Miley Cyrus’ New Video Looks Wholesome

October 8th, 2010 // 96 Comments

Miley Cyrus just released the video for her new single “Who Owns My Heart” today, and apparently the answer is random dudes at the club. Just any old dude who’s there. On that note, for those of you who raised your daughters on Hannah Montana thinking it was a pure, sweet, innocent Disney show, surprise! Your kid’s already a whore. They grow up so fast, don’t they?


  1. sneakeegrl
    Commented on this photo:

    looks like shakira there

  2. “Is it love or is it art?” Well, it’s definitely not art… wait, kiddie porn is art right?

  3. Mai-Tai

    This is the worst song I have ever heard. Seriously. Ugh.

    Hot autotune mess.

  4. Only Me

    Who dat?

  5. nano

    Whatever. There’s like 1 out of 2038409823 disney stars who didn’t turn into a hot mess. Miley’s just a victim of statistics.

  6. Roxi

    shes ugly and desgusting… daddy must be proud of her “Lindsay Lohan II”

    • Danklin

      You comment loses all credibility when you spell it “desgusting”

      Seriously, invent in a dictionary. Actually they’re free online. Http://

      • Hello


      • tsk tsk

        Danklin, you’re a jackass for pointing out a spelling mistake/typo on a stranger’s comment, and a complete tool for making your own mistake while you’re doing it.

      • Wiley

        The dictionary was invented long ago!

      • Pat C

        Ha ha , 2 mistakes while correcting someone else’s mistake. That’s why I don’t bother correcting other’s typos/misspellings/grammar – my spelling is good, but my typing is hit-or-miss. And since no one’s paying us, or paying to read this, or giving us a grade that would help our academic record, who cares?

  7. burton

    her face is not attractive, i can spot 20 other women in a mall who are hotter.

  8. Amy

    Oh wow…she sure told us. She has now convinced me that she is a grown-up–a regular asset and contributing member to our society.

    Look, I’m all for us women having the right to do whatever we want. He’ll, I got breast implants. In other words, I’m totally not a prude. BUT why is EVERY SINGLE female star like this? There’s no variety anymore. It’s all autotuned hoebags. Everyone is the same. Our younger generation is taught that this is THE ONLY way to be…there’s not another way. Not only this, but we punish our men with jailtime and a lifetime of humilation for having sex with someone her age, yet we shove it down their throats. It’s not fair to us or them.

    • Da troooooooof

      Amen Amy!!!

    • ilikesake

      Preach it girl. Even worse is that the one’s who aren’t hoebags are called “ugly, fat, gay” etc etc. Or they aren’t as successful…which is even worse

    • Hello

      You tell it Amy.

      • swan

        If you’re only listening to general POP music, you’re going to hear this shit. Turn off the commercial radio and TV and expose yourself and your kids to GOOD music. There are plenty of people still making GOOD music.

        Nobody said they HAVE to watch Hannah Montana. Disney is such BS.

    • Tommy Lee's Cock

      Coming from a woman who risked her life shoving silicone into her tits. And for what exactly? Male attention obviously. Just like what Miley’s doing for record sales. Yes, you risked your life. It was an operation.

      You’re no better than this piece of shit song/video, so dont pretend to be.

      • Amy

        Oh I know. It’s so TERRIBLE that I put silicone in my body as a grown woman making an informed decision. You talk shit about me, but I guarantee you jerk it daily to women with fake tits. My life was in danger? Your life is probably more in danger than mine every time you get behind the wheel. I know, It’s TERRIBLE that my boobs are awesome, clothes look good on my body, and my husband likes them. Just terrible. Regardless, my boobs have nothing to do with my comment–just pointing out that I’m not a prude, but most female artists are the same.

    • cc

      ‘Husband’? Thanks for ruining my fantasy.

      • Butterface Amy

        fact: implants make you look like a whore. but we’re very glad you’re happy with your chicken cutlet inserts. btw, you can hardly get any credit for your ‘awesome’ tits (other than from the mouth breathing fucktards you want to impress) when they are fake plastic and any hoe with a credit card nowadays can get the same

  9. bitch looks like ke$ha

  10. Ned
    Commented on this photo:

    She must eat an enormous amount of dick

  11. Ash Bones

    I CAN’T WAIT TO BANG HER.!!!!! ( meaning: can’t wait to spank it to her allegedly phone hacked naked photos, from her 18th b-day party )

  12. xanax in my beer

    it’s britney all over again, except worse. . . because back in the day, brit was actually hot and men were offering millions to take her fake-virginity and all sorts of shit like that.

    • Brooke

      Yes, Britney was actually hot and could dance. I feel like I took that for granted back in high school… now you see all these half-baked wannabes who can’t sing, can’t dance, and look like Gopher Face here. Though I will give Miley props for having nice legs, the only thing attractive about her. But can’t she wait another month before she flashes them?

