Miley Cyrus’ boyfriend is a wholesome young man

October 23rd, 2008 // 67 Comments

These are shots of Miley Cyrus’ new boyfriend Justin Gaston drunk off his ass at a party full of topless dudes over the summer. Apparently, Billy Ray Cyrus has been under the impression Justin is a fine, upstanding young man who goes to church and doesn’t drink, so I can’t figure out what he’s more pissed about: That he was lied to. Or that he let a homosexual watch his TV. Shit, there goes his NRA membership. And right before the annual potluck, too! Sonofa…


  1. Shitney Still SUX

    God, Hollywierd is just overflowing with douchebags and fuckery. There is NO way little innocent Miley isn’t just as fuggin’ retarded and obnoxious as these asshats.
    What kind of stupid party was this? Those other fuckers are WAY too old to be hanging out with the few of these ‘children’ (by comparison). What the hell? Party with grownups your own age, you dipshits.

  2. lulu


    i mean, what do you expect…he models underwear

  3. Hunter

    HAHAHAHA props to the Superficial Writer’s title on this one, perfect picture for me to scroll down to after reading the title, hahaha.

  4. VII

    Statutory sexual seduction is a law in California…….I know the Cirus clan is not from there but………this is not right. Pimpin out your daughter,,,,,I see a father of the year award in the near future…..

  5. TomCruise

    Justin call me.

  6. Lorraine

    as if no other “good church child” goes drinking & gets crazy w/his/her friends. he’s a hottie & the pics are funny

  7. elmer the fudd

    Old queers teaching young queers the joy of ATM!!!

  8. Bemused

    An ‘underwear model’ and a redneck: Sounds like a match made in Heaven. For the wedding, I suggest the first Elvis chapel listed in the Vegas phone book.

  9. DisappearMiley

    I don’t know what’s more embarrasing…

    Dating Miley Cyrus or having photos of your pit-stained-drunkin-redneck-ass plastered all over the internet.

    Wait. Yeeeeeahno. It’s Miley.

  10. Jeff





  11. Secure

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  12. me

    gawd i fucking hate miley i wish she would die

  13. Bob

    Sure, to all of us it looks gay, but to Southerners this is just “buddy time.” The next day they say to each other “wow we were really drunk last night, I don’t remember anything, do you” and then limp off to sit on a cushion and shoot varmints (dinner won’t deliver itself, ya know).

  14. Wouldnt it be funny if Justin Gaston sues Superfish for Slander….

  15. RosCOOOOOOOOO P. Coltrane

    Them boys is happier than a hog knee-deep in slop.

  16. Where are the Whores?

  17. Josh Lavarn

    This guy should have been on Mad TV’s Abercrombie & Fitch skits.

    He looks out of place playing smear the queer in daisy dukes with a bunch of walmart type guys.

  18. Vick

    These pictures prove only one thing: Miley does anal.

  19. combustion8

    so he’s a fag.. big suprise. .. hes still analy abusing lil miley on a regular basis.

  20. j

    He is for the Gay’s!

  21. bar room hero

    D O U C H E – B A G

  22. bar room hero

    Oh, and anyone who flips the bird in pics automatically looks Whiskey – Tango

  23. Sport

    Fucking homo.

    Even drunk have ANY of you snapped photos with your GUY BUDDIES in your underwear? Maybe a couple times wrestling shirtless in the street beating on each other but WTF?

    Messed up man, just messed up. Welcome to the faggish YouTube/Facebook age of idiocy.

  24. Mr. Krinkle

    Is that the dude from Chuck & Larry and King of Queens?

  25. Mary

    I’d still do him. He is HOT

  26. Chauncey Gardner

    She sure as hell wouldn’t be fucking this dude if Alec Baldwin was her dad.

  27. Barry McCockiner

    this kid is so gay

  28. OJ's Mom

    What a fucking redneck sausage-fest. Ewww. I can only imagine what that place smells like, chewing tobacco and ass sweat.

    That blond chick was probablt pregnant within about 30 seconds of arriving.

    Looks like another Palin Party! GET ‘YER GUNS!!!

  29. OJ's Mom

    What a fucking redneck sausage-fest. Ewww. I can only imagine what that place smells like, chewing tobacco and ass sweat.

    That blond chick was probably pregnant within about 30 seconds of arriving.

    Looks like another Palin Party! GET ‘YER GUNS!!!

  30. Mal Gusto


  31. Is that a fucking HALF SHIRT??

  32. Buffy

    You would let him do a dirty sanchez on you anytime. He is fucking GORGEOUS.

  33. I wonder how many beers he drank that night trying to get the taste of dick out of his mouth…

  34. fisha

    right on, #32, mount me, Justin!!!!!!!

  35. Gobo

    Notice that any girl who claims she’s saving herself for marriage famous or not always date womanizers? If you serious about saving yourself why date someone who wants constant sex? Why not date a man who is also saving himself from marriage? See girls do not want that because they want to impress other girls. Adrima lima? Same thing, she’s a virgin yet dates womanziers lenny kraviz and derek jeter.

  36. fisha

    #35, but would womanizers date virgins? the logic of it man, the logic ….

  37. This is boring. New post please!!!!!!

  38. p0nk

    if Miley has learned anything from the Spears family, she better be taking it in the butt from this douchenozzle or she’s going to wreck daddy’s achey-breaky gravy train.

  39. Thigh Highs

    Looks like an average 20 year old guy to me…just…needs to put some more clothes on maybe?

  40. Take THAT, Disney Princess

    Billy Ray Virus should be hogtied and beat with a live badger for letting that toothy little goldmine…I mean… daughter of his within 50 feet of this douchebag.

    Seriously, she’s only 16, all she has is a billion dollars to soothe her, and to be honest, I kind of feel pity for the little tart.

    But then again I kind of can’t wait for Justin’s “exclusive” in the National Enquirer, either.

  41. Kimbo Slice

    AHAHAHAHA! TMZ insinuated that no alcohol was involved and I totally rolled my eyes cuz what kind of dude takes pics like this SOBER?! LOL I even said as much! Kudos to the superficial for at least looking at this like a REAL person would!!! LOVE THIS SITE! :))

  42. Say no more @ pic 7

  43. Randal

    Hey there Justin, don’t fret too much over some of the comments here and I hope you do come back to the Fish to make another appearance.

    You’re simply enjoying life, just as a good percentage of us have done in our youth or still doing, with good friends around, full of laughs and memories.

    Negativity should never be part of your spirit, so stay strong.


  44. sla

    Pic 7: Last night I saw a skunk on the side of the road, and when my headlights shined it its eyes they looked just like the eyes of the dude (dad?) in the purple shirt.

    And what is that under his shirt? Is he wearing a bra?

    Also, the dude doing the can-can looks completely shit-faced.

    Pic 8: Billy Ray looks like he peed his pants a little bit.

  45. Get over it

    So what?! He hasn’t lived in Louisiana for a while now, so what makes you idiots assume that this party is in the south? Probably some gay ass male model party in LA or New York.
    Oh, and for future reference, living in the south doesn’t make you a redneck (if you don’t believe me, check out Fresno or Bakersfield…and then go get an education)

  46. PunkA

    How long before Miley has her first kid or first abortion? 18 months, tops, is my guess…….

  47. Allen's Woody

    I’ll bet the night ended with all these assholes huddled in a circle, covered in puke and rubbing each other’s cockheads together.

    Muskequeers ride!!!!

  48. He probably funneled a beer.

  49. Mos

    It seems that the young fellow waxes his brows.
    This is enough gay to last me a lifetime.
    Please post some boobies.

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