Miley Cyrus Tattooed What on Her What Now?

June 16th, 2010 // 126 Comments

Here’s Miley Cyrus at LAX this morning with the word “love” tattooed into her right earlobe because teenagers should never have an $800 billion allowance. On that note, someone at Disney has to be debating whether to push the button that reduces Miley to nothing more than a braless devourer of Big Macs before this shit gets out of hand or she inhales enough coke to override the system. (Still don’t know how you missed that one, Walt.)

EDIT: Added pics of Miley arriving in New York flashing her bra while drinking a Starbucks. Cue Latin choir, flames, winged monkeys, all that stuff.

Photo: Splash News


  1. Okay, she’s officially a slut now.

  2. Again, who gives a shit? Show us the pictures when she pierces her nipples…

    • Brooke

      Dude, sick.

      • Jon

        It’s sick to like a 17 and a half year old, on the cusp of 18? And when she is 18, like an on off switch it’s okay?

        Liking a 12 year old is sick. Liking a 10 year old is sick. Or younger. They aren’t sexually mature.

        Miley is.. and in alot of other cultures, she would already be breeding by now. And it’s not like she is a prude. She bathes in slutiness like it is the Red Sea.

  3. JuggNuttz
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    ive seen worse tats…..

  4. mamamiasweetpeaches

    When I was her age I wanted a MOTLEY CRUE tattoo sooooooo badly.

    Now that Im a 39 year old mother I thank God I never got one.

    Shit that looks cool today is gonna look mad stupid 20 years later!

    • Brooke

      LOL Motley Crue :D Love them, but I know better than to tattoo their names on my lower back. Thank god I was never an idiot teen like Miley.

  5. Irene Barcelo

    She is a stupid stupid girl.

    • KATY

      she is so frikin BAD she is 17 that is the BIG deal

      • breeze

        OK seriously now there are millions of teens that have tattoos you need to move the fuck on i totally agree this shit is only being talked about because she’s famous, just like her first bong hit…

  6. joho777
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    Girl is really plain. It;s amazing what makeup can do, isn;t it?

  7. gogo

    so what? a tattoo what s the big deal

  8. RasputinsLiver



    Hate to tell ya this, buty, man, you’re way behind the times. The latest Miley Cyrus news is about your competitor, Mario “Perez Hilton” Lavender, aka Black Eyed P, apparently posting a photo of underage Miley that would consitute child pornography.

    Where the hell have you been?

    You’re not trying to protect that bitter pansy-assed, limp-wristed freak, are ya, Fish? Huh?


    • Douchariffic

      Or perhaps he’s trying not to face charges for sharing child pornography himself. Besides, the less coverage that pedophile has, the better.

      • RasputinsLiver

        One never knows, ‘eh.

      • Jon

        If you really think he is a pedophile, you must be the stupidest person alive.

        He is gay. He is a massive douche. He is an attention seeking publicity whore with no shame, just like the rest of them in the pop industry. He is not a pedophile. It’s people like you who are so easily manipulated that makes “bad publicity” so effective.

    • Burt

      Some people suspect it’s a publicity stunt timed with the release of her album and the photos are allegedly not what they seem. But, what’s truly interesting is how the media continues to report on the incident. Just look at the headlines, “Will Perez be Twitting from Jail?”, “Perez could Face Charges”…Nothing is definite. But, how could they do this? Isn’t it unethical? Well, there are ways for writers to distance themselves from a claim (just look at the first two sentences in this paragraph and the two headlines). Yes, you need to learn to read between the lines. Don’t forget, the media is in the business of selling advertisement.

      • Douchariffic

        He posted child pornography. That makes him a pedophile regardless of his sexual orientation. I do not think he’s a pedophile because he’s gay, I think he’s a pedophile because he gleefully distributed and promoted photos of an underage child. If you want to be that easily manipulated into thinking he’s not, more power to ya.

  9. Bobby
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    Really like the direction this mildly talented starlet is taking. good to know she always has Britney to give her some pointers.

    I’m not a betting man but what are the odds she has a penis in her mouth right now?

  10. Upskirt
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    Ok so when are you going to publish the famous Perez Hilton Miley Cyrus upskirt pics??

  11. Douchariffic

    That’s not her earlobe. That’s her cartilage. And big whoop, it’s a tiny tattoo.

  12. qwerty
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    You mean “word”?

  13. jb

    It’s a fake… the shadow’s are all wrong.