  13. Sean

    She is really awful. Can’t sing. Can’t act. Not even that pretty. I see more pretty 17 yr girls at the mall.

    Her legs are nice, however.

  14. april

    i used to kinda respect her but she is turning into such a slut and this video and song is dumb just like her new cd

  15. Heyo

    1993 called. It wants its shitty dance music back.

  16. cc

    Hmph, I never thought someone would come up with music so bad I’d start to miss Britney’s ‘Hit me baby one more time’. But here we are.

    As for the wholesome thing…you ever see the pics she sent to her bf? She’s probably been getting pounded since she was 14.

    • Hello

      You can smell the herpes radiating from the screen just looking at her. Probably why Nick Jonas broke up with her, she wanted to touch his dirty parts and that breaks God’s commandment.

  17. Activia and Human Centipede

    She talks like she is constipated.

  18. eatme

    Miley Cyrus is plain nasty. Deformed even. Like her even uglier brother from that shit emo band Metro Station that looks like he has Marfan Syndrome. Her little sister is deformed too. They all look like they have crushed skulls and their eyes bulge out like mad. I basically hate the world/people because shit like this becomes rich and famous.

    • Tommy Lee's Cock

      Thats because that hillbilly family fucks their own cousins. Keepin’ it in the family. Miley’s probably pregnant with her pervert father’s baby.

  19. ohlawdy

    Britney was also legal when she broke out with her sexuality. Granted, “(Hit Me) Baby One More Time” featured her prancing around as a sexy school girl when she was 17, but her more ‘provocative’ stuff didn’t come out until she was older.

    To be fair towards Miley, I don’t think she’s as ugly as everyone is saying. She’s actually pretty hot, and kinda cute sometimes. But definitely confused.

  20. Charlie Caligula

    This wasn’t even that bad. No poles or anything.

  21. SergeantGee

    How on earth did curlers produce that godawful ‘do?

  22. Michelle

    I don’t see anything wrong here. Yes, she may be a little young but people need to get over it. There is nothing wrong with being sexy! I promise you every other girl her age dances that way, dresses that way. She is not any different! I think she’s beautiful and talented and if she wants to show that to the world I am 100% behind her.

    • me

      I think the majority people on here are just looking at some girl who’s daddy happened to be famous, so she got into the business. There’s not a whole lot about her that shines or stands out especially. So she has to use sex to sell herself and I think we’ve had enough already. She was cute as Hannah Montana and the girl should have left it at that instead of chasing the money and fame.

    • Tommy Lee's Cock

      Her age isn’t the issue. Her unsexiness is.

      • Jess

        thank you tommy lee. Whoever said she was contrived couldn’t be more right. Shes in no way sexy unless the requirements for being sexy is having lady parts and wearing minimal clothes. I think what makes it worse and how talented and sexy she obviously thinks she is…

    • Mauricio

      So Mark, instead of trniyg to make this about me, stay focused. Pbrain compared the candidates and issues in the upcoming elections to those this nation faced in 1776. I say it’s hyperbole. How do you feel aout it.As to the name calling, the moniker Pbrain stays. If he doesn’t like it, too bad.. He should have thought about that when Pbrain dredged up an issue from my past that had nothing to do with the subject at hand. He mocked me even though my position on the long past issue was the same as his. The difference was that I took action, he merely flaps his yap. By definition the guy is a Pbrain

  23. BrainNinja

    Is it just me, or does it seem like she spends an awful lot of time grinding on chicks in her videos?

    • Jackie

      I noticed that, too. A while back she did that whole “fake kiss with a girl” thing for that one song where she was dressed like a bird, too. And then there was that whole scandal where her and a friend were passing candy back and forth from one another’s mouths or something like that.

  24. Lepper

    i think, personally, its sad. She went from being cute, sweet, innocent and every parents wish for their daughter looking up to her… to a trashy, slutty, disgusting version of her former self. Yeah shes still cute, whatever.. throwing on a bunch of makeup doesnt make you grown up. ALSO.. seriously…. dancing around in her underwear at her age… arent there laws?????

    • Hello


      I don’t understand why she can’t wait until she’s 18 to do this kind of crap. Honestly, I know there’s no such thing as laws in redneck land, such as the non-existent law that would otherwise stopped Billy Ray from humping his sister and therefore creating a spawn of Cyrus scum, but ENOUGH ALREADY.

    • Anamari

      If you didn’t dance around in your underwear when you were almost 18-or even 15, I feel really sorry for you. You need to get out more often. Jesus people you’re acting like she shot a puppy in the face. Go to the gym.

      • Amy

        Yeah, I did those things when I was 15, but I HID them. I also wasn’t revered as an innocent Disney star with millions of children watching my every move.

