Miley Cyrus’ boyfriend is getting some

October 17th, 2008 // 167 Comments

Miley Cyrus attended the Christian Audiger show during LA Fashion Week to see her model boyfriend Justin Gaston. Whenever he walked by, photographers caught Miley seductively sticking her tongue out at him. And you know what that means. I’m pretty sure that’s not the secret Jesus “Hello” wave. (No banana.) You know Billy Ray Cyrus saw these and is in a cabin somewhere setting his mullet to “KILL.” Or at least he’s trying to but “Gotdammit! Who used all the Aqua-Net?”

Photos: Splash News, WENN

  1. Max Planck

    What makes any of you think this is about anything but money?

    Disney has a hot property and they love the dollars. The more the better.

  2. jenni

    talk about a nasty, talentless slut. she tries to appear all wholesome and moral but its just a bunch of bull. she’s nasty… i agree with #4, rules are rules… haha.

  3. sla

    Miley should stick to the image of her character on Hannah Montana — cute, precocious teenager. Her looks work for that kind of thing, but she doesn’t have the beauty to pull off sexy from a distance. Her boyfriend probably finds her cute and sexy, but in pictures it is just disturbing. You have to have a sexy mouth to be able to work any kind of tongue action in public, and the gummy smile and round face just don’t cut it.

    Not to mention that HAIR. The awful HM two-tone skank wig would be better.

  4. Dr. San Fernando

    Go ahead #41. Be my guest.

    And #44: What the fuck are you talking about?

  5. sharpeidude

    This is pretty fucked up that dumbshit Billy Ray is turning out his 15 year old kid to grown man. Goes to show who’s really in control of that household.

  6. Rimjob. Thatisall.

  7. $$$$$$$$$$$$$

    Miley has much much more money than any of you will ever have, much much more. Miley has more $$$$$$$$$ than the whole lot of you supposed adults. And do you know why that is? It’s because the jews at Disney gave it to her, because they could make hoards and hoards of $$$$$$$$$$ off of stupid white goyim just like you.

    You know what that big growth between your shoulders is don’t you? It’s a GOY-KOPF*!!!! GET THAT THROUGH YOUR GOY-KOPFS YOU STUPID WHITE GOYIM!!!!!

    One more thing: you’re all a bunch of stupid stupid STUPID white goyim. You know that don’t you?

    *goy-kopf: goy-head or cow head
    goyim: cattle

  8. Mister Obvious

    If they were any other joe plumber people, they’d be burned, lynched, the works. It’s like “this 15 year old is dating a 20 year old hunk, what a lovely couple. On tonight’s catch a predator, stay tuned as we catch this sleazy dirtbag 19 year old trying to have sex with an innocent 16 year old girl

    For reals-hey I’d like to hump the little vixen until she couldn’t walk BUT she is a minor-plain and simple-end of story

    Where is that Chris Hansen when you need him?

  9. zio666

    that tounge is for sucking cock

  10. ArtJam

    I Hope She Gets A Mouth Full Of Flaming Herpes After Sucking Dick. Then She Would Be The Perfect Role Model For All Your Children.

  11. zio666

    cock sucking tounge

  12. zio666

    cock sucking whore

  13. Im talking about bail money…

  14. Armand

    Isn’t she 15 and he’s 20? Isn’t that statutory rape? How in heavens sake can a father allow his 15 yr old daughter date a 20 yr old.

  15. sexy brains

    Ummm, why aren’t there pictures of the dude in his underwear? Why just horse faced Miley and her nasty tongue?

    You know he’s only doing her for the fame and money cause she is buck-tooth fucking ugly! He should try the older woman approach – at least we know what the hell we’re doing in bed. What does a 15-year old know besides ‘I have to put THOSE in my mouth too?! Eewww’

    I really hope someone pops this guy for statutory!

  16. Christ! It looks like she’s been hanging out with that Uber-douche Chris Angel (doesn’t he spell it all retarded too?). It’s like she has every Japanese character on a belt/necklace/keychain (?). Eh…

    I think we’ll be nice and knocked up by…spring!

