Miley Cyrus Tattooed What on Her What Now?

June 16th, 2010 // 126 Comments

Here’s Miley Cyrus at LAX this morning with the word “love” tattooed into her right earlobe because teenagers should never have an $800 billion allowance. On that note, someone at Disney has to be debating whether to push the button that reduces Miley to nothing more than a braless devourer of Big Macs before this shit gets out of hand or she inhales enough coke to override the system. (Still don’t know how you missed that one, Walt.)

EDIT: Added pics of Miley arriving in New York flashing her bra while drinking a Starbucks. Cue Latin choir, flames, winged monkeys, all that stuff.

Photo: Splash News


  1. captain america

    finding a job without fooling people?

  2. Brooke

    Is that a tattoo or something she doodled on her ear with a compact mirror in the middle of math class? And not her earlobe, btw.

  3. Mike

    She looks cute in pictures 13 and up.

  4. Bebe

    Could it be henna?

  5. cynthia

    Miley Cyus is dope. Period. Point. Blank.

    • Jon

      Miley Cyus is a dope. Coudn’t agree more. Book it. Nuff said. Done and dusted. For the win. Booyahkasha.

  6. meh!!
    Commented on this photo:

    white trash will always be white trash

  7. Mike

    Geeze, an automatic spammer left links to tattoo supplies…Maybe Superficial Guy should mention “free beer” at least once in every one of his posts.

  8. clit_licker
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    prolly just crud from teeth of her bf.

  9. nona
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    nice Bra but why everyone need to see it
    miley become so slut
    too bad for her she going to end like lindsay lohan

  10. cancerous growth

    when she is in the penn and walking the yard, no one will mess with her once they see that tattoo…

  11. cro mag

    on her 18th birthday photos of the pierced hoodie will be leaked on the internets…

  12. Commented on this photo:

    I think she does not deserve all the attention she gets from the world..shes so fuckin overrated ! no one cares if she gotz her nipple or her forhead pierced or tattoed or burned or whatsoever !
    she looks like every other girl this age, aint no fuckin difference. shes not beautiful or overhelming pretty, but shes not ugly either.
    disney girls are all the same kind.

  13. r4ds
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    @emily-rose : Agree with you wholeheartedly. REALLY overrated…. If he dad wasn’t who he is, she would never have had any chance in hell. She’s average looking (at her best) and can’t act worth a darn… Not knocking her per se, but she’s doing some funky things – maybe just for the attention – when she’s so lucky to even be where she is.
    r4 ds

  14. Noelle

    wow. she’s a slut because she tattooed her ear. Or that her bra shows.
    You guys are super pathetic. You act like like someone can’t have a wardrobe malfunction. Get effing real!

  15. Fifi

    She doesn’t have to TRY to be slutty. I think it just comes naturally.

  16. cc
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    She just screams trash.

  17. Karimah

    GOOD LORD PEOPLE. She didn’t just get a frickin’ full body tattoo. As a 16 year old there are plenty of people that I know with like 3 tattoos that look awful and at least this one is fairly discreet. I don’t understand why she’s being called a slut either. Does she look slutty? She’s wearing a lumberjack shirt, jeans and clogs, not a latex dress. And people who are saying the whole “can’t be tamed” thing is slutty, once again I know people who dress and behave much worse than she does. Lay off, she’s just a 17 year old who’s had enough of the disney facade.

  18. Guest
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    @Georgeo haha … you’re right.

    UGH what a cliche – I’m rich so I like apple and starbucks. She’s such trash. I wish she would die or something.

  19. lets hope she stops after the first chapter of the lowan/spears/hilton playbook.

    do we have to wait till shes legal before we whack off to her soon to be taken hoochie shots

  20. Commented on this photo:

    She really is just so little. When you see her in her regular state, not all done up for cameras or a show, she looks like such a youth. aww

  21. JJ
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    Looks like something you would get in prison.

  22. wanchoppe
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    This chic isn’t actually bad, you can work with her she’s like clay ready to be molded. I feel sorry for the guy that marries her though cause they’ll have to put up with Billy Ray Cyrus… Ache Ache breaky heart….

  23. mileylove

    Tattoo ink is made out of CANCER and BIRTH DEFECT causing ingredients google tattoo lymphadenopathy look at wikipedia’s article on tattoo ink for more references most are made out of heavy metals like lead and cancer causing organic dyes the damage to the skin, lymph, liver is permanent and continuous so if people accept and know that than that’s their decision to damage themselves. The body treats the tattoo ink the same way it treats cancer. It’s not natural or healthy to cut and inject toxic chemicals into the skin and body./

  24. shutup
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    Shut up you guys act like she showed her pra on purpose I’m sure this has happened to a lot of you so put a dick in it

  25. Ash
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    Oh get over it. Every girl accidently shows her bra sometimes. Leave it alone.

