Miley Cyrus allowed to be seen at Disneyland

After the infamous Slightly Exposed Back-gate, formerly-exiled Miley Cyrus has been welcomed back into the Disney fold. They missed their little cash cow who lays golden Faberge eggs in a diamond bucket. So much so that they’re allowing Miley to hold her 16th birthday party in public at Disneyland, according to Entertainment Tonight:

The “Hannah Montana” star is also sharing the spotlight during the private party with some deserving young people from Youth Service America who’ve been making a difference in their communities.
And ET has learned that Miley’s fans are going to be able to join in the fun too! A limited number of $250 tickets to the exclusive event, “Miley’s Sweet 16 — Share the Celebration,” go on sale on August 30 at 9am PDT.

So, essentially, Miley Cyrus has to work on her Sweet 16. Adorable. Goddammit, Disney, this is exactly the kind of thing that ends in me seeing crazy Southern vagina. I still sleep with the lights on from the last ti- AH! What was that? Phew, it’s just a McMuffin. I’m safe. I’m in a happy place. Breathe deep; happy place…

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