Miley Cyrus allowed to be seen at Disneyland

August 21st, 2008 // 66 Comments

After the infamous Slightly Exposed Back-gate, formerly-exiled Miley Cyrus has been welcomed back into the Disney fold. They missed their little cash cow who lays golden Faberge eggs in a diamond bucket. So much so that they’re allowing Miley to hold her 16th birthday party in public at Disneyland, according to Entertainment Tonight:

The “Hannah Montana” star is also sharing the spotlight during the private party with some deserving young people from Youth Service America who’ve been making a difference in their communities.
And ET has learned that Miley’s fans are going to be able to join in the fun too! A limited number of $250 tickets to the exclusive event, “Miley’s Sweet 16 — Share the Celebration,” go on sale on August 30 at 9am PDT.

So, essentially, Miley Cyrus has to work on her Sweet 16. Adorable. Goddammit, Disney, this is exactly the kind of thing that ends in me seeing crazy Southern vagina. I still sleep with the lights on from the last ti- AH! What was that? Phew, it’s just a McMuffin. I’m safe. I’m in a happy place. Breathe deep; happy place…

Photos: Splash News

  1. Que

    Que jail bait!

  2. rough daddy

    16? you mean 22?

  3. Lola

    I can’t stand this arrogant little girl… She’s not even worthy of any kind of post because there’s nothing relevant about her worth even reading

  4. She looks like Lindsay Lohan in those pics. Poor girl…

  5. wow.. put some mouse ears on her and she looks more like a disney cartoon with those big gums of hers than a real person.

  6. grosssssssssss

    I cannot see how this cankley gangly dork face is ever going to be hot. You can’t force it Hollywood, I think in 5 to 10 years she’ll only be seen on crappy where are they now specials because lets face it she’s not remotely special in any way… well except the retarded way, she does seem to have some slight retardation going and those big ol’ goofy smiles are not helping her in that respect.

  7. angie

    you missed the part where the money for those tickets is GOING to youth services america.

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  9. I'm Miley Cyrus.... Walt Disney is my Pimp and Mr. Ed is my daddy

    Phony ass little whore… I hardly doubt these trailer trash hillbillies will donate shit to anything other than their ignorant asses… and she’s not actually doing the shit on her b’day so technically, no she’s not working on her b’day…. God smite any bastard who pays $250 for a fucking ticket to see a middle aged buck tooth woman pretending to be a teenager when you can see the spawn of mr. ed on youtube for free…. man-voice and everything like she smokes nothing but newports and blacks all day long….. hate the ugly bitch
    and fuck all you who has anything positive to say about her…. this is the problem with america…. you allow tramps to be role-models for your kids then when they start doing dumb shit, you blame everybody else… this is a bitch that was made famous by little kids and now she’s biting the hand that feeds her and trying to move away from the kiddie shows… i really don’t miley cyrus or hannah montana or whatever the fuck the bi-polar retarded bitch calls herself, being an oscar contender…. give it a couple of years, she’ll be making porn movies and sleeping around like all the rest of hollywood whores…. this is shitney, parasite, linds-bo etc, of tomorrow

  10. Deacon Jones

    Put the lotion in the basket

  11. rough daddy

    #9= miley 2.0 selena?

  12. I believe she will be part of the new “Ride Miley’s Cooch” ride at Disneyland. Long lines (all the Disney execs are at the front and also daddy Billy Ray).

  13. kk

    Awww good girl Miley! She can have her own celebration too, keep in mind. Sidenote — I hope she’s still getting a high school education…

  14. roshaa

    I find it interesting that so many of you are letting this child get to you. Actually, I find it fucking hilarious!

  15. gobats

    Shes still a kid; maybe thats why she makes dork faces

  16. ……………..ENJOY IT WHILE YOU CAN!!

  17. Sam

    Stupid Britney wanna be. She has the voice of a teenage boy hitting puberty.

  18. michele20

    I love her, and I think she is so cute! And the rest of you are just upset that y’all don’t have as much talent in your whole body as she has in her pinky nail!

  19. mr frogger

    Is it just me or does she look like a frog?

  20. trailertrash

    HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!! superfish. you never cease to make me laugh. not always for the best reasons…. nevertheless. that is why i come here.