  26. DragonShade44
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    Bitch has an iPad? Talk about stealth marketing.

  27. Mz. M3l
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    yea its fake but stil SHES 18 GET THAT THROUGH YOUR HEAD!!!! SHES AN ADULT!!!!! so what wen shes like 25 and gets a tattoo your gunna be like HMM WATS NEXT NO shut the fuck up!! im gettin tired of everyone being like omg shes to young!! wa wa shes an adult.

  28. Commented on this photo:

    uhhh thats kind of a weird place to have a but whatever floats her boat i guess. personally, i wouldve put it on the back of her neck where you could only see it if her hair is up & maybe a little bit bigger lettering.

    im wanting to get one down the left side of my stomach saying “kill em with kindness” in cursive letters…tell me what yall think(:


  29. twisted rayman
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    damnitt miley!!! hurryap and turn eighteen already. SO i don’t feel so guilty.

  30. nikkolee

    Omg , you guys are really fucking woopp ee doo ! She got a fucking tattoo on her FUCKING EAR ! She can do what ever she wants ! And honestly I can say that you are all NO ONE TO JUDGE ! She’s 17 ! I think you guys are the ones that need to GROW UP ! I’m 16 and I have 3 tattoos 1 BEHIND my ear , 1 on my RIB cage and another on my FOOT ! Soooooooo FUCKKK YOUU && leave her alonee ! Lovee , mariahh nikkolee .

  31. 544646
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    she looks sooooo pretty here

  32. alyssa
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    i use to be my biggest fan in the whole world i loved to watch your tv show every day now you are the last please change still pray for you just think of your fans

  33. Serena
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    people no matter how much u talk about her she is awlays going to have fans like me so stop hateing people yall fucking get a fucking life..

  34. Serena
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    fuck yall people yall need to stop hateing on her tiffany stop hateing cause u cant be spolied im not spoiled but do u see me talking shit about her NOO..SHE WORKS FOR HER MONEY stupid

  35. brittany
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    I love miley cyrus. She isn’t any worse then other teenagers. Must teenagers now have tatoos and at least it isnt all noticable and big. And i dont think it’s for attention. If you think that then i guess you think everyone that has one does it for attention. And it’s not just her dad who makes her famous. she has a good voice. and you know she started off in Barney so obviosly she had some talent or she wouldn’t have her own show.

  36. leslie
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    ugghhh that must had hurt..i think it looks good(:

  37. Angelina

    Yes, she has a tattoo. There’s nothing wrong with tattoos- I have a few myself. Admittedly, she seems a little young to get a tattoo- you really have to think about them because you don’t want to be 35 and regretting it. Also, I just flipped down through the comments and most of them say, ‘slut’, ‘pathetic’, ‘stupid’ and all sorts of horrible words. She’s just a teen. We all did stupid things. Yet she gets picked on because she’s famous and in the limelight. I respect her in the sense that she carries on with her head held high.

  38. Tony

    Haha, people are ridiculous. Seriously. She’s young, she’s trying to live life. I don’t think she really gives a fuck what people think about her tattoos, and I hope she doesn’t. And as far as being a slut, like I said, she’s young and living life. Even if she is a “slut”, again who the fuck cares. Most girls are these days anyways but who’s to judge. I feel bad for most people who are famous. Being constantly judged and attacked by the media and all of these “perfect” people who have never once done anything wrong in their lifetime. Isn’t life about doing what you want, finding yourself, finding your purpose, and doing things you’ll regret along the way? Lol its all part of the experience people, otherwise we’s all live boring ass lives…. Please just grow up and worry about things that may actually effect you.

  39. Tony

    ..and by the way this article is just horrible. I hope whoever wrote it loves their job and feels better about themselves when writing this shit.

    ..I’ve given up on the entire human race.

  40. dosen't matter

    Let me put it like this, I’m not a fan of her, yet I don’t hate her for behaving like any other teen in this entire world? people grow up, like seriously, within a month I am going to be 17, and yes in this age you think about tattoos and all that stuff, you wanna try something new. The worst part about this is, I can’t believe why people just can’t give this girl a break.. I don’t think being famous is easy, with people watching every step you take, sometimes people really need to just lay off and remember that she’s just a regular teenage girl, who wants to do the same things that all the other teenage girls, including myself do – so before you just people, not only just Miley Cyrus, but everyone, then remember they’re just human like everyone else! Usually I wouldn’t comment on this stuff, but I’ve had enough of all this, especially now when everyone freaks out over a freaking tattoo jeez..

  41. olivia

    i hate mily cyrus she has way more tattoos than my sister i cant count how many tats miley was i hate her

  42. rahul

    i love miley cyrus if any one in this world tell any thing bad about her i m surely going 2 bit him nicly.cuz i love her so much that i cn do anything for her go to hell also.

  43. rahul

    i want 2 marry with her.

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