Miley Cyrus’ boyfriend is a wholesome young man

October 23rd, 2008 // 67 Comments

These are shots of Miley Cyrus’ new boyfriend Justin Gaston drunk off his ass at a party full of topless dudes over the summer. Apparently, Billy Ray Cyrus has been under the impression Justin is a fine, upstanding young man who goes to church and doesn’t drink, so I can’t figure out what he’s more pissed about: That he was lied to. Or that he let a homosexual watch his TV. Shit, there goes his NRA membership. And right before the annual potluck, too! Sonofa…


  1. master

    Everyone in my highschool used to take those stupid pictures.
    He’s ugly and so is his underage girlfriend.

  2. Pedo guy

    When you’ve got boyfriends that love you this much, how could you possibly be attracted to underaged girls? How, I say…

  3. hannah

    he is totally gay. Look at the effeminate hand gesture in pic #4.

  4. Hamper_Lint

    What is up with the armpit stains in picture #3 ?

  5. Bob

    Is that Kevin James?

  6. dude

    Fag. He craves dick, just like Miley.

  7. Lindsay

    Why are they all partying with some 40-year-old blonde chick?

  8. nihu

    He was said to be found at a fitness & celebrity dating club ^^^^^^FitnessKiss. C O M^^ ^^^^ not long before, and he was hot there.Quite a few girls and ladies wrote to him.

  9. Dr. Neptune

    Miley had to have a boyfriend in his 20′s to impress her friend mandy.

    Women are also attracted to this flashy behavior. Even shy girls have boyfriends like this.

  10. friendlyfires

    What part of I told you he was gay didn’t any of you asshats not unnerstan’?

  11. Mom

    Has anyone else noticed that there isn’t a sign of alcohol in any of the pictures? Looks like Red Bull and Mt. Dew to me.

    Thus, he is VOLUNTARILY doing this WHILE SOBER.

    … even worse.

  12. lpseypm

    Okay that is not a party…

  13. venomhed

    He always was too good looking to be straight. I must admit he is a good kisser and can take all 10 inches of my Greek cock. However, I am not gay, he is for taking it.

  14. joe

    That Kevin James sure knows how to party!

  15. KidSugar

    That reminds me of MY good ol’ days when I would shave MY chest and contact other silky smooth men.

  16. Wow…I’ve heard he has many soulmates. HOLLYWOOD GOSSIP reported that most of them were found on the Internet, such as AgelessOnly.COM. It’s the best age-gap celebrity dating service on the Internet. Maybe it’s right.

  17. anneable

    u all dont have one nice thing to say so u use bad languange? they broke up and she is just a sad christian girl who needs help shes just as bad as lindsay lohan kim karsdian is better than both of them she may have done a porn but only god can judge us who are we to say theese people are gay and stupied we dont know them or anythen on why they are like the way they are so give them a break their lifes are bad enough with out hearing hating comments u arent bad people just think before u say somethen they could be reading this and u could throw them into hurting themselves even more i felt i really must say this to all of youre bad hurtfull comments they are just like us just famous and they arent bad people just doing bad things i dont think they should do bad things but we all are young and do stupied things in our lives so stop judging them

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