  14. Walt
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    Starbucks and iPad! FTW!

  15. Georgeo
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    That’s not her earlobe.

  16. Koochie-koochie
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    Who cares, just hurry to 18, get naked and make a sex tape like all the other whores in Hollyweird!

    Charlie Sheen

  17. bobtwat
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  18. Mike Iksard
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    Man I cant believe I’m gonna post something half serious on this, but as a Dad, with a daughter who loves this artist. Come on Billy. Reign her in just a little. My six year old is no longer allowed to see media that Miley is involved with past the Hanna stage due to it’s sexual slant. A little advice on the look, the tat’s and the content may be appropriate parenting here. Besides Im racked with guilt every time I chub up. Hey Everybody has bad days …right?

  19. Dynasty of Death

    Nice choice of a font, it looks more like a jail house tattoo than a professional job. She must have done it herself. In a few years, she’ll want to remove it and will have to cut off her ear.

  20. loli
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    Sloppy bitch with round retarded ears and her whole bra coming out and her stupid ipad and her fucking frappucino.

  21. bar room hero

    M u l l e t s p a w N

    Tats are trash.


  22. black jesus

    thats some straight up prison shit

  23. Stonewall

    It looks like ballpoint pen.

  24. me

    I bet it’s fake

  25. Mike

    I’d be impressed if she got a full on multi-coloured tattoo. A tiny tattoo in blue ink? Nothing a cosmetic surgeon can’t make disappear with a laser. I’m guessing she’ll have it removed in a few years and then brag about how she’s so mature for having realized that getting it was a juvenile prank.

  26. tc

    This bitch better get as much cock as she can while she is young, cos she is going to be real ugly when she is older (i.e. in her 20s)

  27. Lola
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  28. madam ex

    Oh leave her alone, she’s just a baby, she only screws, dances like a skank and her younger sis following her, probably blows her father, has had numerous boyfriends, wears no panties, kisses girls on stage, but oh wait, she’s only 17, leave her alone, she’s still a baby ya know!!

    Rolling my eyes sooooooo fucking hard my head is gonna pop off!!!


    I couldn’t even blow a load to that stupid little bitch.

    Now Bob Bechel is another thing all together.



  30. Nik

    Her boyfriend probably wrote that in her ear.

    @ giggles and ball room hero: How the fuck does getting a tattoo make her a slut? There are a few legitimate reasons, and the fact that she has a tattoo is not one of them. Grow the fuck up.

  31. Jamie
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    I’d hit that.

  32. Mike
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  33. Marcus

    Does the other ear say hate?

  34. Commented on this photo:

    Why would you tattoo that in your ear? ugh…. Worst idea ever

  35. josh

    Her nose really freaks me out :-(

  36. sedonaslade

    Wow, can we say White Trash 101!

  37. LolaYoureStupid
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    its really cool to have a tattoo over there. creative
    and lola you are so so so dumb

  38. shankyouverymuch

    This is a very ugly gummy girl, the face of 35 year old well season boxer (that nose- lordy) & the neck of a Mojave desert lizard – those deep neck wrinkles on such a young girl are just SAD :O(

  39. tiffany
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    wow, you stupid spoiled slut, pull up your shirt you snaggle toothed whore.

  40. bar room hero

    Thank you,

    Misses skanky; you are a sickening mess…

    M u l l e t s p a w N.

    S L A G.

    Scientific Name: Norte Americano Whiskey Tango
    Common Name: North American White Trash

  41. dumbhoee
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    Dnt mean to hatee on her, but this looks hella ugly n randon haha. That nasty little girl

  42. Toopier
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    She is a fug butterface with a normal teenage body. she will never be better looking than she is today, so she might as well use it up now.

  43. Dani

    again how does a tatoo on your ear make you slutty? My bra strip shows every once in awhile when I wear tank tops. Who freaking gives a crap really? I think everyone whom says the sh*t they say about her are just jealous people. I highly doubt the word LOVE tattooed on her ear is gonna make her a slut.

  44. Jack Armstrong "The All-American Boy"

    I can’t believe I actually looked at this post. For a second I thought I really gave a fuck!

  45. ktulu

    she is such a mutt…she is going to look even worse in a few years

  46. Kodos

    Why is she yellow? Hepatitis already kicking in?

    Billy Ray Mullet must be so proud…

  47. mike

    After ripping off acts from other pop stars, this is the best original idea she can come up with..

  48. earlobe?
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    what exactly do you think an earlobe is? I’m not expecting you to say antihelix or scapha or anything, but why be specific and wrong when you can be vague and correct?

  49. nematode
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    the shoes ruined it for me.

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