Miley Cyrus Topless 23 Rolling Stone Justin Bieber Mike WiLL Made It Ratchet Twerk What’s SEO?

Because Miley Cyrus can’t go 48 hours without doing a grab-bag of naked shit, above is her topless Rolling Stone cover which leads into screencaps from Mike WiLL Made It’s video for “23” (below) that also dropped today. That said, if you’re understandably bored from seeing Hannah Montana’s knickers for the 18th time, the Rolling Stone interview is actually worth a read for the parts where Kanye West clearly tried to fuck her, her dad paying her $10 a night to collect all the bras and panties after his shows, and telling Justin Bieber not to turn into Vanilla Ice despite the fact both of them look like him and will be replaced in two years by younger versions that twerk for 15 cents on the dollar. I have foreseen it.