Miley Cyrus’ boyfriend in his underwear

September 18th, 2008 // 246 Comments

These are shots of Miley Cyrus’ new devout Christian boyfriend Justin Gaston who, hey, what do you know? Happens to be an underwear model. I’m not really sure if Jesus is all about displaying the banana hammock, but I am sure I just locked down the Catholic priest demographic. Greetings, padres! Which one of you wants to bless my site traf- – Shit, they ran off. I blame Shauna Sand’s vagina.

NOTE: And, ladies, you’re welcome.

Photos: Splash News

  1. mike jones

    uhg that is so gross

  2. Mis Kitty

    Im afraid i had to look…

  3. Rene Glassor

    Banana Hammock? as in the guy on sirius?

  4. Slut

    Wow….in the pic in the blue outfit, you can see the whole package…..

    you stay classy Justin and Miley!

  5. Ted from LA

    Billy Ray should have his achey breaky balls kicked in for allowing his daughter date a 20 year-old. What kind of sick fuck 20 year-old wants to date a 15 year-old kid in the first place?

  6. Runnergal

    Miley is 15 years old. This guy is 20. My mother would have never let me date a guy especially one that is 5 years older. Where are the parents?

  7. Miss Kitty

    OMFG you can actually see his helmet in some of them…

  8. passerby

    the homo needs a hair cut

  9. Seriously, who wears this garb? I mean other than underwear models and gays. I’m all for equality, but my straightdar is either malfunctioning or is dead on: dude is batting for his own team.

  10. My eyes, my eyes!

    You can see his soul in some of these.

  11. Miley's Buck Teeth


  12. Lola

    If you look closely, I think you can see Miley’s horse chompers’ impression on his thighs!!!!! This dude is a raging faggot…. And Miley is a whore being pimped out by Disney and her parents. Sad sad gorilla bitch

  13. havoc



  14. it's me Fuckers!

    Thank you Superfish for finally considering the ladies! *hugs* I especially like the blue undies and shirt, you can see the shape of the head of his cock. Also, look at his balls, there is a seam running right through his bag, camel toe for men? Yummy!!!!

  15. My eyes, my eyes!

    You can see his *soul* in some of these.

  16. Tom Cruise's closet

    Get out! There is only room in here for Damon and Tom

  17. yes!!

    omg…yes!!!! whoa…myley you better hold on to this 1. GOTDAYUM!

  18. pocahontas

    it’s kinda tiny

  19. Not A. Mused

    Stick to pics of hot chicks in bikinis. Please!

  20. wanks

    wtf dude has a little penis haha!

  21. Casey

    Does Miley know that her boyfriend is gay? As are we all now from looking at these pics?

  22. Russ

    He’s spliiting that like wet pine!

  23. LoL

    He is not cut! i can see it!!!

  24. Diana

    It’s about time you considered your female readers. Most times all you’ve got are half naked females. This is a refreshing change. Thank you!!!

  25. lina

    # 24 YOU ARE RIGHT!
    HE IS NOT CUT!!!

  26. Drunkman

    Why would you post this fish??? Right as it came up this lady I work with walked right by desk. It’s one thing for someone to catch you looking at pics of girls in bikinis. It’s something totally different to be caught looking at pics of prepubscent boys in underwear…

  27. Papahotnuts

    Everytime I model underwear and then fuck a 15 year-old, my probation officer comes-a callin’.

  28. havoc

    Yeah, this shit ain’t gonna cut it.

    We need upskirt shots and nipple slips. The female kind.

    First a Brad Pitt homo story and now this?


  29. The Listener

    #5 and #15 — LOL

    You’re right. You can see the shape of things to “come.” (I know. Lame joke…but i just had to say it.) I don’t think the photographer realized THAT MUCH was showing in the photo. But you would have thought someone would have caught that.

    I guess Billy Ray trusts Miley to not have sex with this guy even if he is 20 years old. And I’m sure the guy she’s dating isn’t going to do anything that will land him in prison.

    A pretty boy like that would be REALLY well liked by prison inmates. :)P

  30. britney's weave

    holy SHIT the pic of him in what looks like a onesie… are men’s underwear NOT designed to… SUPPORT the package?

  31. sla

    She is so fucking him.

  32. Christine


    The only possible explanation for all this dating of a church going 15 year old and getting his kit off for cameras (and looking damn fine whilst doing so, I gotta say): the dude’s gay.

  33. totally entertained.

    Ha, You can see his whole package. how embarrassing for him! HA HA HA

  34. Miss Kitty

    Poor kid, I think maybe him and Miley aren’t banging, why else would you put your bell end on display if you weren’t gagging for it?

  35. sla

    These are just a little too… anatomically correct for my taste. Remember this bit from Seinfeld?

    Elaine: Well, the female body is a… work of art. The male body is utilitarian,
    it’s for gettin’ around, like a jeep.

    Jerry: So you don’t think it’s attractive?

    Elaine: It’s hideous. The hair, the… the lumpiness. It’s simian.

    No hair and he’s not simian, but, yeah… the lumpiness. The penis is a lovely thing in person and in action, but my reaction to this is sort of — please, get over yourself already.

  36. mojo

    me likey

  37. Beeotch

    There goes Justin again-
    Always dressed in his Sunday’s best

  38. OC Dee

    Thanks for posting the hot male model. He has a great package too! And your comments are funny too!

  39. SevanSins

    I’m waiting for the Geekologie writer to give the ole ‘You’ve been Rick Rolled’ line. Seriously… please tell me.

    No seriously.

  40. dude_on

    So it is gay day at the superfish – and after all of those bikini posts. Who knew? We’re about a Matthew McConaughy post away from an avi rendition of “YMCA.”

  41. FluxWave

    What can I say. He is CIRCUMCISED.

  42. uhhh uhhh hes so gross im way better than him im a s8er with blonde hair clear face and thin i got the abdominals way better he soooo gross

  43. uhhh uhhh hes so gross im way better than him im a s8er with blonde hair clear face and thin i got the abdominals way better he soooo gross yuck

  44. jesse blake


  45. Taylor

    It is about time the Ladies got some eye candy. This site is always posting snatch in bikinis etc.. if You want to look at nip slips and vag go to a Porn Site.
    As for you men who say he is gross..ha! Bunch of fatties sitting in cubicles wishing you had it so good or looked half as good as this. Pathetic the lot of you!

  46. erin...

    Superfish, I knew I love you for a reason. You just needed to remind me.

  47. GayPornPaysTheBills

    This dude does gay porn. If the ladies here are liking this then dropping by the local dvd shop and renting “Twinkie Boys Hate Fish” will make you orgasmic. Remember no dude on the down low is gay they are just paying the bills.

  48. Random Guy

    He’s HOT. Seriously. And kind of slutty. Miley chose well. Lucky girl. ;)

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