Miley Cyrus dating some 20-year-old dude

September 16th, 2008 // 110 Comments

Billy Ray Cyrus is surprisingly relaxed about 15-year-old Miley Cyrus dating 20-year-old Justin Gaston. Justin is a model and aspiring country singer who met Miley when he competed on Nashville Star. He accompanied the Cyrus family to church on Sunday (above), according to People:

A source close to Miley says, “They’ve been spending a lot of time together while he’s in town.”
The Pinesville, La., native has modeled for Kenneth Cole and Guess, and before he was eliminated in week three of Nashville Star he told PEOPLE of his music, “My style isn’t like anyone else. If John Mayer was to meet Brad Paisley and they reproduced, that would be me.”

If John Mayer and Brad Paisley reproduce? You mean when. Anyway, isn’t it, I dunno, illegal, not to mention weird, for a guy who’s almost 21 to be with a 15-year-old girl? But, oh, wait, they’re going to church. My mistake, everyone, they’ll be good. Back me up, Bristol Palin.

Photos: Flynet

  1. Eva

    He’s ugly

  2. Eva

    …but better looking than Nick Jonas

  3. JB Stoner

    “a model and aspiring country singer”

    Butcher becomes brain surgeon.

    A train wreck in the making.

  4. At least he carries a bible

  5. Uh, those are their churchgoing clothes? I know Jesus loves me even in my tie-dyed Slayer t-shirt, but cmon people…

  6. bar room hero

    Mullet – spawN

  7. James Earl Jones

    Way to wear your Sunday best, you fuckin’ rednecks.

  8. Slut

    Where to begin…….first of all, that girl needs to do something about her protruding upper gumline. Second-cheers Disney, cause your underage prodigy is dating someone to keep him out of the closet! Salute!

  9. Nice… Did he meet her in the children’s section when searching for that shirt?

  10. havoc

    He’s buff.

    I’ll bet he can bench 80 lbs.


  11. Quinn

    He’s a smart guy, gets her young, then when she’s gets loose, he can toss her and move on to the next 15 yr old. It’s genius, he deserves a medal.

  12. Judas

    Typical redneck, hillbilly, trashy christians and their crosses/trinkets.


  13. Sam

    She’ll end up pregnant by the end of the year.

  14. asfd

    At least she’s not hooking up with Sam Ronson aka- Ugliest man-woman carpet licker in existence.

  15. Spanky

    Just because she is a supposedly a virgin does not mean she does not swallow baby batter by the gallon and take it up the poop chute. She is giving him something (unless he is in fact a turd burglar).

  16. Riiiiight they’re dating…like he’s straight. Plus he’s a complete tool holinding that bible and wearing a cross necklace…cause that’s what straight twenty year old guys do. Miley needs find a new signature pose pronto! That ugly tongued monkey face in the last pic is grotesque. She already looks like a fucking flat faced wide nose no neck chimp.

  17. Racer X

    I’ve just found the internet.


  18. Joe

    Anyone else notice the tatoo on his wedding ring finger? Probably just showing his love for his sister…

  19. Joe

    Anyone else notice the tatoo on his wedding ring finger? Probably just showing his love for his sister…

  20. did holly really leave hef?

  21. dude_on

    Where do you go with this post? – The Bristol angle (why is a 17-year old child viciously attacked by a second-tier celeb-blogger?) or Miley (who is aging to be exceptionally average) or that she is dating a suspiciously older dude (who is freaky all on his own).
    Can we just go back to bikinis before Summer is over?

  22. i was getting my nails done yesterday at this salon that specializes in hair extensions. it’s AMAZING what a difference they make. girls with extensions look sexier without even trying. i wonder what this chimp face looks like without her extensions

  23. Beeotch

    Wow! HE must be a real MAN to walk around downtown with his bible…..I bet monkeys fly out of his As* too

  24. sla

    It’s not illegal to date her, but I believe having sex would be statutory rape since she is under 16 and there is more than a 4-year age difference.

    That said, if they are NOT screwing, why is she going around with bed-head hair, a “got fucked last night” grin and her belt buckle off center?

    Did they really go to church like that? I don’t have so much of a problem with what she is wearing, but damn, she could at least comb her hair, straighten her clothes and clean the toes of her Chuck Taylors.

    As for the dude of questionable orientation, he shouldn’t wear something to church that is going to keep so many female minds from thinking about Jesus. And he has a bit of a “lights are on, but nobody’s home” look in his eyes.

