Miley Cyrus’ New Video Looks Wholesome

October 8th, 2010 // 96 Comments

Miley Cyrus just released the video for her new single “Who Owns My Heart” today, and apparently the answer is random dudes at the club. Just any old dude who’s there. On that note, for those of you who raised your daughters on Hannah Montana thinking it was a pure, sweet, innocent Disney show, surprise! Your kid’s already a whore. They grow up so fast, don’t they?


  1. Trista Icari
    Commented on this photo:

    Ummm ok… so they’re pissed about what now? Compared to what’s out there now and even what B.S. and C.A. put out, this is freakin tame. Can’t be tamed? How bout like Jessica Simpson she’s too damn lame. That was about as “sexy” as masturbation with sandpaper.

  2. Auto
    Commented on this photo:

    thats one ugly little girl.

    Commented on this photo:

    SLUTTY! just like a professional hooker!

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  5. RedRobyn

    The uproar about the sexualization of this girl (oh no!) has distracted every one from the fact that she can’t sing! :P

  6. Orchid

    She isn’t old enough to be in that club. I’m calling the police.

  7. gulletless

    I love shoulderpads as much as the next guy but come on, when they get TOO big you start to look like Riff-Raff. Totally inappropriate.

  8. Duuuuuuh.

    Yes, her video it sexy, Yes she is dressed in a revealing manner……BUT the truth is it’s kinda her job, i mean it’s pop culture, and the fans have made it that way. With a continuous out pour of support for all artisits and the sexier the better as time has proved. (P.S. there is more skin on the beach with Bikinis everywhere~ lol)

    The Disney deal well it has came and gone, she is no longer a child and so if you have one, they should be steered towards a new role model…HELLO this one has grown up! Her career is not clown or child entertainer, she played a charactor Hannah Montana, BUT she is a singer now Miley Cyrus. Wake up! And stop taking your kids to La senza girl to buy your 8 year old a thong too! You do it to yourselves Mommy’s!

  9. norwayftw

    why do you hate a person you don’t know? seriously, just don’t listen to their fuckin’ music.

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