Miley Cyrus asked to be spokesperson for condom company

July 29th, 2008 // 59 Comments

Miley Cyrus would be the perfect spokesperson for safe sex if LifeStyles condoms had their way. As a fan of neither product, I really don’t have an opinion on the matter. Except I do and it’s after the quote. What is this? Your first day? NY Daily News reports:

“Pop culture proves that teens are more ready than ever to disuss the subject of sex,” said Carol Carrozza, VP of marketing for LifeStyles. “With recent reports showing that one out of four teenage girls has an STD and the high level of teenage pregnancy, we believe that Miley is both influential and relatable to this afflicted set – and is the obvious choice to get the message of safe sex out to teens across America.”
A rep for Cyrus says the teen has not been approached with the company’s offer yet, but that it is something her and her camp would never consider.

Perhaps LifeStyles should’ve done a better job during their marketing research. Miley Cyrus is part of the crowd that believes teaching kids about birth control makes the Baby Jesus cry. Of course, Lynne Spears’ upcoming book will capture the beauty of this thought process more eloquently in “Chapter V: You’re What Now?”


  1. ph7

    If she would like test the product before endorsing, I will be more than happy to give her a demonstration.

  2. Dave

    shes so beat, what happened to tween stars actually being marginally attractive

  3. Anexio

    Miley Cyrus would be a perfect spokesidiot for why you need to wrap your wiener.

  4. cizo

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  5. Min

    she needs to do something about those teeth..

  6. Billy Ray Cyrus

    I always put one on before I plow myself into little Miley. I cant recommend condoms enough because having a child, with your child would be gross.

  7. Deacon Jones

    “makes the Baby Jesus cry”

    Hahahah, fucking classic Fish. Looks like the federal abstinence only sex-ed program really paid Bush, thanks a lot fucker.

    How am I going to explain to my girlfriend I got the Clap ’cause I went to American Eagle for some cargo shorts?

  8. noneyobeezwax

    damn mr. ed, reel those teeth back into your mouth. obviously a blow job is outta the question with those chompers roaming around in there.

  9. I wonder if she was offered enough cash the parents would let her do it?

  10. If only Billy Ray and his wife/sister had used a condom…..

  11. jag

    Miley should be advertising condoms, like Kiera knightly should be advertising for “depends”.

    Here’s a pic of that:

  12. miley…smiley…

    well, she has “sexed up” her performances lately. very different from the hannah image…i hope hannah doesn’t get sexed up too…

  13. No self respecting southern girl would put a rubber on her man and they know it!

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  15. BigJim

    “one out of four teenage girls has an STD ”

    Damn! I’m going to have to start being more careful.

  16. Cattyluo

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  17. Deacon Jones


    Stay away from the black chicks, they have 3 to 4 times the number of STDs (depends on which one) than white chicks.

  18. good lord

    she if fucking ugly!!!

  19. Jean

    The heck with the articles, who let all of you sicko commenters out of the asylum? You’re all illiterate judgemental racist perverse morons. Man, I hope people say this kind of disgusting crap about YOUR 15 year old daughter one day… That is if any of you ever get laid…

  20. Racer X

    Condom? I’d hit that raw.

  21. wtf

    Eww fugly tooth !! a teeny gurl with voice of a man! lol sounds like a great combo! ewwww yuck!

  22. asshat

    does it count as teen sex if her dad is doing her? if so, then she is a perfect spokesperson.

  23. BigJim

    Britney Spears’ little sister is their second choice.

  24. dementa

    Isn’t that a bit like asking a vegetarian to advertise beef jerky? Or a nudist to advertise body stockings?

  25. flat buttaface

  26. Guy

    Her face looks fat

  27. Herpes Free

    Good Lord this bitch is fucking UGLY! Really – does anyone on this site know pretty? Look at Ms. Universe as an example – exotic, usually Spanish, long legged and fucking insanely gorgeous – this horsemouth is nowhere near fuckable.

    You wanna see underaged and fuckable – try Googling Selena Gomez.

    Sweet Jesus hot!

  28. She has nothing to add to the entertainment-industry.
    She will discover that later on.
    This is the FALL from GRACE, I was talking about!!
    SO………………………be patient.

