Miley Cyrus Calls Performing With Madonna ‘Super Lame’

January 29th, 2014 // 31 Comments
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If you somehow haven’t heard by now, Miley Cyrus performed with Madonna for MTV Unplugged because truly we bear witness to the End of Days. (Forgive me, AJ McCarron, for I know not what I do.) Except keeping with her new tradition of pissing in the face of industry vets, Miley Cyrus is already done with this shit. Via HuffPost:

“So, it sounds super lame, but as a pop star it’s pretty cool performing with Madonna,” the 21-year-old said after singing a mash-up of Madonna’s 2000 track “Don’t Tell Me” and Cyrus’ hit “We Can’t Stop.” Cyrus spanks the 55-year-old Queen of Pop during the duet, which made Madonna’s Britney Spears kiss feel like it was way more than 10 years ago.

“I mean, I guess it’s cool, sort of, that Madonna wanted to do it even though she’s old and everyone’s into me now, but whatever, I’m like young and shit, you know? Although it is kind of nice to do her a favor. Like when you go over to your grandma’s house and help her do the dishes. Right, Madge-ina?”
“USURPER!” *spreads wings, unsheathes the ancient bloodsword Shalamonga, cleaves Miley in two*

(If that isn’t what actually happened, don’t tell me. I’m fragile right now.)

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  1. Just when I thought I was done having that nightmare where KISS metamorphosizes into the bastard daughters of the Satan – Garth Brooks – Dixie Chicks gang bang.

    • Rasputin;s Evil Twin

      ” Satan – Garth Brooks – Dixie Chicks gang bang.”

      It’s not quite as much as much fun as it sounds, trust us.

  2. Oh god I knew I shouldn’t have eaten all that LSD before my trip to Dollywood.

  3. Much as I’d like to condemn the trailer park chipmunk tongue princess here, it’s just a harmless colloquialism (in the text you quote). I doubt she has the language comprehension skills to realize it could be interpreted negatively.

    • JC

      I have to agree. She was trying to say something along the lines of, “It goes without saying, but as a pop star, it’s pretty cool performing with Madonna…” The problem is that she’s an incoherent, tongue-wagging, inbred, vadgety chipmunk, so the gist of her sentiment wasn’t clearly communicated.

      • I think it was clearly communicated, I think the communication fail is on the listener rather than the speaker. I think she’s saying she was starstruck which is lame because she’s also a star…

        Also, sensationalized headline for click dollars. If the headline was “Star is starstruck by star” nobody would click. Fish is capitalizing on “oh no she dint” clicks.

      • “Also, sensationalized headline for click dollars”

        That’s every headline on every gossip site on the web. Fish ain’t doin’ this shit for charity.

      • By sensationalized I meant total bullshit. Like when we are promised Selena Gomez cervix pictures but instead we get a pink star covering up a pantyhose seam.

      • Hopeful

        Falk, I’ve been waiting for that Selena Cervix picture for a year.
        By now Bieber STDs have probably scarred it beyond recognition.

  4. The Crypt Keeper is sporting an HPV wart on her tongue. How attractive.

  5. Lord Helmet

    Too bad we can’t deport Miley to Canada. Although they might consider that an act of bioterrorism.

  6. Bane

    Damn. Had them together. Where are the drones when you need one?

  7. notimpressed

    I think you took that quote completely out of context with that headline…and I hate having to defend it because I hate Miley Cyrus.

  8. AteIsEnough

    Todd and ReTodd.

  9. guy smith

    Yo, dude, normally I’d agree with you but she clearly meant the fact that she was saying it was “pretty cool” performing with her was a lame thing to say. How do you write a blog but not consider that some statements have several meanings?

  10. These ugly, stupid, talentless simpletons are of zero worth to anyone or anything, ever.

  11. DD

    Yes, Miley, it does sound super lame…for Madonna.

  12. sucka

    miley needs to brush her tongue. bitch nasty. Girls got a fungal infection or something going on there.

  13. rican

    Well I saw Justin Bieber singing with Madonna, but I missed Miley.

  14. thecrazybetty

    these nasty holes both look like they eat ass for breakfast. miley needs to shave her tongue and madonna looks like she soaks hers in something brown. it’s probably just rotted.

  15. Miley Cyrus topless and covering her nipples while her camel toe shows through her lace black lace tights
    Commented on this photo:

    She is the prefect girl for a Bi guy she can look like a boi and a girl and bonus she has a pussy but I bet she likes in in the ass also

  16. Miley Cyrus topless in black hosery with her nipple slipping out
    Commented on this photo:

    Great ass Miley

  17. Miley Cyrus ass from the back in black shoes posing in a red thong leotard.
    Commented on this photo:

    Great ass would love to fuck it

  18. justmewhoelse

    Madonna lip syncing, who has’t seen that before?

    Madonna needs to go away – there is an age limit to being a pop star – Madonna hit that 25+ years ago. And standing next to a current pop star – Madonna look ancient.

  19. Miley Cyrus topless and covering her nipples while her camel toe shows through her lace black lace tights
    william zabel
    Commented on this photo:

    There isn’t enoug drugs or alcohol to make me want to hit that, especially after daddy done hit that. Eww, I do not take sloppy seconds. Especially after the guy that hit that should not have been within a hundred miles of that.

    Hey, I wonder if Liam ever got to hit that? Maybe that is why we don’t see him anymore, too many flashbacks.

  20. Miley Cyrus ass from the back in black shoes posing in a red thong leotard.
    Commented on this photo:

    I believe there is supposed to be an ass for the thong to slip in between, sadly this is just a flat plateau.

  21. Rebecca

    Wow a bunch of misogynists who hate Madonna yet take the time out to specifically search for articles related to her. Get a life you assholes..what a bunch of cunts

  22. Miley Cyrus topless and covering her nipples while her camel toe shows through her lace black lace tights
    Commented on this photo:

    Um HI Mileys nipple….I’m Kelly…..Nice to meet you. *Peek-A-Boo I See You*

  23. Popstar miley cyrus posing with a Arizona tea can covering her mouth.
    Couldn't Be Sleazier
    Commented on this photo:

    Is that a wet spot on the front of her crotch in #9 ??

  24. Miley Cyrus topless and covering her nipples while her camel toe shows through her lace black lace tights
    Commented on this photo:

    Achy Breaky Hymen ?

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