Marc Jacobs’ Photographer Refused To Shoot Miley Cyrus For Spring Campaign

January 10th, 2014 // 17 Comments
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Because apparently there’s still more vagina blood to be squeezed out of her – And I’m done making analogies. That will never happen again. – Marc Jacobs made Miley Cyrus the face of his Spring 2014 collection which went over really well with his longtime collaborator Juergen Teller. And by really well I mean he went, “You can go fuck yourself. I’m not shooting that.” WWD reports:

Not everyone in Jacobs’ camp seems to share his opinion, though. Jacobs usually works on collection campaigns with Juergen Teller, but this season’s choice of Sims, who shot the recent beauty campaign, had a simple explanation. “I have worked with Juergen for years and love him as an artist,” Jacobs said. “He just didn’t want to shoot her.”

When reached for comment, Miley’s usual photographer Terry Richardson couldn’t believe what he was hearing. “He knows if you give her coke, she takes her clothes off, right? How does a photographer not know that? Coke, clothes off, boom. It ain’t rocket science. Now give me your tampon. Uncle Terry needs his tea.”

Photo: Splash News


  1. His loss, I guess. That Terry Richardson story is disgusting.

  2. Cock Dr

    The tongue is retracted & the teef R covered…whatever photographer took that photo was doing something right.
    Despite that mouth mercy she looks like a psych ward victim here. It’s almost tragic.

  3. When the man who photographs this dreck – – won’t even shoot you, you *know* you’ve slid to the bottom of the wastebasket.

  4. Marc Jacobs is a cruel puppet master. He supports and controls Miley Cyrus. he is responsible for Miley’s shocking new image. Jacobs even convinced Kanye West to steal a 40 years old Hungarian song. Jacobs tortures and stalkes a young designer named Angel barta. He stole her ideas and harassed her. Read more at: styleangelique blogspot com

  5. wauggy

    the only way I can imagined refusing to shoot her is if I were out of bullets

  6. The Terry Richardson link deserves a post all of its own.

    Not that it’s surprising, I’ve been assuming he was a creepy molester/rapist all along, but hearing a blow by blow (jerk by jerk?) narration is pretty gross.

  7. Shemp

    Sad Miley is sad…

  8. anonymous

    They look like their modeling for crackwhore attire.

  9. why does the Biebs look so serious? he can sleep with any lesbian he wants….

  10. lori

    Marc Jacobs has always struck me as trailer park.

  11. Bri

    Does anyone else think she looks like Johnny Depp when he was in hi twenties?

  12. Beeflogger

    I feel like all this shit she’s doing can be traced back to her finally having her first orgasm… that moment in a girl’s life when she finally realizes what it feels like and now she’s addicted to it. Unfortunately she’s crazy and feels like she needs to make sure everyone else knows she finally had her first real orgasm. I think everyone should just keep telling her “Yes… sex does actually feel good. Thanks for sharing.” Maybe then she’ll disappear back into the biological puddle from whence she came.

  13. Jenn

    Hell I don’t know what that guy’s problem is, I want to shoot the silly little bitch every time she opens her ignorant mouth. Oh wait…

  14. whatever

    About time somebody refuses that brat attention and endulgence.

  15. Leylapants

    Why would anyone refuse to shoot her?? I´ll shoot her!! Gimme a gun and hold my beer….

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