Miley Cyrus Was Probably Smoking Weed

Seen here at yesterday’s Saints game, Miley Cyrus’ people were apparently aware of the infamous bong video weeks ago and attempted to purchase all known copies from a group of college students, according to TMZ:

Sources tell TMZ … a college student who came into possession of the video contacted one of Miley’s reps shortly after Thanksgiving, asking if the rep wanted his copy. We’re told money was discussed, in exchange for turning over the video.
Sources say Miley’s camp sent a man in his 40s to the student’s college campus in the San Luis Obispo area. The student gave the man his MacBook Pro which contained the “bong” video … in return the man gave the student a new MacBook Pro. We’re told no money changed hands, though we don’t know why.

The same deal was made with another student, but apparently there were several copies floating around which is how we ended up seeing a retarded hillbilly wind up on a camera phone. Again. On that note, this information suggests Miley’s team had plenty of time to spin the story so the bong contained perfectly legal salvia instead of weed because apparently smoking baking spices as opposed to a known narcotic makes their client look more responsible. Who knows? In the meantime, these people will obviously, with good reason, believe Miley has been filmed doing anything, so if you’ll excuse me, I need to get paid one million dollars for claiming to have a copy of a “Cyrus Family Christmas” a.k.a. “Yuleloggin’ Mullets: Part 6.”

Photos: Mavrix