Miley Cyrus done with Hannah Montana?

September 21st, 2008 // 77 Comments

Miley Cyrus and her father Billy Ray Cyrus have figured out the real money’s in focusing on Miley’s singing career and bailing on Disney. In a move that could only be cultivated in a trailer full of meth, Miley and Billy Ray are now trying to get fired from the insanely lucrative Hannah Montana show and have started showing up late, holding up production and generally pissing off the crew, according to TMZ:

Emily Osment, who plays Lilly Truscott, used to be extremely tight with Miley. Now we’re told Emily is so bitter she literally turns away from Miley after each scene. We’re told Emily’s dad got in a screaming match with Billy Ray, complaining he and Miley were unprofessional.
Sources tell us Billy Ray has told people on the set that he and Miley will do twelve more episodes and then they are out. Disney was so pissed they called his agent, railing that Billy Ray and Miley were ingrates. Disney insisted that Billy Ray and Miley not only finish the twenty-four episode season — but Disney was adding six more episodes.

Good. Real smart career move. I think I speak for everyone when I say I hope I never see this buck-toothed little trollop and her boyfriend’s package again. I mean, not that I’ve looked at it or anything. Even when I sent everybody home early and said I’d lock up for the night, I didn’t look at Justin Gaston’s package while sitting at the Geekologist’s desk. Nope, never happened. And, if you don’t believe me, feel free to check the security tapes I completely erased then ran over with my car.

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  1. From what Im hearing about the cost of her concert tickets from patients that come in…she must be pretty paid.





  3. yep...

    I agree with #19. This is the ONLY reasonable explanation as to why she could get a guy like Justin to hang out with her. Just to piss off Disney (and in return, he gets some serious publicity). It makes a lot more sense than pedophelia

  4. EnglishWhiz

    I teach high school and I don’t think I’ve ever even been in contact with a 15 year old as self-centered, arrogant, and just plain icky…and MOST teenagers are some degree of one or all of those! This is what happens when unbridled fame is heaped upon a child. And what kind of messed up parents let their 15 YEAR OLD date a guy in his TWENTIES??? How irresponsible is that?

  5. I like Miley, but i was hoping that this wouldn’t happen to her. She shouldn’t bite the hand that feeds, she could find that after leaving Disney her career falls fast. as fast as her dads did. Besides you can start acting like a bitch until at least 18.

  6. mimi

    Face it… Disney churns them out and uses them up. She needs to get out now so she won’t disappear like a teenage witch!

  7. PunkA

    She is unattractive, an ok singer with no dance moves and kids only like her because she is on Disney. Where have I seen and heard this before?? If she and her parents are not smart enough to figure that out, I refer them to Exhibit A: also known as Hilary Duff. Now where is she again and what is Miss Lizzy McGuire doing these days???


  8. Aerialgreen

    It’s Disney’s current omnipresent and multimillion marketing of Hannah Montana is what keeps basic cable children buying the crap with her chromosome-missing mug plastered over it….. once it’s gone, so is she and her achy-breaky pimp.

    Man, she is soooo going to end up in porn.

  9. McSame

    Fuggin ugly little tramp with short dress and make-up!

    Dumb hickabilly trash. Just like her parents raised her to be.

  10. Polly Purebread

    I heard that Disney wants to move her into acting in a Movie that they have no script written for, as in, they will never be able to find a professional member of the WGA that will write anything for the ugly, no talent, little slut. Have you ever seen that stupid show she is on? What a joke, this is just a way for Disney to fired this Hillybilly brat.

  11. stoplookingatme

    Disney employees call it “Mouse-schwitz,” if that tells you anything. Maybe that’s why she and her “boyfriend” are hanging out at Universal City Walk in these pics… Which begs the question, who do you think would win in a fight to the death, the Mouse or Kong?

