1. IKE

    If it’s not polite to point, Miley is downright RUDE!

    Keeping pointing, girl! :)

  2. Matt-Zilla

    shes gonna fall hard, acting straight up retarded like that.
    still I’d hit it, rim, etc

  3. cactus

    If thats her being a minor, wonder what she’ll do next when she is “legal”.

    Hey daddy, no panties! Wanna see?!

  4. Jester

    I am a huge fan of going braless and I really want to enjoy her transformation to slutdom, but jeez I just can’t get past that face. She is not hot, put it away…….just sayin

  5. toopier

    She is wicked ugly. A body already moving past its prime and a face that well……….this is not a pretty girl.

  6. Jim

    I don’t see anything wrong with girls going braless. I think it’s sexy. Well, for some of them, but not every shirtless dude is in shape, right?

  7. The Listener

    It looks to me like Miley is wearing a white shirt underneath her shirt. She probably figured no one could see anything if she layered her top with 2 shirts.

    • The Listener

      On 2nd look, maybe I’m wrong. Maybe it’s just one white shirt with torn sleeves. I can’t really tell.

  8. yo

    her nips are a weird color

  9. Willy Wonka

    When can I legally fuck her again?

  10. Billy Ray

    I’d like to hook up a car battery to those nipples…

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