Miley Cyrus cares deeply about her employees

November 20th, 2009 // 45 Comments

After the tour bus accident that left a man dead this morning and injured others in her crew, you’d assume Miley Cyrus would postpone Sunday’s show out of respect for her employees. Unfortunately, you’d be out of your goddamn mind because everyone knows The Jailbait Express waits for no man. TMZ reports:

TMZ spoke with an employee at the Greensboro Coliseum Complex in Greensboro, NC who tells us they’ve been flooded with calls asking about Miley’s concert. At this point, the employee tells us, “The show is going on as scheduled.”

Of course, I’m sure this is all just some elaborate scheme to get Miley Twittering again. Think about it: Where else could she instantly offer her sympathies then talk about how gay Twilight is moments later? Sure, a man died, but if it ends with the world receiving the 140 character thoughts of an over-religious teenage cash cow, are we not better for it? Sometimes you can’t make an omelet without breaking some of the little people who can’t even drive a bus without dying. Gawd.

Photos: WENN

  1. e

    yayy first

  2. e

    yayy first

  3. mer

    Billy Ray is overrated.

  4. Brooks

    Come on, the guy died.

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  6. sam

    @4 piss off then

  7. Crusty

    Tough call because while a man died, and there’s no way to minimize that, there are also probably 15,000 tickets sold to a concert tonight. Some of the kids and parents may have driven hours to attend etc.

    If this were an NBA or NHL game and a similar event took place, chances are that the game would go on as planned, perhaps with an acknowledgment of what happened with a moment of silence.

  8. Georgeo

    Um, why should she cancel the tour because of that?

    The Superficial sucks lately, you know that? Fuck this site. Put some goddam effort into it. The next story will probably be something like “Hayden Panettiere eating an apple” featuring some 3rd rate pap’s blurry pic.

  9. v tard

    I *still* can’t decide whether this girl is attractive or not.

    She looks facially deformed in pic 2. Looks good in pic 1 and 4.

    Pic 3 freaks me the fuck out. Those eyes of hers are HUGE for that head. That *has* to be a photoshoop.

    @7: A minute of silence at her next couple of concerts would be the most appropriate gesture. The show must go on.

  10. OJ's Mom

    My only regret is that she wasn’t on the f’ing bus too. Useless twat.

  11. Me

    C’mon now. The show must go on. How else will she pay for that bus & driver she lost? Driver “Whatshisname”

  12. kitty_kat

    C’mon now. This is a very unfortunate situation, but you can’t expect them to cancel a huge show now. A moment of silence or a song dedicated to the driver would suffice.

  13. Just Sayin'

    Madonna canceled her show when a crew member died.

  14. Bite Me or Fight Me

    Let’s have a moment of silence for my erection, which has died ever since I yanked one off in her honor and aimed at her face while it was on the screen. Got you, right in the cyclops sized eyes!

  15. Lois Lane

    Her concert isn’t until Sunday the 22nd. That should give her plenty of time to dedicate the concert to him..and Disney for teaching her anything can be solved in 30 minutes.

  16. Did she get implants? Those things look unnatural in the main pic, its like a perfect ball cut in half and stuck on her chest

  17. See Alice

    Is there a Miley countdown clock ?

  18. AVX

    Because postponing the show would bring the guy back from the dead, right?

    Besides, honestly, who gives a shit?

  19. Hey now!

    when Miley turns 18 I would like to give her a Pap smear with my tounge. Good day.

  20. saywha?

    miley cyrus – 2

    the superficial – 0

    you’re just burying yourself deeper & deeper the more you try to cover this story.

  21. Harry

    Yeah, she should have gone on the internet and make fun of the accident that killed the guy, right, Fish?

  22. WTF

    #4 and #20- wtf do you guys want? Get off this site and go to fucking church and pray to bring him back already. Dumb twats. The show must go on!!

  23. Lowland

    I wish she would get her Steve Buscemi- looking teeth fixed with all her millions.

  24. Kevin Johnas

    posting comments on a blog called “superficial” regarding a post that is claiming *miley* to be the shallow one kinda makes my eyes go cross-eyed.

    @sam (6) – are you mad because the guy died? or because this person pointed it out? sorry, you’re failure has confused me.

  25. Kevin Johnas

    and yes I meant to write “your” instead of “you’re”.

  26. Josh

    Why cancel the show? Just do what madonna did and pay tribute to them and everyone who helps on the tour.

    Also, rich coming from a writer who made a joke about the man dying before he was even cold. Stay classy, asshole.

  27. Jamie Lynn's Uterus

    She should be convicted of murder and removed from the entertainment industry.

  28. Whit

    The decision obviously isn’t up to her. Disney has the ultimate say in this and she just has to go where the puppet strings pull…

  29. Tanzarian

    She should be convicted of murder and sentenced to hold my dick 24/7 and jerk it off whenever it’s hard, cause sex with an underage girl would be wrong.

  30. knarf

    I can’t wait for the day she shows us her pussy

  31. Rasputins Liver



    …does this spoiled, self-centered music industry product even KNOW someone was killed and her own staff were injured?

    I mean, c’mon now. She’s just…what…fifteen…just s punk kid. She was probably on her cell twiittering away about how the stupid adults fucked up and got themselves killed and hurt and are cramping her style, messin’ with her scene and no one’s getting her her Happy Meal quick enough.


  32. I mean, c’mon now. She’s just…what…fifteen…just s punk kid. She was probably on her cell twiittering away about how the stupid adults fucked up and got themselves killed and hurt and are cramping her style, messin’ with her scene and no one’s getting her her Happy Meal quick enough.

  33. She had the nerve to say (while teary-eyed), “The last 25 years with you viewers has enriched my life beyond measure”. I think we can measure it – a BILLION dollars. Something tells me she’ll be juuuust fine.

  34. Oboo

    She hired Biden’s limo driver to drive da bus.

  35. Da Man!!!

    I want to see her diddle her pretty pink taco, oh yeah, nice and slow, then fast, lots of moaning too. I doubt her taco is blond though, I think she has a big dark overgrown bush. I bet we won’t even see her luscious pink quivering cooter!

  36. She's probably not responsible for the schedule

    Miley is only sixteen and probably doesn’t do her own schedule.

  37. c

    billy r u proud?

  38. So what if she doesn’t care for vampires and werewolves? Not everyone does… Why is the media trying so hard to ruin her? It is bad enough she has Billy Ray for a father…

  39. bmose

    Lets see, too much make up. Clothes so tight that they smash your titties to make them look bigger. I LOVE it when jailbait looks slutty. Course you know,being a good Southern Boy, Billie Ray’s been tappin’ it for at least three years.

  40. Darth

    Even kids’ shows must go on!

  41. Nero

    Out of respect i would have canceled it for one day.

  42. Gando

    What’s bigger than life?! A show or a life?!

  43. His Huge Greatness Himself

    The show goes on until the next giant meteorite smashes in.

  44. She looks facially deformed…

  45. veryyy beautifull…

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