What’s That Dang Ol’ Miley Cyrus Doin’ With Her Bergina Now?

March 21st, 2014 // 18 Comments

Here’s Miley Cyrus with dang ol’ dolla bills down her drawers ’cause y’all think she’s one of dem debbil stripper woman flashin’ her hootenanny to every Tom, Dick and Jane. It’s a joke, ya see? Sasfire. Lil’ Mark Twain her pappy used to call her. Or maybe just Mark. Dem Cyruses ain’t exactly right.

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  1. Cock Dr

    You have to respect the level of vile she’s willing to go to.
    Stuff like this is why I never want to handle cash currency.

    • JC

      I don’t find it viie so much as boring and repetitive. None of the individual actions is particularly shocking, and they’ve all been done before by more interesting performers. Instagramming a new “wacky stunt” every 10 minutes just has the feel of an attention whore with a sixth grader’s idea of what’s “edgy.”

      As far as I can tell, her pop songs aren’t half bad for that genre. She should probably stick with–oh, I dunno–just singing the damn things. She might have more career longevity that way, rather than having everyone burn out on her stupid antics.

    • Stuff like this is why I never HAVE cash currency.

    • Kimba

      If you want to talk level of vile, I think Gaga takes that with her vomited exhibition…and I certainly don’t respect her for that.

    • …i dunno guys …i kinda like her.

  2. They say 90% of all bills in circulation in the US have traces of coke on them and I’m willing to bet 100% of all bills have Miley’s vag taint on them.

  3. Yup

    I’ve tried really hard, but I can’t think of anyone less talented or less deserving of fame than this “bend over & spread your legs” bucktoothed hillbilly… except maybe the whoretrashians… or blowhan…

  4. I will use this photo to explain how I got gonorrhea. Wifey barely bought the tractor seat thing last time.

  5. jep

    You cheapen your Britney Spears-speak when you use it on this wannabe gutter whore

  6. Rasputin's Evil Twin

    This explains the look on Washington’s face.

  7. capricornhole

    Please. This filthy whore is rich as the Pope, and she’s showing off singles? Shouldn’t those be c-notes, at least??

    Notice how the “great” seal – pyramid and good ol’ “all-seeing eye” is arranged so it’s peekin’ out at ya. What a coeenkeedeenk.

    Just another shout-out to her (and this site owner’s) corporate overlords.

  8. Isnt there a law against defacing money?? Surely her rubbing washington all over her inflamed and itchy vajay is illegal?
    These vaginal discharge covered bills will end up in circulation again..I´ll be using rubber gloves and purell to handle money from now on just in case.

  9. “Lil’ Mark Twain her pappy used to call her.”
    Taint…I believe it was Mark Taint.

  10. wow

    One dollar? So she’s a cheap whore. I knew it.

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