Miley Cyrus camel toes Portugal in the face

June 1st, 2010 // 172 Comments

Miley Cyrus decided to expose Lisbon to her underage camel toe over the weekend and you have to wonder who the hell thought this outfit was a good idea. Clearly Miley did, but she can’t help the fact she grew up in the south where it’s illegal to discuss anything related to the hole Jesus puts babies in. But her entire staff can’t be backward-ass rednecks, can they? I mean, there had to be at least one person saying illegal moose-knuckle and blow-up doll faces don’t belong on the same stage, threats of Billy Ray mullet wounds be damned.

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  1. mileylover

    shes wet too

  2. mike

    Primeara fools

  3. BillyRay

    My girl is looking mighty fine. I’d hit it.

  4. toe head

    I’m partial to the Dromedary Camel, myself

  5. Champ

    She tries way too hard.

  6. Irene Barcelo

    This little girl is so full of herself. I cannot believe her parents are so tolerant of her shenanigans; but, hey I guess whatever pays the family bills.

  7. Nothing I say will bring justice to this photo. At the end of the day, I’ll take Miley over Lady Gaga any day of the week. Gaga is a fucking try-hard douche.

  8. Deacon Jones


  9. GIRL

    Deacon Jones, what kind of an oh my god was that??

    Just curious

  10. vapor

    why the hell are you paying attention to an underage camel toe then? see, thats whats fucked up about the society.

  11. blackout

    i think i just died a little inside..

  12. jim

    Hot wet young bitches.



    Blow up doll face, is that what it is? Because I thought she looked an awful lot like Miss Piggy in that first pic. I am pretty grossed out to hear blow up doll faces look like Miss Piggy.

  14. Into the Abyss

    Miley is a byproduct. Now she has been transformed into the only thing she has left – a sexually premature oddity.
    Talentless but hey, sex sells. Good to get our little girls started out early. Why bother with higher education?

  15. Anonymous

    Entering Spears/Lohan territory. Stories of trashy behavior will soon follow.

  16. Crusty

    Looking at these pictures violates my probation.

    I hear sirens in the distance.

    Thanks dood.

  17. Billy Ray Cletus

    According to Wikipedia, she is fair game for anyone in Portugal; not just for her blood relatives like it is at home.

    “Since September 2007, the age of consent laws of Portugal states 14, regardless of sexual behavior, gender and/or sexual orientation, as a result of the constitutional court of Portugal ruling on constitutional protection that explicitly includes “sexual orientation”, formally into the Constitution of Portugal back in 2004. Since September 2007, the age of consent was formally equalized as part of the Penal Code of September 2007. Although the age of consent is stipulated at 14 in Portugal, the legality of a sexual act with a minor between 14 and 16 is open to legal interpretation since the law states that is illegal to perform a sexual act with an adolescent between 14 and 16 years old “by taking advantage of their inexperience”

  18. Peach.

    The age of consent in Portugal is 14, although, like some other countries, between 14 and 16 the law is a bit hazy as to what would constitute an older man taking advantage of a girl’s “inexperience”.

    These laws do not apply to horses.

  19. ROUGH vs the status quo

    Mr FBIs should I publish my address now, over these immoral thoughts I’m having or wait for the hand cuffs?

  20. tard

    What is wrong with her and her people. Oh wait, Hannah M. is over and she has an expiry date not to mention she is starting to curdle.

  21. The Truth

    She looks like a man! If you fap off to this your GAY!

  22. Oh, brother.

    Well, I’m certainly glad her new “sexy” personnae isn’t completely manufactured and contrived. And how it’s totally a coincidence that it happened when she turned 18.


    Fish, you are cracking me the hell up today!! First the Megan Fox firework-shooting vagina, and now Miley Cyrus camel toe!! Great job Fish, keep up the good work!! LMAO

  24. Nero

    That’s quite a remarkable cameltoe.

  25. hiimbunny

    @21 i think her body looks feminine enough and perfect for making babies…
    just check out those thighs and ass man… meaty

  26. Master Spook

    I see you.

  27. Kirk Lazarus

    Everybody knows you don’t go full retard man…..

  28. Darth

    I’d see the camel toe,but the camel itself does look a bit weird.

  29. Stretchthatvag

    @10, no what is f&%*$d up with society is me, I just dropped about a quart of sperm all over her pic on my screen! When is she going tobe 18 so I can drop a load in her and call her my own???

    Grandpa Billy Ray has a great ring to it!

  30. AteIsEnough

    17 and has cottage cheese bumps on her thighs? Quick, sell sell sell. Getting the money for her coochie as fast as she can…before it all falls apart. Fuckin’ tard!!

  31. ROUGH vs the status

    Whose been parenting this child? You’d think they would get her to maury pauvich, for an obese toe…

  32. WB

    Jesus! Her gum is OBNOXIOUS. Shut your mouth up, bitch you scarin me

  33. a. j.

    she reminds me of miss piggy more and more as she gets older…

  34. bar room hero

    M u l l e t s p a w N 0-face!

  35. Deacon Jones


    Nothing, nothing at all

  36. bugga

    did lady gaga make it ok for everyone to not wear pants? wtf?

  37. tired

    Seriously…you are a bigot, a racist, and an idiot…not in any particular order.

  38. AtomicCoffee

    Wait a second? Miley Cyrus and Hannah Montana are the same person?

  39. Tek

    She’s trying REALLY hard to be sexy, but it’s just not working. She’s just not pretty, sorry. Her face is funny, especially her mouth… and she’s shaped like Gollum. That said, it’s crazy how a girl so young and slim can have so much cellulite in pic #7.

    Oh and if that’s true, I must say that Portugal is really fucked up. There’s no way 14 should be legal.

  40. Chris Hansen

    Why dont all you guys just take a seat right over there

  41. an arTEEst

    She has a nice body (especially the legs). But her eyes, nose and mouth ruin it.
    If I could just erase those features, and re-draw them, then she would be perfect!

  42. Scott

    Saying she’s wet is a little overboard. Have you ever been to a gym? Girls sweat down there. She has a million lights on her and is running around stage. She’s not wet, she’s sweating.

  43. aury

    i laughed way too hard at this article.

  44. lip licker

    cute when a kid.
    Fugly now.
    in the dark or wearin a bag, only…..

  45. LT

    good lord, isn’t she like 16?

  46. mikenike

    That is just goddamn nasty.

  47. Nubile camel toe ain’t going to cut it.

    The ugly honky flat-chested bitch from Paramore set the new standard when she posted that pic of her non-existent boobage. That is the MINIMUM i expect from bitches trying to stay relevant.

  48. quake

    Could drive a truck through that.

  49. Cameltoes are always fun :)

  50. Pia

    Anyone who doesn’t realize the cellulite in pic 7 is photoshop is a retard… just look at pic 9, perfectly normal legs. Since when did pants or skirts become optional? If she dressed like a normal person, nobody would be staring at her underage camel toe right now.

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