  17. Hecubus

    She’s 16 now, the ‘Wow this is so wrong and therefore so hot’ aspect has gone. You’re allowed to find 16 year olds attractive, if they’re attractive, which she’s not. Let this be a lesson to the next young whore who gets famous by exploiting men’s repressed pedophilic fantasies, you can’t ride that train forever. Eventually you have to be judged on your own merits. Unless of course you take full nude photos at 15 then you can ride the controversy for another three or four years.

  18. Aja

    Sexybrains is fat

  19. Mel

    She’s got some jacked up teeth.

  20. Enjoy the Ride!

    She’s turning 16 in Nov, she has made more money & traveled to more places then all of us put together, and yeah she’s probably fucking the hell out of this 20 yo model guy… why, because she can! Do you really think she’s going to be able to relate to other 15 to 16 yo’s now? She’s not going to gain any grand wisdom in the next two years. If she does wait till she’s 18 and he’s 22 or 23 then it’s suddenly OK and moral? I could understand it if the guy was a jobless 35 yo with 4 illegitimate kids from 4 different moms, but the guy’s a 20 yo model and the parents don’t seem to care so why should we. My advice to the guy enjoy the ride, tell Billy Ray you wanna go first tonight, use a condom, and watch out for those teeth of hers they look like they could chip asphalt!

  21. bar room hero

    M u l l e t – S p a w n

  22. #67

    Isn’t that what Zach Efron did? Nothing controversial happened to him, unless you count becoming mega rich controversial.

  23. Jamie's Uterus

    You can tell she’s a full service girl just by the way she chews her gum.

  24. pat

    “… blatant case of what’s technically pedophilia”

    No, technically pedophilia is an attraction to prepubescent children.
    That’s an aberration, like a frog wanting to have sex with a tadpole.
    It’s biologically normal to desire sex once the other has reached sexual maturity.

    Very few 15 year olds are prepubescent, certainly not Miley Cyrus.

  25. Livi

    Such. A. Whore.

  26. me

    come on i stick my tongue out at my bf all the time and it is just for fun,, come on people give miley a break

  27. meh

    I see she got veneers, she had nasty crooked teeth, I’d have gone with braces, results come in a longer time but at least you’d got your real teeth in full.

  28. aury

    those pics are unsettling. eeewww…

  29. Nik

    Miley’s tongue, meet my frenulum.

  30. K

    Look alive, SuperFish. Where are the posts today?

  31. melia

    stupid little bitch. she gives teenagers a bad name. i wanna beat the shit out of her. i fucking hate her and her chipmunk self. she can burn in hell. cunt.

  32. melia

    stupid little skank. she gives teenagers a bad name. i wanna beat the sh** out of her. i effin hate her and her chipmunk self. she can burn in hell. cunt.

  33. Pigstick

    her tongue is bigger than his shtick

  34. PostmortemG

    Miley is nasty. I feel more sorry than i can express for every *INNOCENT CHILD* who is influenced by this obnoxious bitch.

    “My advice to the guy enjoy the ride, tell Billy Ray you wanna go first tonight, use a condom, and watch out for those teeth of hers they look like they could chip asphalt!”

    You made me laugh. =D


    I don’t know #33 personally, but I bet that 15-year-old girlfriend was the last person that ever fucked him.

    You clearly spend too much time on the computer.

  36. Pigstick

    If I were that tongue, I’d be embarassed? Wow, ass is right at the end of that word…is there such a word as enbarass? NO??? Then why do so many people say that word???!!! ‘Cept Schmorely, of course! She doesn’t know what it means.

  37. You’re all gay for even commenting on this.
    Even me. I’m even gay for commenting on this.
    If any of you had lives, including me, you/(I) wouldn’t be looking at every 2 hrs at work, commenting on celeb news.

    No, nothing has happened since noon ya fucking goof. Get some work done.

  38. Finger lickin' good

    Damn. Look at them fuck up teeth.

  39. No

    It’s funny, in the real world, a 20 year old would get arrested for dating a 15 year old.

  40. Mike Tike

    Like a few others have pointed out it is mostly about the hypocrisy of the situation.

