1. Drundel

    So who’s the chick on the cover? Shes much better looking than Miley.

  2. KayKay

    Somewhere Joe Simpson just made a note to himself….

  3. KC

    It’s probably a better singer, actress, lay and role model for young women than the real deal.

  4. *First Love Doll ensured anatomically correct through Myspace.

  5. blonde

    3 achey love holes! How exciting!

  6. poodle

    I feel like most of the people that bought that are hate f*cking it

  7. KayKay

    Hey from what I hear of her shows….this doll isn’t so far off

  8. jimmy the worm

    WHO is the girl on the Cover???

  9. Chet

    A Miley-like voice keeps talking until you put your ___ in a love hole.
    Hit the right rhythm and she sings.
    Gotta make all 3 love holes achey to get her to STFU.

  10. Dick

    Man I just…I…I don’t have the words. WHY DID I NOT THINK OF THIS FIRST???

  11. Lisa

    This is absolutely disgusting! For crying out loud, Miley is just a child!

  12. JRB

    Please, I named my right hand Handa Fucktanna years ago.

  13. Nikita

    Is anyone else disturbed that the “achey love holes” is an obvious Billy Ray-Cyrus reference?

  14. Aldian

    Someone please! who is the girl on the cover?

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