Miley Cyrus and that gay model break up

June 9th, 2009 // 36 Comments

Miley Cyrus has ended her nine month relationship with 20-year-old model Justin Gaston, according to E! News:

Speculation of trouble peaked yesterday when the two simultaneously twittered about tears and goodbyes.
A source close to the couple says both of them are really heartbroken over the split.
However, word is distance may not have been the only thing to come between the two. A certain famous ex-BF may have exacerbated the rift…
Gaston, a Louisiana native, has told pals that the star’s resurrected friendship with Nick Jonas this spring was his Achilles’ heel.
“She obviously has been hanging out with Nick again a lot, and Justin was cool with it at first, as long as it was just a cool, friendly thing,” says an insider. “She didn’t cheat, but I guess Nick was trying to get her back the whole time.”

I’m going to go out on a limb here and say Miley Cyrus hates her vagina. No, really, what other explanation is there for dating an obviously gay male and then leaving him for a Jonas Brother? Even Jesus is reading this and saying “I will never understand the south…”

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  1. Que

    Que no more pedophile?

  2. bingo!

    Now that whole Leonardo DeCapro thing makes sense. Now Leo and this douchebag can hook up.

    If Miley and Bar hook up, the universe might implode.

  3. Randal

    Hey there Miley, hope you’re doing well during your break-up. Spend time with family and friends to ease the pain of parting from someone you care about. Laugh and be happy and love will find you again in not time, beautiful.


  4. Headless Turtle

    Not understanding the South is still much better than actually living in the North!

  5. MC

    Thanks sooo much for your kind advice, Randal. Now shut up!

  6. her face reminds me of a moon pie

  7. Max Planck

    Now he has to find a job.

  8. SneakTip

    Yeah #4…NOBODY wants to live up north…what with all their fancy grammar and pithy dialogue! That’s why so many movies are set in the South; for that “je ne sais quoi” you all possess. On so many occasions I’ve heard New Yorkers wish that they could cast aside the whims of city life and move to Redneck, TX and milk a goat. Epiphany, I tell you! Someone go get me a straw hat and a learning disability!

  9. alex

    Who do you think Billy Ray will be more accepting of: the pedophile, the closeted musician, or her cousin Eugene. keep in mind Billy Ray probably fits into all these categories.

  10. Zanna

    Miley won’t be happy until she can find the man that reminds her of the brother she never had.

  11. alex

    #8 don’t knock the south. you have no clue what it’s really like. Why, Mobile Alabama could easily be confused for Manhattan…except with more cousin fucking, and more hangin’ the darkies.

  12. Valerie

    I think I like Randal and assman the best on here, maybe Rich Portman’s Ghost or whatever the fuck he calls it. R for his hilarity and kind-hearted comments, assman because he knows the beauty in simplicity, and RPG because beneath that crude exterior lies a humble and vulnerable, sweet lad.

    Ah this post reminds me of Gaston’s wang in all those underwear pictures that Fish posted a few months back–MEMORIES! :D Cute how everyone calls him gay–I WISH, then he could do some gay porn and make the world a better place.

  13. huh?

    nothing hurts more than a fake break-up from a fake relationship…
    my heart goes to them.):

  14. fe

    miley cyrus is just a child, nobody cares about her
    the superficial is getting worst with this kind of stuff

  15. Molly

    She is so ugly with huge gums. He must have really been in love…with her daddy’s money.

  16. darkie

    Alot of ignorant penis sucking metrosexuals are happy now that the gay model is single

  17. Fas(c)hionista

    Her bloated bulimic face grosses me out.

  18. How fucking round can this moo-cow’s face get?

    What the fuck is her diet – whole milk & Twinkies?

    For fuck’s sake, woman, just because you’re rich & spoiled, don’t turn into a moon-face, too.

  19. Question about Randal

    Randal, why do you type your shit as though rich celbritards are actually going to read it? WHY?
    that’s it

  20. Disgruntlord

    Moon Pie, Cream Pie…Whats the difference?

  21. Has she been deflowered yet? get on that please fish,,,im waiting…

  22. Superbiggerevil

    The guy probably couldn’t sell the whole “I’m straight” thing, and is now engaged in activities more normally suited to him like….I don’t know….gobbling cock and inhaling ball juice? Like dating a 15 year old was going to convince us otherwise you sly guy!

  23. Yhnnnnnnnnn. Her bloated bulimic face grosses me out.
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  24. Slow MonkeyNow Shell-Shocked

    @3 Randal, that you’re actually able to make that stuff up off the top of your head is very disturbing and a little frightening. And also the missing L.

  25. Tom K

    LOL @ #11.

    That was pretty funny.

    What is funny about all this is that Disney Channel is perhaps the biggest pimp in all the world. LMAO!!!!

    She is just another female singer who obtained fame through the Disney Channel, and thus, starting her career of being totally manipulated by them. She, like all the rest, will let this fame go to her head, until the Disney Channel gets another girl victim and boots her out at the age of 25 or until she looks too old to play a 15-16 year old on television. Then she will have no career and by then she will have spent all her Hannah Montana money.

  26. RaraAvis

    Ohmygodomygod, who will she go to the prom with now? Oh, my god!


  27. Golly Gee

    All ye dern yankees are right on the muney, ain’t ye? And yer all so gosh darn friendly and learned, too! Such smooth language and all. It’s jest such a mystry that none of them hot southern girls won’t give you sons-a-bitches the time of day. Lordy be!

  28. x

    why does miley cyrus look so deformed sometimes goodness she looks damn horrible in those pichas. hahaha. gosh.

  29. I’m glad they called it quits. You know what would be great? If both gay guys mentioned in the article got together, and Miley decided to quit acting and singing to go live on the moon. That would probably bring world peace.

  30. American girls simply wanna be blind, folks?

  31. mikeock

    That girl is so freaking annoying, she probably talks during a blow job.

  32. Bec


  33. friendlyfires

    i’m going out on a limb here and say the gay boyfriend was fired because miley wanted lesbian sex real bad and gay boyfriend felt sorry and didn’t do his job, and miley got tongue raped by bull dyke truck driver of one the concert rigs.

    So, two gay people got paid off with hush money and not to come within three states of Miley until she’s thirty six and or has saggin’ boobs.

    Disney is doin’ their damndest to protect their damn goldmine ‘cos Pixar can’t carry the load forever

  34. elmo

    Miley, you rock. I’m sorry it didn’t work out bud.

  35. elmo

    Miley, you rock. I’m sorry it didn’t work out bud.

  36. noneofyourdamnbeezwhacks

    I’m a lesbian and I would still fuck that dude..

    He’s drop dead gorgeous.

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