  25. giier

    This chick is just a bottle of Boone’s Farm and a wayward sperm away from living in a Pineville trailer park.

  26. Lola

    Now if this is true, that’s some real bullshit. In the “non-celebrity” world, if a 20 year old man dates a girl who’s 15, regardless if the parents are fine with it or not, it’s called statutory rape. In the celebrity world, it’s called a relationship. I stand corrected though, this so-called “15″ year old is a whore with buck-teeth and big gums…. And her parents only see $$$ signs
    So I’ve came to the conclusion that, this bitch hasn’t been “15″ in 10 years. She looks like someone who’s had her share of cocks in her mouth. Kinda like that fag Randal, who’s always posting gay shit on this site that he apparently mistakes for Oprah or Dr. Phil’s websites.
    Fuck Miley and her Hilbily hoe-down red-neck, incestious family

  27. Runnergal

    Am I the only one that thinks Miley is ugly? Her eyes are too close together and her nose looks pudgy. She looks like she is constantly taking a poo in her pants. I can’t wait until her 15 minutes are up, cause let’s face it, she’s a no-talent ass clown.

  28. rkb

    she does not look 15

  29. Wow, she’s replacing Britney to become a teen idol. This guy is lucky!

  30. GFY


    Waiting for sex tape.

  31. lina

    dady, dady, can i have sex after church?

  32. KC

    That’s their church clothes?

    @Runnergal – yes, I think Miley is not attractive.

  33. Hmm

    Come on, now. A cross necklace worn prominently on the outside of the tank top as well as an obviously-held bible? What a sad publicity stunt. The christians will probably eat this up, though.

  34. James

    I wouldn’t go to church if you paid me and even i’m surprised by their church clothes. Isn’t it some kind of unspoken rule that you should have sleeves? Or maybe it’s in the bible.

    And @26 Lola, It’s only statutory if they’re having sex. Clearly he is a raging homo so that’s not a problem. Which is probably why Billy Ray hasn’t crushed his skull for messing with the meal ticket yet.

  35. Duke Nukem

    She’ll be 16 in a couple of months. Then it’s legal depending on what state…

  36. Evan

    correction: Miley Cyrus dating some 20-year-old DOUCHE.

    seriously, look at the guy.

  37. taylor

    Yes her nose is pudgy, not to worry that will be tweaked in due time.
    However the Dude in question is very handsome, almost Young Warren Beatty handsome.

  38. combustion8

    hes not after her money at all.. no.. no.. he’s just into ugly rich girls.

  39. The Sperminator

    Oh my gawd, she is sooooo friggin hot, I would ream out all of her orifices seven ways from Sunday!

  40. monkey gobble

    It’s Joey from Full House!

  41. andy7171

    I though Miley was 16, or was I thinking of Hannah?

  42. MightyD

    first of…is there really such a thing as a 20 year old in the 21st century carrying around the all mighty fairy tales book!?!

    Second, is it just me or is this guy easely imagineable with a penis in his mouth?!

  43. Dancer

    lol… i want to go to church where they go. i would never have to (get to?) bathe or nuthin’.

    also, i want to be 15 again with BRC as my daddy so i could f*ck 20 yr olds. without lying about it.

  44. RAy Ray

    will ppl get over themselves!!!! the law states it is illegal for an adult to have sexual relations with a minor!!!!!!! they can’t have sex!!!!!! it doesn’t mean they can’t hangout, become friends or even date!

  45. Rant

    I shall crown thee……..Chester The Molester.

  46. Jumpin_J

    IT’S MILEY!!!! Thanks, Joel McCale.

  47. damn

    hes hot. fuck u miley.

  48. barf

    There is NOTHING cute about this chick. And the guy just needs to be slapped. This is obviously some publicity stunt for him. I HATE rednecks.

  49. AliCat

    But he’s got Daddy’s consent so its cool… Has Billy Ray been hanging out with Lynne Spears!?

    The thought of Miley and Joe Jonas was cute…ish. At least they were the around the same age. Plus they could have consoled one another when they both fall from the tween spotlight when High School Musical 3 comes out.

  50. LSU lady

    First of all, its PINEVILLE, LA. I am from there and went to high school with Justin. He is a really great guy. Very sweet and funny. And get this: he is a GOOD boy. But I guess that is foreign to Hollyweird.

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