  29. Eric

    Amy Winehouse’s parents should be spokes people for a condom company…………and all forms of birth controll combined to prevent anything like that from ever happening again.

  30. She should do denture commercials. Polygrip. Something.

  31. Cattyluo

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  32. ashley

    miley is pretty. she is not amazing looking but she is cute even without make up and i am sure she will grow into her looks. at the very least, she is average looking which makes other “average” girls think they can achive their goals, which is great.
    she is getting her teeth fixed and even so, compared to about 80% of the average american, how can you say she is ugly. look at your neighbor, the guy you work beside, the local store owner…in the mirror.

  33. dianne

    i like her show “Hannah Montana” she’s actually talented. I happy for her success…

  34. sixpack


  35. well why setting a example and supporting something good, if you can support that being pregnant at 15 is a good christian thing! I mean telling teens to protect would be just too good

  36. Harry Ballzck

    ” relatable to this afflicted set ”

    They make it sound like her entire generation (set ) has already succumbed to a disease (afflicted) that is wiping out their masses

    My biggest worry when I was her age was paying my car off and getting my girlfriend in the back seat – my {{set}} never heard of HIV – just Crabs, VD, Syph,….. Getting girlfriend pregnant wasn’t considered an “affliction” even in Hollywood

    Hopefully she will turn down the cloaked sleazy ad campaigns like these, and evade the celebretard status most of Hollywoods chicks seek. It’s not HER fault Red Neckerson is her daddy.

  37. Aqua Teen

    Sheesh! When did Meatwad grow hair?

  38. She'll be ugly for life

    Trust me, she will never EVER grow into her looks. Most of you expect her to be the next big thing, what you have forgotten about is “the ugly child star looser syndrome”, everyone expects some stupid insufferableannoying kid to be the next big thing, but then they grow up to be hideously fucking ugly and turn into total hasbeens that’s EXACTLY where this horrible little spoiled brat is heading. You cannot grow into a monkey face and a cartoon gumbo mouth. BITCH IS FUG and talentless, get her on the next train to hasbeenvile.

    If I had kids they would be banned from watching this worthless little piece of trash and anyone who doesn’t feel the same way is an abusive parent.

  39. Bland Ambition

    What the HELL is going on with her teeth? I know she recently got veneers, but why does one tooth look like it’s getting ready to jump and commit suicide?

  40. naaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaasty

    Well #39, you have to respect the little guy for trying to save himself from the hell mouth of this repulsive creature.

  41. wtf

    LOOK at how hilariously close together her mom’s eyes are. Check the last pic, that shit is freaky I have never seen anything like it, she must get dizzy very easily. No wonder this kid is riding a one way train to buttffuckingugly town her mom looks like THAT (hair and clothes and being skinny do not cover up your natural inescapable ugliness lady) and then her dad is Billy Rae Fucking Cyrus.

    Give up kid, there’s no hope for you, and plastic surgery will only make it worse.


  42. Bill Clinton

    she doesn’t use rubbers. I just pull out and splooge on her face. she likes it.

  43. rough daddy

    did she fix those choppers, when she was younger?

  44. Mike Hawk

    She so great! I like-ing her all the time! She is said to be dating a juvenile walrus, is she for it real? check it out at millionairewalruspup.flarg you wont forget being happy! QUIT SPAMMING YOU ASSHATS!


  46. this bitch is UGLY

    Agreed condom man. AGREED.

  47. shann

    Okay we all know if she wasn’t a celebrity she wouldn’t be “hot”…because she is not a very pretty young girl at all.

  48. shann

    Okay we all know if she wasn’t a celebrity she wouldn’t be “hot”…because she is not a very pretty young girl at all.

  49. naaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaasty

    Actually I find most non famous slim and fit girls to be WAYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYY hotter than any famous chicks. She’s ugly for a celeb and in a regular highschool she’d be a called a butterface shapeless skank. She’s fug in any domain. I pity her, her life is gonna be a fucking disaster.

  50. naaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaasty

    continued from above.

    She’s called “hot” by idiot little kids who have been brainwashed by Disney or people who like her because she’s rich.

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