Miley Cyrus & Patrick Schwarzenegger Are Still Together

If you’re like me, you probably spend every waking second wondering if Arnold Schwarzenegger’s son is still sticking his penis in Billy Ray Cyrus’ daughter because God wants this world to burn/get shot buying Skittles. (I blame common core.) Turns out Justin Bieber’s manlier older sister is the forgiving type because ET Online caught her going out for sushi with Patrick Schwarzenegger Monday night:

Miley and Patrick spent a romantic evening kissing, holding hands and laughing together at their corner table on the restaurant’s private patio. Patrick dined on a California roll, and they snapped photos together and even said hi to friends at one point.

In somebody’s defense, maybe Patrick Schwarzenegger really was innocently hanging out with his hot ex-girlfriend and best friend’s girlfriend in a bikini because it’s not like he’s genetically programmed to cheat. Then again, how else will he find Sarah Connor? Not have sex with every woman within reach of his grope? That’s what Skynet wants you to think.

Photo: Getty