. Pervy

    oh yeah baby, miley in her pops crotch with her legs wide open. fantastic!!!!

  44. Health Class

    “Sure the misguided children/teens try to imitate provactive things they see on TV but educated children with positive home environments have other things on their minds like having fun and being a kid.”

    Sounds like folks need a refresher. Children go through puberty, their bodies change, and they develop increased interest in romantic and sexual activities. As far as we know, this is a natural biological process and not a result of imitation of TV shows; for example, we’re pretty sure it happened before TV.

  45. gotmilk?

    29, the only one exploiting Miley is Disney and her parents so if anyone should be locked up, it’s them.

  46. pinky_nip

    You can’t fucking buy this type of publicity.

    But you can buy this type of pubescency… just go down to 47th and ask for Big Papa.

  47. RTH

    Ok, so… if you’re going to be a child star, work for Nickelodeon, not Disney.

    Do something stupid, like get knocked up, you continue working for Nickelodeon. Show your bare back, you get exiled by Disney.

  48. veggi

    Miley shows back, but Donald Duck NEVER wore pants…….

  49. Yeah, speaking of Disney characters showing skin….
    Check out the Little Mermaid vs. Miley:

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