Miley Cyrus Did Something Naked Again

September 19th, 2013 // 49 Comments
Miley Cyrus Naked Topless Bangerz
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Miley Cyrus just released the alternate cover to her new album “Bangerz” where she’s completely topless because that’s an easy way to get people talking about her. Like I am right now because it’s also an easy way to get people to click on my dick joke site. It’s not even important and/or new information, yet here we all are ready to stare at the naked twerking girl. This is why UFOs stopped visiting us. And anal bleaching. They didn’t like that. “Alright, let’s start the prob- JESUS! That’s an unnaturally white butthole. We’re outta here, we’re done. This species has nothing to teach us. Pack it up.”


Miley Cyrus Naked Bangerz

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  1. Ben Dover


  2. Hugh Jass

    Weird hair, feminine face, bad tattoos. Hi Justin!

  3. CJ

    If she truly was naked for the art of it, she could at least take off all of that ridiculous gold jewelry. She must think she’s Lil’ Wayne all of the sudden.

  4. Jaime

    If she did something with her hair, I might be able to look at her.

  5. EricLR

    She’s like a 2-year-old who won’t keep her clothes no matter how much you tell them not to run buck naked through mommy and daddy’s dinner party.

  6. cc

    Whenever I read a headline like this I keep hoping it’s followed by ‘gave cc a blowjob’.

  7. Inner Retard

    Look on the bright side. It’s almost over. Showing off your naked body is the last desperate chapter in the Disney career handbook. Right before the chapter titled ‘Molly Ringwald’.

  8. FlannelMannell

    No joke- before scrolling down and seeing the top half of her face I thought it was honestly a picture of Justin Bieber. Also she’s like 20 and doesn’t realize getting naked isn’t shocking or edgy? Wow I’ve never seen that done before! You’re so creative Miley!!! If daddy wasn’t famous we would have never heard of her- even at her best her face was still ugly as shit.

  9. Ice, ice baby. Too cold, too cold…

  10. Hayley

    I thought this was Justin Bieber with tits

  11. Ben Dover

    FUCK I thought someone bibers head on her body
    but thats her?????? that is creepy

  12. Cock Dr

    Teef & tits…what a combo.
    Break out your credit cards America for the best pop songs our souless “music” industry has to offer.

  13. Ben Dover

    no wonder you never see them together they are the same douch

  14. Gotta agree. She looks too much like Justin Bieber here. But hey, that’s what doggy style is for.

  15. So edgy. So brave. she’s like a white MLK Jr.

  16. Tomahawk Holmes

    “Roxette” called… they want their 80′s lameness back

  17. Bieber needs to put his shirt back on

  18. She seriously does look like Bieber. I will never be able to unsee that.

  19. inkydinky

    this girl is just pathetic.

  20. logan

    Yep, Bieber look alike. Both look 12.

  21. Ragnar

    She’s not naked. She’s covering up the good bits.

  22. tom

    Fugly girl already ruined her body with stupid tatoos.

  23. blerg

    Usher: What’s the best part of having sex with Justin Bieber?

    A: Pulling his hair up and making him look like Miley Cyrus.

    • The Power of Christ Compelles You!

      If you consider his entourage, anal sex with Justin would be like throwing a hot dog down a hallway.

  24. No Dike Yucks, Just Zimmerman Please!

    I thought people came her for your brilliant Zimmerman posts, fish.

  25. Jenkins Bojankey

    Wow….someone took Introduction to Photoshop…..and that’s about it. Horrible cover.

  26. Motorboat Captain

    When did Lance Bass grow those rockin’ tits?

  27. monty83

    I’ve figured it out!
    The Illuminati are turning Miley and Bieber into the same person!

  28. She looks like a dirty assed Justin Bieber..

  29. It’s like somebody put sorta-boobs on Justin Bieber’s harelipped, meth-head older brother.

  30. Really?

    I can’t believe that nobody has highlighted just how much this looks like the cover of an ’80′s porn video.

  31. Robb7

    Forget the boy’s body, fame whoring and zero talent — she has a voice that makes Fran Drescher sound like Meryl Streep.

  32. “Bangerz” is the name of the club where she will be a feature dancer in 12 years. Only on Sundays. And no one will watch because the game will be on.

  33. And where do you get that white butt hole thing ‘Fish?

  34. anonym

    for a second, i thought it was justin beaver

  35. fudger

    she looks like a young justin timberlake in this picture. I’m scared.

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