    If this was one of our daughters, it would not be tolerated. We would be looked down upon by everyone and made to feel ashamed, but because it is “Miley Cyrus” somehow it is “cute” that she has a “hunky” ADULT for a boyfriend. They are surely having sex, if not now, they will be soon.

    It is no different then underage movie stars being allowed into bars in hollywood. They are allowed to get in there, get free alcohol and basically paint the sidewalks with their vomit because of who they are.

    Then the minute a non-famous male remarks on one of these little sluts being attractive, suddenly he is a disgusting pig and/or a pedophile.

    If Miley wasn’t famous, people would be calling for this 20 year old’s ass to be a pin cushion for bubba in jail.

  41. Dr. San Fernando

    Hey, CHAAAAAAAASSE, tell me something I don’t know.

    And yes, the last time I had good sex was when I was in high school.

    No one has ever compared to my slutty HS GF.

    She could’ve been a porn star.

    Graduating HS, I thought all girl fucked like that, only to find out that most girls don’t, because most girls aren’t sluts, most girls are good girls.

    The only time I ever get that feeling is when I’m on the computer, looking at porn and the incredibly hot girls who get paid to fuck for a living.

    My HS GF was way ahead of her time.

    She was dressing like a whore before it was acceptable to.

    One time we went to the movies with some of my friends and she was wearing hot pants, black stilettos, a bra, and a fur coat.

    That’s it.

    Older men were looking at her, then looking at me, and they looked like the wanted to kill me and kidnap her.

    She used to let me finger her in public, underneath restaurant tables, and one time she gave me a blowjob while we were in the back of a minivan her grandfather was driving.

    The first time we had sex, the night of my 17th b-day, the first thing she said to me after I entered her was “fuck the shit out of me.”

    I am obsessed with my HS GF.

    And for anyone who is interested, there is a porn star who could be her twin, and her name is Ashlynn Brooke.

    I’m going to spend the rest of my life on the computer, masturbating to porn, I am going to die with my pants around my ankes and my dick in my hand.

    But at least I had it good.

    Once upon a time.

  42. intermission

    ….. OH THIS GIRL IS CUT OUT TO BE A PORN STAR!, (and im a girl liveing with one, so i would know)


  43. Chenush

    That is really sad. great story.

  44. meh

    I see she got veneers, she had nasty crooked teeth, I’d have gone with braces, results come in a longer time but at least you’d got your real teeth in full.

  45. meh

    I see she got veneers, she had nasty crooked teeth, I’d have gone with braces, results come in a longer time but at least you’d got your real teeth in full.

  46. Sarge

    91. Dr. San Fernando

    I’ve passed over more than enough of your sordid, perverted, fictitious fantasies than I want to know. You park your old beater at the nearby elementary school and masturbate while watching the little girls in dresses, and boys in shorts, during recess. Hopefully you’ll be caught soon and have all the sex you want to receive in jail.

    Now stop sharing your fantasies here and get back to your kid porn collection, shitstain.

  47. meh translation

    she got veneers that should be braces but let you come for longer until her real teeth look full.

  48. Dr. San Fernando

    Some of you are very disturbing.

    What the fuck are you talking about?

    I’m telling you a story about when I was in high school.

    Is it an x-rated story?


    But so what.

    I’m talking about the love of my life.

    My HS GF.

    Hey, Sarge: Stop projecting your deviancies onto other people.

    You’re talking about yourself, not me.

  49. Newman

    Miley is a nasty little slut who was not a virgin even when she went to Disney. Billy Rae had already broken her in, so she would know what to expect and how to please the execs. Do you really think they paid her all that money for her musical talent? LMAO she’s a whore, like her parents.

    The parents don’t give a goddamned fuck because she is their meal ticket and they would suck and fuck for money if given the chance. Billy Rae Cyrus sucked his way into the recording studio so I’m sure he’s proud of her.

  50. Khloie

    Dr San Fernando, I didn’t know there was such a thing as a bi-sexual pedophile tranny until you showed up. Thanks for admitting it; you know, admitting you have a problem is the first and most difficult step. Congratulations on your coming out, it took guts.

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