Miley Cyrus apparently does office parties now

Great news, folks. Ever wanted to rent Miley Cyrus for your office Christmas party but thought she’d be too classy to show up? Well, Feliz Navidad, motherfuckers! Dreams do come true. The Houston Chronicle reports:

Tweendom’s reigning queen is the star performer at the Lanier Law Firm’s “Christmas Cheers and Charity” party. The annual event will be held next month at the ranch home of Houston lawyer Mark Lanier and his wife, Becky.
The family-friendly extravaganza boasts “Texas Bar-B-Q, fajitas and amusements” on the colorful invitation, which includes a pop-up Cyrus sharing the stage with a guitar-wielding Santa and singing elves.

Oh, wow, fajitas. Because those totally make it less creepy that a bunch of Texas lawyers rented out Miley Cyrus for their own personal concert. No, really, I’m serious. All you mothers out there, tell your daughters to never stop following their hearts because, one day, with enough hard work and mascara they too can wear a mini skirt and dance for Bob in Accounting. Don’t stop believing!

Photos: WENN
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