  21. Clem

    Babe 3 – Pig in a dress.

  22. duh

    # 19, I shit stuff that has more talent than this girl.

  23. gobats

    They really should do another Lolita remake with her as the actress before she turns 18

  24. sg

    I would like to nominate #9 for president or ruler of the world.
    This Lolita is so headed for porn. I guarantee she’ll celebrate her 21st b’day with a Playboy spread.
    The Disney machine at work.

  25. erm

    That dress is about $29 from H&M… so now you too can look like an undertalented overrated overpaid tart… yay

  26. ali

    “i’d hit it.”

  27. FACE

    I would never let my kid worship such a worthless brat

  28. Mmmmmmmmmmmm vagina muffin.

  29. kla


  30. gem

    I have no idea why so many people hate this girl. She’s a millionaire, she’s pretty, she has a pretty good voice, she’s funny and she’s one of the few celebrities these days who actually seems like a nice person. Being as lucky as she is doesn’t justify others calling her ugly and spoilt.

  31. gobats

    I agree gem! I for one think that all the naysayers are very jealous and insecure.

  32. miley

    Miley is a nice baby. But I think she is too young to join that celeb site where beautiful people and wealthy guys are looking for romances.

  33. caitie

    #31 – I agree.
    Give the kid a break. She’s 16 for fucks sake.

    Personally i don’t get her appeal – I don’t really know much about her because she’s not all that popular in Australia.

    But still… c’mon. You people hate her? Really? What a waste of energy. Why hate someone just for being successful? Gosh.

  34. gobats

    Cause they wish they had what she had fo sho!!

  35. pink elephant

    she’s sure to make a visit to disney jail while she’s there…

  36. pink elephant

    she’s sure to make a visit to disney jail while she’s there…

  37. mkay?

    Why do people hate her? Lets see in a world where kids die of poverty and malnourishment or go to school without a lunch everyday or aren’t even allowed to go to school this sheltered rich brat charges working class families, that work far harder than her to put food on the table and provide essential services like SAVING LIVES , $200- $2000 to watch her sing.

    In simple terms, kids die every second because they don’t have any FOOD and this child is a multi millionaire. It’s sick. She’ll never give back anymore than any stupid celebrity, she’ll live in mansions and get plastic surgery and own her own plane and fleets of cars, throw a tiny amount to charities and keep living off the money of hardworking families who just want to make their kids happy and take them to one of her concerts or buy them a cd or one of junky pieces of merchandise because said kids, for some ungodly reason, love this chick.
    She goes on Oprah bragging about how she dresses responsibly for her young fans and how she won’t make the same mistake her peers do (behaving like trash) and then Oh what happens slutty trash pictures of her appear all over the Internet. She needs to have a little humility and not make statements she can’t even uphold.
    So yes we hate her for being part of the problem in this world, part of the greed, part of the selfishness and part of horrendous celebrity idiocy.

    If she’s so pure then she can behave like a lady not a tramp, because hypocrites are intolerable. More importantly, families shouldn’t have to save for months just to take their kids to see their favorite singer. She’s an idiot, raised by selfish sheltered idiots and she’ll never be anything more than that. She’s an opportunist not a talent. She can give those millions to build a hospital for KIDS (like the ones who made her famous) and have inexpensive concerts so that all kids have chance to enjoy her lack of talent and she can live in a normal sized house and own a healthy amount of things instead of being a greed filled celebrity lemming and then we won’t hate her.



  38. Ralphie

    A glimpse into the future. 2020: Disney’s newest star, 12-year old Maddie Bryan Spears, is photographed having sex with two albino tribesmen from Tanzania ( by Annie Liebowitz, of course, who just happened to be there with her camera. ) Despite the ensuing controversy, her already popular sitcom, “BJ RAINBOW,” skyrockets in the ratings. Maddie is quoted as saying, “Jesus means everything to me, he’s my rock and my salvation.”

  39. so right

    Thanks # 38. You said it. This belief that people who don’t like MC (or any of her ilk ) are jealous is so fucking retarded. Not everyone is a vacuous ninny whose only goal in life is to be rich and famous. Some people have this thing called a soul.

