Miley Cyrus Videos Have Director Cuts Now

July 30th, 2013 // 23 Comments
Miley Cyrus Directors Cut
WATCH: Miley Cyrus - 'We Can't Stop' (Director's Cut)

Here’s the Director’s Cut for Miley Cyrus “We Can’t Stop” video because apparently it was such an artistic tour de force that it demanded to be released in its purest form. As for what’s different, I honestly couldn’t tell you because that would require me to actually watch both of them in their entirety, and you can go fuck yourself if you think that’s happening. Why would you even suggest that? Are you taking your pills?


  1. DavidIIII

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  2. “You can go fuck yourself” is the exact reaction I have whenever somebody tries to make me watch any off these so called “singers” videos.

  3. this video should be used as a Tampax commercial for all of the white-wearing crotch, ass shots and action scenes.

  4. JC

    If anyone ever doubted that hillbilly incest can really mess up a kid’s sense of sexuality…here’s Exhibit A.

  5. cc

    This video is proof that we didn’t get enough lead out of the environment.

  6. This video is the definition of “trying too hard” in its purest form.

  7. Girlfriend Films is accepting bisexual porn actresses as Miley’s sing is crap. Hence lesbian porn.

  8. These are pictures I think about when I want to last longer….

  9. allhopeislost

    What happened to good music and art?

    • Trek Girl

      They are still very much alive. Great art can be found everywhere, even on sites for amateur artists. Great music is everywhere as well. This is pop music, that’s all. The fact that we hear and see music like this doesn’t mean the great stuff doesn’t exist. You just have to look in other places. Those places aren’t hard to find either.

  10. Bryan

    It’s actually a surprisingly great song ruined only by some stupid and inane lyrics. The original video is oddly appealing to watch, but this director’s cut is pretty clearly inferior.

  11. Batu Khan

    Don’t know what’s scarier, her getting ideas from the ‘Mannequin’ now or that she set the doll’s hand to grab her tits.

  12. Kennis

    She’s gone full on Crazy Lesbian…………

  13. Jay Zeus

    Everyone talks about the “dancing with Molly” lyric, but am I the only one who hears “Everyone in line for the bathroom, trying to get a line in the bathroom.” She’s trying way too fucking hard to be edgy.

  14. chad

    She dresses like a slut while walking down the street so what is different from real life and this video. , can’t dance worth shit and is ugly as fuck Her signing is like listening to a damn cat being hung. Stop airing her crap already

  15. Rich little white girl trying to play thug, just like Justin Bieber.

  16. B. R. Cyrus

    Personally, I loved it. I thought it to truly be a testament to the sensuality and adulthood that she’s overflowing with. Raw passion in its purest form.

  17. Paquita

    If you look up the word “slut” on an online dictionary,this video comes up as the deffintion.

  18. Mickey

    Classic case of monarch programming. Happens to all the stars/singers. Brittany Spears, Rhianna, Madonna, Justin Beiber, etc, etc, etc. Same abuse, same pattern.

    Go research before commenting. Monarch/butterfly programming and project paper clip.

  19. Jennyjenjen

    She has to have the intelligence of Forrest Gump.

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