Miley Cyrus bought lingerie. ‘Tis witchery!

Miley Cyrus apparently dropped three grand on lingerie, according to Celebuzz:

The Hannah Montana star, who lately seems to be working overtime to prove how utterly mature she is to everyone, recently spread some love and cash to the negligee-makers of the world by going on a $3,000 lingerie-shopping spree. And not just any lingerie–totally sexy lingerie:
“The lingerie she bought was more Sex and the City than 17-year-old stuff.”

Before everyone gets all worked up, obviously this a sign she’s going to marry Liam Hemsworth so they can procreate within the bonds of matrimony under the watchful eye of Jesus. “Doth the Lord not just sayeth, ‘Not in the face’? Thy is not going to help thou out if thou’s not gonna take this seriously.”

Miley Cyrus in a Bikini – 4.25.2010

Photos: Splash News