Miley Cyrus camel toes Portugal in the face

June 1st, 2010 // 172 Comments

Miley Cyrus decided to expose Lisbon to her underage camel toe over the weekend and you have to wonder who the hell thought this outfit was a good idea. Clearly Miley did, but she can’t help the fact she grew up in the south where it’s illegal to discuss anything related to the hole Jesus puts babies in. But her entire staff can’t be backward-ass rednecks, can they? I mean, there had to be at least one person saying illegal moose-knuckle and blow-up doll faces don’t belong on the same stage, threats of Billy Ray mullet wounds be damned.

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  1. I want to fuck her and im 14.She looks really hot

  2. Damn ive jerked off to this so many times Shes looks great and fuckable

  3. bhavin

    send me sexy photo

  4. D_K
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    Imma Firin Mah Lazor!

  5. modlema
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    where’s her neck?

  6. modlema
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    ewww… cottage cheese thighs

  7. Josh
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    she has a nice ass makes me hard

  8. Senechaux
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    cellulite on a 17 year old ??!!??

  9. ricky
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    45 but that makes my toung hard

  10. selena
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    Ewwww…..look at her thighss!

  11. I think that miley is awsome you all need to leave her alown how would u all feel if people started saying all of this to you

  12. bitchbanginbastard

    Man I’d sure fucking love to stick it in her wet crotch , looks delicious and even though she’s not a virgin since at least 8 years ago DAMN who could resist this sexy bitch

  13. vinny

    Miley is a honey, just like that tasty camel toe, sweet!

  14. h1wayhobo

    nice pussy

  15. Graham
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    Get ur pussy out Miley

  16. Taylor
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  17. Tena
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    Seriously whats Seriously whats wrong with dancing aronud a pole and being flirty And no any answer with the word dones not count you have to say litterally in terms of what harm is done to others.

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