I’m Not Joking Anymore. What The Hell Happened To Miley Cyrus?

June 19th, 2013 // 82 Comments
Miley Cyrus We Can't Stop Video
WATCH: Miley Cyrus - 'We Can't Stop'

Remember when Miley Cyrus was a sweet, little country singer and folks would come into FYE asking if you have them “Hanner Montanner DBDs ’cause it’s such an adorable daddy/daughter show and my granddaughter just loves it?” She’s Rihanna now. Miley Cyrus is Rihanna. Although, on the bright side, your granddaughter can smack her ass now, so let’s not look a gift horse in the mouth. (That’s where her kind hide their gold.)


  1. Sakeau

    People just want to hate things. That is how we are. Do I like her music? No.. Did I ever like her music? Not really.. But am I going to be disrespectful to this person and do nothing but bash on her for going down a path I don’t agree with? I am not. Let her be. Jeeze. Being assholes does nothing but make you look like assholes.

  2. If people weren’t sure why Liam Hemsworth looked like Captain Caveman having a breakdown, now you know.

  3. Bec

    Make her stop!

  4. CorporateHate

    It’s two things: Producers told her to be outrageous as possible to get the extra fame (hence, your attention, whether it be positive or negative) AND her screwed up parents.

    So there you go…

  5. blessherheart

    As cool as she thinks she is….She will NEVER be able to deny the fact that her dad sang “Achy Breaky Heart” with a mullet.

  6. Ugh she is nothing but talent-less trash now! Crappy song and that music video was awful. Very cheap and embarrassing. Her Dad must be real proud he got her noticed by the world just so she could grow up to produce this piece of shit.

  7. Kay

    Wow this creature is disgusting

  8. Tell it how it is

    Like what the fuck? I get at some point a girls gotta grow up but if you ask me she’s just being dumb. A lot of girls looked up to her and this..I just wanna know whats going through her mind. She’s a good singer, no I’m not saying shes ‘The Voice’ but I liked hearing her sing and now..its being used like this..to create and spread trash. And thats exactly what shes turned into in my opinion. Trash. Her body’s not cute she looks anorexic and I think a cheeseburger would do her some good. If you ask me what changed her, I think Hannah got laid and gave birth to a freak that thinks shakin her vagina in front of a camera isn’t slutty but just “growing up’. I feel bad for the father.

  9. Huh.....

    Wow, it’s amazing how she went from Disney Channel to Slut of the year awards

  10. Greenley Troutt

    Why why why!!! I’m 10 and I used to watch the disney channel show Hannah Montana and she was so nice cute funny and now she’s CRAP.. why do people have to turn this way???

  11. Kat

    First she was a bit cheesy and now she’s a slut I feel sorry for her family, especially her dad it use to be country and daddy, daughter. How can that girl sleep at night without being sick. Oh, and check at the we can’t sop parody on youtube its the first one you click.

  12. I get that she wants to “mature” herself and stop with the babyish genre, but OMG! Where the hell are her parents? Did (do) they have NO influence over her? This is NOT the way to “grow” up! I was embarrassed for her! and she was “bare-assed” WAY too much! I think I’d lock my kid in the basement on a ball and chain before I’d let her look like that! I really feel that Hollywood is a horrible influence on these young stars and I shudder to think of the kids today trying to emulate that!

  13. greatyu

    I hope by any chance thet she and eminem never does a video. hell no.. of course not.

  14. Nickalus T. Holt

    Everybody loosing their minds over her VMA performance, but I “ain’t” mad at Ms. Miley at all… You folks have to realize she is NO longer on the Disney channel payroll so get it over it…

    I’m NOT telling on anybody, I’m just saying….

  15. NBA2k14

    first Miley have no booty and she need serious help, as soon she came on stage everyone like WTF has she lost her mind i know about you but she made Robin Thicke look bad and everyone else.

  16. Christina A & Brittany Spears pulled this off going from Disney to Provocative. The MAIN difference is, Christina had the Voice & the Dance Moves & Brittany had the BODY & the Dance moves. Nobody wants to see the Daughter of “Achy Breaky Heart” Doing this Crap. She looks Lanky & Weird…. And May have some Down Syndrome the way she keeps Sticking her tongue out. If she wants to “Grow Up” and be mature, like she says shes going for, don’t put out stupid videos and make yourself look whorish. If you try too hard to be something your NOT, People Notice =/

  17. Ashley

    She is NOT Rihanna. Rihanna is talented and although she might be sexualized she does it tastefully. Miley is just a raunchy, hot mess that tries way too hard to be Rihanna, Gwen Stefani, Pink, Britney Spears and so on. Miley isn’t a bad girl, she’s a poser. Go back to doing country! Why is she famous anyways? Because her dad has money ? If she had to gain her fame through a show like American Idol she would be made fun of and sent home. Where is the substance in the shit we watch anymore?

  18. Zero

    This is why Death exists.

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