Here’s All The Shit Miley Cyrus Did On ‘SNL’

In case you somehow didn’t hear the entire week leading up to it, and/or the past 24 hours since, Miley Cyrus hosted SNL over the weekend, so here are a shitload of clips from that. And for the record, I didn’t watch a single one of these because my current bar for Miley Cyrus is Vadge Melvs or GTFO. You have to set standards for yourself, or you’ll never grow as a person. *winks at Tony Robbins photo* Holy shit teeth!


Here’s the cold open which I assume was about the VMAs. Again, I watched none of these.


Her monologue where I’m pretty sure I read she says she murdered Hannah Montana. It’s not important.


A sex tape parody because you know who else needs search hits? SNL.


It’s funny because her song is about not stopping, but the government did stop. Or if you’re a Republican, it’s funny because poor people aren’t getting their WIC checks.


Or just watch the whole damn episode because, seriously, what else are you doing?

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Photos: Splash News