Miley Cyrus Washed Off Her Dang Ol’ Boobies For Liam

Posted by Photo Boy

Miley Cyrus is 19, and rich as shit, so it makes sense that she has absolutely no perspective on how distracting and annoying it is to a man to have to address her immature neediness. Oh and did I mention while he’s working? Because she’s pulling this shit while he’s working. Radar Online reports:

Miley is driving Liam crazy at the moment,” a source said. “While he’s on set in Philadelphia shooting his new film Paranoia, she gallivants around town shopping, getting pampered in nail salons and just can’t sit still.

The report goes on to say she talks his ear off the minute he walks in the door and then drags him to gay bars all over Philly. Granted, the blame falls almost entirely on Liam for a.) dating and subsequently proposing to Miley Cyrus and b.) probably not having the nuts to say “When I told you I was stressed and just needed to relax, that wasn’t code for ‘put your tits on the internet.'” I see this relationship working out just fine.

Photo: Vijat Mohindra Photography