Miley Cyrus, We Get It. You Have Lady Parts.

July 1st, 2010 // 59 Comments

Because everyone knows grown-ups walk around with their undergarments hanging out, here’s Miley Cyrus leaving a gym in West Hollywood last night which is actually the tamest thing she’s done in a while. No, really, after last month’s vagina-fest this is practically like looking at church. For once you won’t have to knock your monitor on the floor and scream “IT’S A VIRUS!” at the top of your lungs whenever your boss walks by.

BOSS: What’s that your looking at, Thompson?
THOMPSON: Oh, nothing. Just half of Miley Cyrus’ bra, sir. What can I say? I love kids.
BOSS: Double this man’s salary!

(Anyone who says it won’t go down like that is a liar.)

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  1. WOW. She actually looks she’s leaving her mobile home at a trailer park in West Hollywood. This sight is is so trashy, it is begging to be compared with Spears.

  2. jackhole3
    Commented on this photo:

    She is the personification of class.

  3. Jen

    she does look like britney spears

  4. Gary B

    Forget Miley, I’m more of a Selena Gomez man myself, she at least acts classy in public.

  5. chen
    Commented on this photo:

    my mom gave her a brazilian. true story.

  6. Chris
    Commented on this photo:

    getting tired of her already

  7. butterboo
    Commented on this photo:


    I’m getting hints of what she’ll look like in 40 years.

    Turkey neck, lines, redneck arms.

  8. Miles Long

    I’m her daddy

  9. valloveshayley
    Commented on this photo:

    i really really really dislike her

  10. Friday Jones

    Uh-oh. As Fish has predicted, she’s studying the Brittany Spears playbook. Just look at all the shit she’s carrying in her hands. Only thing missing? A pack of Marlboros. Wait for it…

  11. Marcus

    She should Never Ever cut her hair short.

  12. joho777

    Miley may have “lady parts,” but if so, they are very immature ones.

    Give her 10 years or so to grow up.

  13. Victoria

    With all those lines on her neck, she looks 45 years old. Why on earth does she have those at her age?

  14. rochello

    you know, all of you should go wash your mouth for thrashing Miley, do you really hate the girl or you enve her? it seems to me that you do envy her cause you follow her every move. people keep on judging her she show her …. what?
    Perez should go to jail!!!! when she reach the age of 21 and over and she start to act like those actresses you mention she’ll become then go ahead and critisize her, but for now, please leave her alone. i hate to read all negative things on anybody,i think it’s unfair cause we really don’t know her. for those in relationship do you guys know your significant other real well? think about it!!! you don’t Miley really, sometimes you don’t even know your family that well…..correct me if i am wrong.

    • Wiley

      We see her imitating all the other young female wrecks and we comment on it because she already acts like the others. Imitating others is a sure sign of ignorance, especially when you do all the negative things that got the others in trouble. You know what I mean. She’s not very smart or creative so she has to use sex to get ahead.

    • To

      Notice how nobody talks about the Perez picture anymore? Could it have all been just a publicity stunt? Of course it could.

    • rochello stinks

      nobody envies miley. she’s a joke and has 10 times more haters than fans

  15. rexchen

    I don’t like her, much girls in this place “WEALTHYMINGLE.NET” are nicer than her, she looks like a mother of double dozen children.

  16. captain america

    she wanted to prove anything at seventeen?

  17. alex
    Commented on this photo:

    Have to laugh. How many times have we seen where the young singer or young actress finally makes it to the top and as soon as they do they get ripped down in hopes she will fall with a” i told you so bittch! Never fails!
    Make up your bloody minds!! Personally i like her. I have been waching her sing and act for a # of yrs and am not ready to start tearing her down.
    Yes i like Her Singing and i think she is really pretty.

  18. To

    She’s starting to look like her dad with makeup on. Can’t fight genetics.

  19. Assbestos


  20. Some Girl

    this girl has a hunchback and no neck. she can never stand straight

  21. Slig

    She like nasty woman i hate i hate

  22. Kaz

    She dirtty throw in the rabage,, .i’m hansome beautiful boy not like some celebrity fgly haha

  23. Slig

    Crap everday

  24. Slig

    Hooker everday sleep with all guys and old man and man in jail and dirty

  25. JN
    Commented on this photo:

    Wait a minute, this post is because her bra is showing?? Oy Vey!!

  26. hahaha

    damn look at the REAL miley cyrus! so damn ugly without makeup. plus bloated face

  27. Sara
    Commented on this photo:

    I agree with chelsea and everyone eles but kylie lol “miley” pathetic I can’t stand her she is ulgy and talentless and i’m glad her alumb sales are down and her fans are fed up with her. We need more hilary duffs in this world.

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