BEST OF 2013: Miley Cyrus’ Vagina Melvin

Welcome to the time of year where we repackage old posts you guys clicked the shit out of in hopes that you’ll do that all over again so we don’t have to step away from our loot. I’m not even going to sugar coat what’s happening here. Unlike this ham. Leave us!


You’ll probably be shocked to learn that Miley Cyrus posing topless with a leotard shoved between her labia would be the top post for an entire month, yet here we are wondering how much coke Terry Richardson had to give her to do an impression of Hulk Hogan. More importantly, did he serve it to her in a coonskin cap per the customs of her people. I’m in this for the anthropology.

Posted: 10.3.13

Original Post: Miley Cyrus Is Over Twerking, Nipples And Vaginal Pageantry Are The New Hotness

Photos: Terry Richardson