Miley Cyrus’ Transformation is Complete

She’s officially Britney now.

A braless – Am I allowed to point that out? – Miley Cyrus confronted the paparazzi yesterday while out to eat with her mom and soon-to-be-exploited younger sister*. And seriously, the only thing missing from this scenario is an umbrella and Whoppers with cheese. “Listen, y’all, I know you’re just doin’ your job, ya know? So if you could just tell me where the nearest Johnny Rockets is and how to get pregnant with two boys, don’t know why, but it’s gotta be two, I won’t be forced to shave mah head then show you mah hootenanny despite every urge in mah body telling me it’d be like drinking an ice, cold Frappaciner. — Oh, God, resistance fading. EVERYBODY DOWN!”

*Fun Fact: Miley also has an older brother making her the middle-child, just like Britney, which effectively proves Disney is manufacturing these kids in a lab. Except never let the oldest one become the star. NEVER. For the love of God.

Photos: Fame, Pacific Coast News