Miley Cyrus Tweeted A Pic of Herself In A Wedding Dress, Is Handling The Break-Up Well

May 30th, 2013 // 26 Comments

Yesterday, Us Weekly reported that Miley Cyrus and Liam Hemsworth‘s wedding was off for real this time because these two have never broken up then got right back together before. Anyway, on the heels of that news, Miley decided to tweet a pic of herself in a wedding dress which some people think is a subtle message that she’s still with Liam. While other people like myself understand that women do crazy shit after a break-up and she’s probably still wearing this at a Denny’s right now while stringing along the dude who wanted her all throughout high school. Haha! He thinks he’s going to touch Hillbilly David Bowie’s vagina. He’s not.

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  1. LOL! That last line killed me, Fish. Miley is really desperate. Why is she so invested in this? You’re young, hot and rich. Go out and find another man. Stop hounding someone who fled the country to get away from you.

  2. anonymous

    Took Liam long enough to figure out he was just this lesbian’s beard.

  3. Cock Dr

    More attempts to successfully test the “Paint skunks stripes in hair and wear gobs of bright red lipstick” teef distraction tactic.
    It didn’t work…again.
    Full frontal nudity might do it. Give it a shot and let’s all find out.

  4. And here comes the Britney crazy. Dammit why did she shave her head so early. Ruins it now.

  5. Yanga

    Surely “Hillbilly Idol’s vagina” works better in that last line?

  6. CrashHell

    HAAAA! She didn’t go to high school. Does private Disney tutors really amount to “high school”?

  7. Miley Cyrus Wedding Dress
    Commented on this photo:

    MC: “I’m a pretty princess, a pretty, pretty princess….”

    B-R C: “That’s right, baby, you sure are…”

    Dr. D: “Very good, Mr. Cyrus. The process will end much quicker if she’s in a happy place.”

  8. Jack Ketch

    Holy fucking gargantuan ego, Batman. Yickughg.

  9. Miley went around to all the clocks in Hannah House, and stopped them at twenty to nine—the time Liam sent her his break-up text. Humiliated and heartbroken, from that day on, she remained alone in her decaying mansion—never removing her wedding dress and wearing only one shoe, leaving the penis cake uneaten on the table.

  10. Kokocrisp

    Did ANYONE ever think Liam Hemsworth was going to waste his life on THIS?

  11. Batu Khan

    Billy Ray must be so proud. Oh, wait. He doesn’t give a shit. Which is why Miley is so fucked up in the first place. It’s a catch 22 really.

  12. If there’s one thing Farah Abraham has taught us, it’s that women can rebound after losing a dear loved one. Hold your head up high, Miley. Anal Bukkake Creampie Virgin #72 has yet to be cast.

  13. CCM

    Miley is hooked on media attention.

  14. Miley; shut up and fuck off, OK? Just fuck off.

  15. Marsha

    Miley I think you are great funny and you have chic style, I love you hair it is a look that is what and sets you apart from that long extensions bimbo hollywood look. You go girl, there is a sharp american guy who would love your style.

  16. wierdthoughts

    Is it just me or dies she look like Justin Beiber With make up ? :l

  17. wierdthoughts


  18. fuckoff

    miley is too young to get merried…girl what happen here is a sign from god so take your sexy ass and let your hair grow long like it was and find a man that really loves you. And don’t rush in a wedding cuz true love will wait for you.

  19. Miley Cyrus Wedding Dress
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    Looks line she’s auditioning for the part of Gozer for the inevitable remake of Ghostbusters.

  20. JustMyOpinion

    She’s laughing ALLLLL the way to the bank, are any of you doing the same? Jelously of youth, beauty & money is an ugly thing to witness… You poor souls.

  21. Miley Cyrus Wedding Dress
    Commented on this photo:

    Sweet kid, pretty and down to earth when they met, then she turns into a sleeze ball with a funky hairdo and runs around half naked or in some ridiculous outfit… I wonder why they broke up?

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