Miley Cyrus camel toes Portugal in the face

June 1st, 2010 // 172 Comments

Miley Cyrus decided to expose Lisbon to her underage camel toe over the weekend and you have to wonder who the hell thought this outfit was a good idea. Clearly Miley did, but she can’t help the fact she grew up in the south where it’s illegal to discuss anything related to the hole Jesus puts babies in. But her entire staff can’t be backward-ass rednecks, can they? I mean, there had to be at least one person saying illegal moose-knuckle and blow-up doll faces don’t belong on the same stage, threats of Billy Ray mullet wounds be damned.

Photos: WireImage

  1. Oompa Loompa

    I’d Hit It


  2. Jessica

    I don’t think she looks bad! She’s more covered up that Lady Gaga or anyone else now-a-days! I think people are taking what she does and what she wears way to personal!

  3. Donte Stallworth

    I love all the guys saying that they wouldnt fuck her, give me a break.

  4. Belisario

    @Peach, yup, age of consent in Portugal is 14. same in Italy and many other European countries. Greetings to the “land of the free” . PS: young pussy is awesome.

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  6. The Pope

    So what ? In Vatican State the age of consent is 12 years

  7. justifiable

    #56 No, it fucking isn’t. The wiki is incorrect – the Vatican has to follow Italian civil law, and the age of consent for sex is 14, same as in Portugal.

    I also suspect you aren’t really the Pope.

  8. turd da third

    a toe on the hoe..

  9. turd da third

    thats a 40 year old camel toe… what happened? ewwwwwwwwwwww

    one ugly-ass outfit too, definately needs some fashion help…

  10. Mr. Nice Guy

    When does she turn 18?

  11. M

    so untalented…can’t even hit a note…

  12. sasha

    just think thats only about one or two years of getting pounded another few years of steadt abuse those cunt lips will be hangin down from under her outfits. keep takin the meat pole miley……….. burn it up gooooood!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  13. turd da third

    a 17 year old with a 100,000 mile vag_junk…. something wrong with that..

    It even looks like it smells!

  14. ryan

    we have a a an idiot running this blog. u northern ignorant moron shut up.
    people from the north are stuck up twits.

  15. The Pope

    #57 ; 12 or 14.. It doesn’t matter ! What we are really aiming for is 12 months, or out of diapers, whichever came first. Blessing to all those with a good hearts.

  16. konnie

    this gurl used to be my idol she done turn into a complete whore and trashy ass chick she moving way too fast for her age she is going to fall just like brittany and lindasey they tought they had it all but look at them now

  17. jackeris

    1sT! oh wait .. (*<_*) her legs are bangin, i’d pay for her sex tape

  18. Freddy

    Underage, underage and underage. So you keep saying. That depends on what state, or country, for that matter. Maybe she’s perfectly doable in Portugal. I’ll meet her any place that has more sense about it all.

  19. missy pile

    i like to lick her pantie bridge

  20. batshit

    Shes a hedonistic young girl. I wonder if she has seduced her buddie Selena Gomez yet. I would not put it past her.

  21. GQ Guy

    Love the Toe!

  22. dammmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm you could see her vagina line thats nastyyyyyy (>

  23. dammmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm she loks pretty jk

  24. Mr. Ed

    #18 Peach: “These laws do not apply to horses.”

    So Sarah Jessica Parker was legally bangable at any age.

  25. Edster

    #64 ryan – Actually, what this blog is an example of is bigotry. Anti-Christian, anti-south….the usually Hollywood BS.

    One thing they’ll NEVER make fun of religion-wise is Islam. Never. For one reason: they’re COWARDS.

    It’s easy to make fun of people who won’t react violently. And Hollywood’s all about easy. Take their women, for example. LOL

  26. Uhhh...

    She’s trying way to hard to be like Lady Gaga.

  27. Meowtain Lion

    her dad probably bones her

  28. oos the boose

    vajunk smelts! tee hee

  29. rachel

    She is 17. Turing 18 this year. Give her a damn break. All of you girls were wearing hotshorts/pants and little shirts when u were her age. She is doing great and you’re just jealous for some weird reason.

  30. Anonymous

    Just because she’s 17 turning 18, doesn’t mean that it’s OK for her to portray herself as a sex object. What kind of an example is she setting for little girl’s out there, especially those who are still into the Hannah Montana phase? But then again, what can you expect from someone who was probably sexualized from an early age, considering that she grew up in the entertainment world. I can tell this girl is already broken. In the future, I see her as one who’s addicted to sex, drugs and alcohol. I wouldn’t be surprised to see her on a “celebrity rehab” type of a show 20 years from now. Too bad her parents don’t care. And she’s trying too hard to be like GAGA.

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  33. jackeris

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  35. I can tell this girl is already broken. In the future, I see her as someone who is addicted to sex, drugs and alcohol. I am not surprised to see a rehabilitation "celebrity" a kind of demonstration of 20 years.

  36. Ben

    miley is going to turn out like all those older disney stars lindsey lohan brittany spears and go down hill. miley has a alot of little girls looking up to her and all they see now is how big of a slut she is turning into i am sick and tired of all these young people looking up to celebritys that have no morals and think about it would you want you daughter who loves miley to turn into her

  37. cowbulls

    Miley has a nice body and those legs were built for sex. Her mouth also looks like a destination and drop off point. I realize that she won’t age well if she keeps holding open house between her legs BUT I hope as many different guys spread those lips as often as possible. I’d rather have her once than a dozen of those Hollywood skinny chicks with boob jobs. She gets major points for realizing that she’s built for sex. My question is has she opened the back door for visitors?

  38. Dank

    Miley, my grandmother just called, she wants her bathing suit back!

    Granted she looks hot here but ugh, not whatever the hell it is she’s wearing. That ass looks like its got a load in it.

  39. IKE

    She’s just a little girl. She’s just a little girl. She’s just a little girl. She’s just a little girl. She’s just a little girl.
    When does this girl become old enough for us to think about what’s in those bottoms??

  40. trudie

    and people wonder if her parents thing this is attractive,i would not be proud of this trashy picture at all.Another case of children trying to grow up to fast.


  41. Yes, that’s all well and good but…she doesn’t have a camel toe ass.

    It would be funnier if she had one.

  42. Josh

    I’d hit that like a drum… I’m pretty sure is so tight!

    White trash…? Bring it on!

  43. Volunteer State Analyst

    My nephew is her age and saw her in their local Target store in Spring Hill and was too chicken to introduce himself and ask her for a date. What a wasted opportunity! I told him he was out of his mind for not trying. Now me, I’m older but I would lick that little Tennessee pooper so much she wouldn’t have to wipe it for a week!! Oh, Hannah… cannah?

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  45. captain america

    this is a practise for giving standing BLOWJOBS, folks!!

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  47. Doc Schweinstrudel

    I think she has really pretty eyes and hair. But it looks like she has double chin, I don’t think she has a double chin really, just the way she pulls her face back like turtle all the time.

    Tall women do look like horses sometimes when they have curves. She could have chosen a better costume to wear on stage indeed!
    In any case, obviously she is living the dream!!! God for her!

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