The Ridiculous Shit Miley Cyrus Wore Now

October 9th, 2013 // 24 Comments

Because Miley Cyrus can’t go 24 hours without reminding everybody running it so far into the ground she could jerk off China that she’s not Hannah Montana anymore, here she is at her album release party last night still sticking her tongue out so I’ll complete my transformation into a crotchety old bastard who hates 20-year-olds and their blast-darn tworking. Now go to college! You’re upsetting my prunes.

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  1. anybody see that pic where Miley’s lizard tongue has managed to lick off her makeup?

  2. Mike

    Enough of this hack. I agree that no one should’ve made a big deal about her performance at the VMA’s this year, but why do I think that she’s doing all this skin-showing stuff to make up for how hideously untalented she is. How come Jess Greenberg isn’t getting recognition? She has a phenomenal body and can sing, so who cares if she flashes skin or not?

  3. I think she’s great. People are only making a big deal about her doing this stuff, because she used to be Hannah Montana. It’s time to accept that Hannah never existed. Just like Santa Claus.

  4. Miley Cyrus Bra Miniskirt Bangerz Official Album Release Party
    Commented on this photo:

    Someone really needs to tattoo ‘vacancy’ on her forehead. And her tongue.

  5. I have to admit that her singing with The Roots was surprisingly good:

    Happily, there was no Auto-Tuned vulva featured.

  6. Cock Dr

    She’d be so much better looking if she grew that stupid haircut out.
    Wondering how soon she’ll do the Playboy spread or if she’ll tear a page from Madonna’s “How 2 Make Vast Profits from the Obsession with Sex” and simply publish her own.

  7. Miley Cyrus Bra Miniskirt Bangerz Official Album Release Party
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    She looks like a fucking gorgon.

    • Jack Ketch

      Yes, and one we’ve had QUITE enough of, as in, if we see one more fucking pic we’re going to barf on our keyboards. I come to this site for the odd little break from work,but come on now, she is gross.

  8. Convex

    It’s bad enough gorilla-face Perez has turned his crappy site into the Miley Cyrus fan club. Must we see her here too? Please, Fish. Stop posting about this skank.

    • You actually go to that site? I have not clicked on that crap site in at least 4 years.

      • Convex

        It was a wrong turn (I accidentally clicked on an ancient bookmark!), but when I got there, I was mesmerized — and not in a good way — by the relentless Miley Cyrus posts on there. It was a giant WTF moment, and I’ll never be the same.

    • Mike

      I wondered what Perez was up to. Is he still drawing cum stains?

  9. Miley Cyrus Bra Miniskirt Bangerz Official Album Release Party
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    Not pictured, Corey Feldman.

  10. cali

    This woman must have a ton of t-shirts and blouses but somehow she didn´t find one she looked good with and she decided to go in her underwear because who cares. It´s not like everybody knows her. Why bother with wearing clothes when there is underwear? Let´s be practical.

  11. BetterBelieveIt

    She have GREAT THIGHS!!!!

  12. She needs to grow the hell up or go away period.

  13. Mike

    No talent is the reason she is acting like a pathetic monkey to get attention. Apparently she got attention for acting out as a kid now she is doing the something. This kind of attention will not stand the test of time. Her 15 minutes is about up as well as Justin Beiber’s.

  14. Wow

    I hate Molly Pympus.

  15. Miley Cyrus Bra Miniskirt Bangerz Official Album Release Party
    Commented on this photo:

    “I wanna go home, everyone is looking at my… teeth”

  16. wowwi

    she whore what?

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