Miley Cyrus and new boyfriend were ‘touchy-feely’ in church

September 17th, 2008 // 76 Comments

Miley Cyrus and her new 20-year-old boyfriend Justin Gaston were, brace yourselves, touching during church. Holy freaking shit! That sound you just heard was the entire Bible Belt putting down their Sarah Palin signs to start a Hannah Montana bonfire. Pfoosh! OK! Magazine has the details:

“Miley and Justin were really playful with each other,” an eyewitness at the evangelical church tells OK!. “And for being with her parents, they were extremely touchy-feely. Miley had her hands on Justin’s stomach. They definitely seemed like a couple. Her parents, Billy Ray and Tish, really gave them space.”

Of course, the real issue here is why was this churchgoer looking at Miley Cyrus instead of focusing on the sermon? Huh? Ignore the word of God much? I hope you enjoy burning the in the fiery pits of Hell for all eternity while getting eaten by worms, sinner-face! Oh yeah, and also, Jesus loves you*. :)

*Love of Christ not transferable to the gays, women who read, small children in oil producing countries and, by overwhelming request, Spencer Pratt. The Church: Hey, we’re not all bad.

Photo: Flynet

  1. Bobeyo

    You know, Fish, I think you went just a leeeeeetle overboard with the comments on the church. I mean, I can take a joke, and I was laughing at first, but I think you wore it out at the end. Just sayin’.

  2. JT

    This one can’t go ten minutes without a boyfriend when i was her age i’d barely kissed a boy much less would i be dating a 20 year old and she’s supposed to be a role model for young girls

  3. ph7

    By the look on her face, he just gave it to her good.

    Kids fucking like rabbits. Ah, the memories…

  4. Thighhighs

    He looks like such a tool.

  5. VirginNoWay

    No way is Miley a virgin. I actually wouldn’t care but she’s riding the virgin gravy train just like Britney did 10 or so years ago. This is so ridiculous.

  6. Jenny

    What? A hypocritical christian?? *gasp* Never has there been such a thing.

    And am I the only person on this damn planet who thinks she is fugly? Dear gods

  7. Big Bird

    Wow, it’s a 5 year gap in age. That’s like completely not a big deal in anywhere but let’s kill brown people America. Seriously, if she were 18 and he was 23, no one would be screaming foul. Now I’m not advocating breaking the law in your state, but be aware that some states would look at this measly 5 year age difference and not give a shit because it’s really nothing.

  8. Mike

    When’s the video coming out, goddammit!!! I want to see if she can deep throat!

  9. Disney should do porn and leave kids alone

    Wow a genius gives birth to a lot of great ideas and some filthy perverted capitalist pigs drag it all into the gutter where a large part of the commom man’s mind dwells. All for a profit.
    Who are these people that are ruining our civilization and why do we let them live here?

  10. Dear God.. Save this Bitch lol !


  11. brian

    who goes to church in a tank top?
    A Duuuuuuchebag!!

  12. snyggast

    evangelicals aren’t supposed to wear a cross, only catholics do that. what a poser. Then again, you do what you got to do to if you want to spread those legs every day.

  13. Buck

    She has JBF hair

  14. Chelle

    There are so many things wrong with this — everyone’s bed hair (including Billy Ray’s, if you look in the same series of pix in the article titled “Miley Cyrus dating some 20 year old dude”), the skanky clothes, the age gap, the touchy-feely in church with or without parents present — I just don’t know where to begin.

    Miley looks like she’s headed straight past the church and right down Britney-Lindsay Boulevard.

  15. Miley the slut

    What a slut

  16. The Listener

    Miley’s NOT ugly, she’s just plain-looking. If she were actually ugly, I don’t think Disney would have hired her for the role of Hannah Montana.

    I have the feeling that she really is still a virgin and it’s not just an act. But teenage hormones can get the better of anyone so who knows if she’s going to stay committed to that until she’s married.

    But what do I know? I thought Britney Spears was telling the truth about being a virgin when she first started out being famous, too.

  17. PFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFF: such a boyfriend is soo dated.
    The sly stallone-age?
    FAGGOTS don’t mind at all.
    It’s his penis what counts.

  18. Pft.

    he looks like a douche.

  19. Dazzler69

    Isn’t Miley 16 or 15 right now dating a 20 year old? Nice I am posting on 69!

  20. moobs

    Yeah, because everyone who posts on the Fish has always been a perfect shining example for all the world to see.

    You people are retarded.

    Just because you don’t know, means you’re ignorant.

  21. Nikky Raney

    I hate Miley Cyrus.
    Isn’t it kind of illegal for her to be dating him?
    15 year old + 20 year old?
    Yeah, kind of ollegal.

  22. Nikky Raney

    I hate Miley Cyrus.
    Isn’t it kind of illegal for her to be dating him?
    15 year old + 20 year old?
    Yeah, kind of illegal.

  23. katy

    Yeah shes a whore, and freaking annoying.
    Anyone wanting to date her must be out of their head..
    but he is freaking hot.

  24. Figglehorn08'

    he is a douche. i mean did you see the pics of partying. hes a big douchebag

  25. Figglehorn08'

    he is a douche. i mean did you see the pics of partying. hes a big douchebag

  26. Phil

    What does the tattoo on his ring finger say? Bristol?

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