  12. goodbye goofy

    about time! good for her … i heard she’s about to work with stylist girl kira plastinina too … my new fav! i love her designs … check

  13. HorribleJudgment

    If the horse/beaver/chipmunk face wants to get fired, fire her. I, for one, wish I never had to see her repulsively ugly face ever again. In fact, the only time I would ever want to see her again is when she finds out that her fake boyfriend is using her. I mean, honestly. She doesn’t REALLY think that a male model would go out with HER does she? Or that ANY guy would go out with her for that matter? Her fake boyfriend wants the exposure. And in the meantime, everytime he’s with her, he has to look away from her face because she is THAT unbelievably fucking ugly.

    Wake up Miley: you have fugly chipmunk beaver teeth, oversize gums AND a receding gumline, squinty beady pig eyes overmade like a two dollar whores, a nose like fucking play doh, cheeks like a fat inbred, an obese overfed face, and your chubby, and you have stubby, chunky, fat fugly blubbery legs. You are DISGUSTING. No guy would be with you. It would be in your best interest to hang onto to anything you had left, but no, you actually think there’s more out there for you? Look in a a mirror, you talentless ugly, UGLY, girl.

  14. twzzlrgirl

    I cannot figure out why this chick is popular. Have you ever seen the show?? What a piece of garbage. She just does what all the disney “proteges” do: she mugs and yells and overacts and looks ridiculous. She also seems self-centered and mean. And now, to top it off, she’s dating a sex toy. Nice.

    She needs to go away before she becomes the next Britney. Actually, Brits lookin better than this these days.

  15. Tyler J






  17. friendlyfires

    1.)Justin Gaston – gay – okay? – why else would Billy Ray trust his little Fort Knox Depository to the banana hammock model foe Jesus – for real – promise!
    2.)Despite the current turmoil occurring in world markets, the Olsen sisters portfolio is secure and will tide them over in their quest for world domination. Billy Ray, meanwhile, has pissed Miley’s hundreds of millions into gimcrack, singing trout replicas and beer bellies futures – see the both of them in the Dana Plato Memorial Cemetery and Crematorium very soon – very very soon, if we’re lucky!
    3.)Steve Jobs should fire that screechy ingrate immediately and burn the buyout money right in front of their eyes, saying non-chalantly,”I’m Steve Jobs, I own Disney, and your career, whatcha’ gonna’ do about it, hug? Oh, don’t pout, here have a new iPod Nano, it’s already loaded with the music of your replacement, moo-hoo-haa-haa!”
    4.)Seth Rogan doesn’t have a small penis – it’s a very large – clitoris – there, I said it, booyeah!

  18. Let her go — I smell a Britney-esque meltdown in 3-… 2-…

  19. doing what?
    ……………………………….HIDE and SEEK(the more mature edition)?

  20. I hope she won’t leave Hannah Montana, because it’s my favorite tv program.

  21. Bill B

    The mullet headed Cyrus family are idiots. Billy Ray wasn’t doing jack until his daughter got this gig…and he will be doing nothing again very soon. As for Miley, if she thinks she is talented enough to go it alone without Disney…she is as smart as her daddy. She is marginally talented at best. Her fame, like just about every other teen “star” is all about marketing. Without the Disney machine behind her she is going to find the world a cold place after all.

  22. Gary B

    I can understand that Miley is getting older and wants to grow out of the Hanna Montana thing. But she needs to put her ego in check, be patient and let HM run its course and then plan to work on more grown up material.

    UNCHECKED EGO can be a killer of careers in industry. When you have a star that becomes rich and famous too young and too fast, while they have assistants and sycophants constantly pampering them and kissing their ass. It eventually gets to their head, unchecked they finally implode.

  23. usagi

    he’s gay dont u see..?

  24. u know what u guys aren’t the ones to judge what she does it doesn’t matter what she does you know its her choice who cares are you related to her? NO YOU WISHED YOU WERE. So get your heads out of everything because it’s not the right time to judge what she does. PCE btw im black UH HUH

  25. u know what u guys aren’t the ones to judge what she does it doesn’t matter what she does you know its her choice who cares are you related to her? NO YOU WISHED YOU WERE. So get your heads out of everything because it’s not the right time to judge what she does. PCE btw im black UH HUH

  26. I don’t have anything against with what she’s doing with her life,, I just enjoy listening her songs..

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