Miley Cyrus allowed in public

May 5th, 2008 // 67 Comments

In a move destined to make Katie Holmes green with envy, Miley Cyrus was allowed to interact with the public on Saturday night. Disney granted her a brief reprieve from her exile for showing part of her bare back in Vanity Fair. But not without a price. Miley is currently scrubbing Epcot Center with a toothbrush. No foolin’. Pluto told me, but, admittedly, he sounded kind of drunk. People reports on Miley’s outing:

“I hope you had an awesome time,” Cyrus told the crowd after performing her set. “I saw a sign back there that said, ‘Miley, I’m praying for you.’ I could not be more appreciative. Thank you guys for all your support. Without you, none of this would be possible. I love every one of you and I could not be more appreciative. God bless you.”

Disney, of course, took numerous precautions. Miley was rigged with state of the art electronic surveillance devices that would send a jolt if she attempted to remove her shirt without the presence of a Disney employee or said certain keywords such as “Vanity,”, “Fair,” and “Annie Leibovitz.” However, Disney’s plan backfired when Miley absorbed 1.21 gigawatts after she asked for some juice.*

*Give it a minute….

Photo: Vanity Fair

  1. anonymous

    i dont get the joke…. did she ask for juice with vanity or fair or anni leiobvits in it? or did she take off her shirt?

  2. anonymous

    i dont get the joke…. did she ask for juice with vanity or fair or anni leiobvits in it? or did she take off her shirt?

  3. Feltard

    My futile attempt at explaining the juice joke.

    Guard to man in electric chair: “Any last words before we pull the switch on you?
    Man in electric chair: “Ey guvna! Shut yer yap already an gimme some juice!”

  4. mary jane

    fuck she’s ugly! amazing how people are born sooo hideous yet they have the pretty girl attitude…

  5. gg allin

    Will someone explain to me why this mediocre chick is considered famous?

  6. tripod

    She’s not hot, but young enough that her pussy doesn’t stink yet…. So it would be a quick nosh and off to the card game.

    @46, fuck you you fuckin fuck. i think this guy is funny. And I think you’re a douche bag cleaner that takes his work home with him.

  7. Unintellectually Confused

    … I totally don’t get the joke.

  8. duh

    JUICE=JEWS=Annie Leibovitz.

    come on for reals. people aren’t racist enough these days. missin out on some good humor.

  9. Drago The Perv

    I’d pork her 16 year old ass !!

  10. shut up

    Dear #3 and #37 (I’m assuming you are the same person). Please stop asking for pity. Maybe then you would have understood the joke.

    Also, please look up the word Semite, and find out what it really means.

  11. vc

    Even if you have a thing for girls, I can’t see where the attraction would be.

  12. hi

    I think she wants me to come on her tongue and then take it in both holes.

  13. el nino

    for joke context, reference this appropriate picture

  14. sara fee

    if i have to look at that trailer park trash give the metal look one more time i will puke all over stupid vanity fair…

  15. Guest

    Wow. This girl is over. She doesn’t even look pretty. She’s such a seel-out. I’d be embarrassed if I were her.

  16. herbiefrog

    her web site was the joke

    awnty miley ?

    throw those stones babes

  17. ds

    Please, she’s 15. Most of my friends started to be involved in sexual behavior by age 13-14.

    This isn’t nothing new, In Europe. you constantly hear about 11-13 year old getting sexually active. What’s the big deal?

    I lost my virginity at the age of nine. And Now I’m going to college, and i turned out fine.

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