BEST OF 2013: Miley Cyrus’ Nekkid Video

Welcome to the time of year where we repackage old posts you guys clicked the shit out of in hopes that you’ll do that all over again so we don’t have to step away from our loot. I’m not even going to sugar coat what’s happening here. Unlike this ham. Leave us!


And welcome to The Age of Cyrus, or The Mulletzoic Era, if you want to be a highfalutin bitch about it. After fingering herself with a foam finger at the VMAs, unknowingly creating the most bullshit false equivalency of the year, Miley Cyrus released the video for her new single “Wrecking Ball” which featured her swinging buckass naked on a wrecking ball because Terry Richardson is a subtle bastard. Naturally, this went over huge on the Internet forcing me to write about Miley Cyrus every five minutes until I murdered that family in the Swiss Alps. And, no, I’m not even striking that out. People need to know what she did to me. THEY NEED TO KNOW. *froths all over Photo Boy’s desk*

Posted: 9.9.13

Original Post: Miley Cyrus Done Gone And Made A Nekkid Video