    • me

      ok seriously people she is almost 18 she is not a kid anymore leave her alone already. If she feels like dancing around in her underwear or even naked for all I care that is every bit her right to do the fact that people care and bash her for it is stupid and ridiculous if you don’t like it don’t watch it or let your kids watch it I have a niece who is 9 and loves hannah montana does the fact that she dances half naked or naked in a music video that they doesn’t air on tv mean that the show is bad absolutely not she is not promoting that kida stuff on the show so the only way your kid would even see it is if you let your kid watch ti on the internet or watch the news where they feel the need to publicize every mistake or choice celebrities make in either case it is your fault that they are seeing it not her maybe you should monitor your kids better and quite blaming everyone else for your poor parenting skills.

  25. absinthe

    She looks diseased

  26. timmy the dying boy

    This one will keep Billy Ray’s wet dreams going for months.

    • mr.redneck

      ya got that right sonny!
      havent y’all seen them Vanity Fair pics i took.

      ma miley was lookin mighty fiiine as she pressed up against her daddy’s special place

  27. She looks diseased

  28. slander

    “invent” — Grammar nazi fail…

  29. Kat

    Am I the only one that noticed she spends more time in the video dancing with two very boyish-looking girls than she does with any guys? For someone who mentions Jesus so much, she sure likes to pretend to be a lesbian.

    • SJ

      I really thought I was the only one to notice that. I might be more inclined to look for that kinda thing, being a gay lady myself, but damn, that was a totally gayed out dance club.

  30. Admiral Buttcrack

    “Is it Love or is it Art?”
    So that either makes you a porn star or a whore.
    Either way, Daddy’s gettin PAID. Amirite?

  31. Hmm

    I now will write my own song for the occasion, it’s called me pee:

    It’s hard to see when I pee. Who will it be? I only love people that love me pee, and you just can’t be, can’t you see? It is the treasure that you are, the love from afar. The reason for us being in glee. It’s all about me pee.

  32. Bigo

    There should be a parody titled: Who Gives a Fart?

  33. Wiley

    Britney was bat-sheetz crazy when she made that stripper pole video and this isn’t even up to that standard. I don’t care how old she is, this video is just godawful bad! Is it love or is it fart? It’s FART!

  34. Willy Wonka
    Commented on this photo:

    No, she’s a good girl saving herself for marriage….so she only takes it in the ass.

  35. carissa

    WHO GIVES A SHIT???????? I like her… lol

  36. Anamari

    Anyone who thinks this video is “too sexy” for a 17 year old is a retard. I don’t even like Miley and just because of idiots making a big deal out of nothing, this is my new favorite song. Basically anyone who thinks this video is too sexy or inappropriate is most likely a jealous, overweight and lonely cat-lady who has given up on life. Leave the poor girl alone and go on a diet/jog. No one cares about your opinion anyways. That’s why you’re alone. Except for those 12 cats. Oh and I’m sure she’s really concerned about your mundane opinion with her millions of dollars she made last week when you were making a quilt for “Snowball”

  37. garey
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  38. sunny

    i don’t get it what do you all have against her, when she wants to wear these kind of clothes then go girl !!! it’s not like she dresses like lady gaga … i think she looks very pretty in the bathroom and i like her hair when she is on the bed, you guys are retarded to compair her to britney.:D

  39. Fishstix

    What an unfortunate looking girl..
    She looks like she received a falcon punch to the face.
    She should remove more clothing…

  40. Gary B

    The Institute for Sustainable Cyrus use warned us, we did not listen.

  41. Nikita
    Commented on this photo:

    Sooooooo, when does this constitute child porn?

  42. numuze

    New music style.. Euro-HICK?
    awkward dancing, autotuned singing.. “who owns my heart? Izzit Luv or did I Fart?”

  43. mike

    i’d bang her at her 18th b party hell yea

  44. lala
    Commented on this photo:


  45. Nic90

    wow some of yall sound just a little bitter… the girl is coming into her woman-hood let her find out who she is. and as for the tv show the character she plays and who she is in her private life are two different people… get over it

  46. Ash Bones

    Come on November 23.

  47. Jack Burton

    Omg this is pitifully boring, Britney back in her schoolgirl uniform makes this look like sesame street…and Mylie can’t sing.

  48. smith

    Don’t see why people think she is too young for this. Nothing risque here. What is sad is that she is trying so hard to be sexy she looks ridiculous and totally awkward. This will never work for her.

    Daddy should have left her in the backwoods where she could have enjoyed the life of a big fish in a little pond. Let her sing gospel at Dollywood or something. When this girl realizes she is just an ugly talentless hillbilly and is ultimately rejected by Hollywood there will be trajic consequenses.

  49. Ned
    Commented on this photo:

    She’s not pretty. She’s not talented. But I would LOVE to bang the living hell out of her. In every hole, twice.

  50. WTF bruh

    She a talentless hack wanting to be Britney. I hate her but my boner tells me otherwise.

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