  40. gobats

    Hey #38 keep your humanitarian drivel to yourself. Its called capitolism, she doesnt owe anyone anything, she doesnt need to give anyone anything. And do you really think she knows what goes on in the business end of her money making machine??

    Sure it would be better for her conscience to give away all her money but what 16 year old is thinking about that?

    Your petty insults should be directed to whoever is in control of her money…prolly her father or disney.

  41. grosssssssssss

    Well said #40. I mean for fucks sake no one over 14 is jealous of this untalented little monkey faced brat. These days kids souls have been rendered dormant by excessive marketing and Hollywood bullshit. Some grow out of it and some don’t. Anyone who craves fame is useless piece of shit.

  42. Obviously

    #41. Do you know how many kids organize charitable efforts? You hear about it all the time on the news and I’ve seen it over and over again. Kids working together or one child coming up with a brilliant way to give back to their community to help third world poverty or do fundraisers at their school for people in need, kids are capable of tremendous giving. Just because she’s 15 doesn’t mean it’s all excusable. She’s not 3 for fucks sake, she can think for herself, she has eyes and ears she can choose to be aware of the world. Obviously the douchetards behind her are disgusting human beings, Disney is fucking criminal, but she’s not innocent in all of it. She’s well aware of how much her shit costs people she has said “people are paying over 2500 to come see me so we have to make it a great show for them” yeah that’s what you need to do, that makes it justifiable.
    And it’s CAPITALISM btw.

  43. gobats

    If you think for a second that Miley Cyrus thinks for herself you are giving her WAAAAY to much credit. If thats one thing you can fault her is her lack of thought (but what 16 year old thinks for themselves anyway?) Your opionion that 16 year olds can actually make sound choices is frightening.

    Oh and if people were paying over 2500 to see me do what I like to do I would take that as a huge ego boost which Im sure Myle does.

  44. face it

    Blaming capitalism is just an insipid excuse that rich people or those who repeat what they were spoon fed by their parents or university profs use. In the end people just find excuses to own yaghts and mansions and find whatever lazy reasons they can to justify taking far more than their fare share. Lifestyle when it comes to the haves is a choice and in the free world you have a choice to not be a complete selfish jackass and contribute to society and live in a way that is reasonable, modest and healthy. It isn’t emotionally healthy to live in lavish luxury nor is it to live in poverty, however one group has far more power in the matter. We are creatures of balance and if the wealthy would TRULY contribute to society instead of constantly to themselves they could also help the empoverished find balance. It’s about being a grownup not a greedy child who wants every christmas present for themselves.

  45. gobats

    You can be rich, own everything you want, not be selfish and still give away money to charities that will benefit you. Where exactly did this girl show the world that she is the opposite of this?

  46. KimmyGee

    I don’t hate Miley Cyrus. No, that’s such a strong word. But I dislike her, yes.
    There’s no doubt that she’s attractive and has a great personality. All of that is undoubted. BUT HER TALENT? HAH! I’m a very open-minded person. When I heard of “Hannah Montanah’s success, I decided to watch it myself. I was EXTREMELY disappointed. Her acting is WAY subpar. Her acting is not believable. Not-believable meaning you’re reminded that she’s that Miley skank that pisses everyone off. You know you’re a good actress when you can make people forget you’re “Miley Cyrus” and get people to focus on your character. SO for people who say “OMG you guys are so jealous, thats why you hate her!” No, and I don’t hate her, I dislike her because I’d rather see millions of tweens spend money on someone with TALENT then none at all! Tween these days are deprived of GREAT SHOWS like “Doug, Hey Arnold!, Saved By The Bell, etc….”
    Instead these days, we have Zoey 101 and Hannah Montanah. For fucks sakes….kill me now!

  47. Dr. Cornelia J. Dogbarker, PhD rescinded

    I bet she’s a hot, dirty fuck.

  48. gobats

    Hannah Montanah is actually very entertaining.

    But hey if you want to be a grudge holding grouch and hate on Myle cause shes rich, beatiful and famous thats your problem.

  49. dozer

    Ralphie – hats off to you. I loved that but the sad part is you can see that coming true

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